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Spice Up that Chic Look with a Peplum Top

Women no matter their age just want to look chic and awesome in any dress especially during social occasions. Most women love to slay. Whether dressed in streetwear or even office wear, the goal is to spice up that chic look and one outfit that offers this to any lady is the Peplum top. 

Peplum top

Peplum is basically an over-the-skirt dress that is attached to another garment around the waist area to help minimize the waist by accentuating the hips. Just like every other fashion style, peplum stands out on any fashion runway. It is one fashion trend that has gained huge acceptance. It is usually sewn above the waistline. Peplum tops have its way of bringing out that confidence and elegance in a woman no matter her social status. They are perfect dresses for any body type and they usually lap well on the wearer whether slender, chubby or hourglass figured.

Although a 19th century trend, peplum top has come to stay with 21st Century fashionistas. The good news about this evolving fashion trend is that a peplum top can be worn with just anything ranging from a pair of trousers, shorts, long or short skirts, etc. Peplum tops can be sewn with just any fabrics depending on the style. It does not select materials as you can achieve any style with it whether gathers, flare, boxed or wrap. It can be incorporated into an entirely different design of clothing such as a jackets, swimsuits, jumpsuits, gowns, etc.

For the classic, elegant, bossy, and highflying status of any woman, peplum top or blouse is one simple dress that speaks volume and can be worn to any occasion, be it casual or official. Its simplistic nature gives the wearer a great look without having to try hard. It is a perfect dress for the 21st century fashion woman.

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The acceptability of Peplum top is far reaching because whether you are an African or European or an indigene of any other continent, peplum tops can fit perfectly on your body and help you achieve the bold and chic look. It is also a good styling match for heels or flat shoes.

Peplum top is a cool design for every lady. It can be long sleeve, short sleeve, off-shoulder, asymmetric, etc. Ankara peplum tops can be accessorized with different jewelries and high heels, and any color or shape you choose will suit your figure and have you stand out.

Peplum top
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The most important thing about peplum top is that it should start at the waist region. Anything longer than the waist may hide the features around the hips and affect the hourglass look. The same goes for a short peplum top which can exaggerate or expose too much of the body. No matter the body shape, a perfectly sewn peplum top is a sure way of showcasing those mad curves and natural figures.

How to style the Peplum top

Peplum top

When rocking peplum tops, it is important to know how to style them with a pair of pants or a skirt. For the office lady, a pair of straight-cut pants or palazzo and a peplum top while rocking any type of heels is perfect as it does not only accentuate those sexy curves but also commands confidence and boldness.

Peplum top sewn with Ankara fabrics, lace or chiffon is a good selection for evening outings, church services, or other special events. So when next you plan to attend a special event, you could rock the Ankara peplum top on a skirt or trousers. Peplum top accessorized with lace gives you this great look and can be used to decorate the waistline.

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Long-sleeved peplums, regardless of the color, are suitable for bringing out the chic look in any lady, irrespective of her body type. Sometimes, the color can vary depending on the purpose you intend to achieve but no matter the length of the sleeve do not be afraid to rock your peplum top with confidence. You can match it with a straight skirt and add up some high heels to complete the look.

No matter the purpose, you can decide to leave it plain or bright colored. It will not be a bad idea if you match the pattern of the skirt or gussets on the top with the same color. The gusset on the top or around the waistline gives you this classic look when you rock them with pride. To complement that look, choose the right accessories, put some makeup on and you’re good to go.

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Peplum top

Remember peplum tops suit any body type and stature. So when next you plan to achieve that chic look, try some well-designed peplum top on a pair of jeans, palazzo or skirt and hit the road like a beauty that you are.

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