Latest Ankara Styles to Inspire You

We’re back again to the Ankara fabric, one of the lubricants of the wheels of the  African fashion industry. With a shift from the initial Aso ebi purpose (custom-made Ankara pieces) of Ankara to a ready-to-wear retail purpose, the commercial value of the fabric has increased over the years and we’re certainly left in awe with the latest Ankara styles saturating social media and runways these days.  

The Ankara fabric has evolved from being on mannequins in local stores to being modeled on western runways among the collections of top designer labels like  Dior 2020 Cruise Collection. When you think you’ve seen enough of the versatility of Ankara prints, new trends and styles emerge making you say for certain that the latest Ankara styles are actually how fashion newsmakers want you to wear Ankara. The striking thing about this is that even with the way the fabric has been modernized with contemporary designs, it still doesn’t lose its African feel but rather gives you a rare opportunity to flaunt the dynamism and versatility of the African culture.

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Ankara prints have come to stay in today’s world. The dexterity at which contemporary Nigerian and African designers give it a new dimension is enough proof to buttress this point. And the fact that many celebrities and influencers flood our Instagram feeds with pictures of latest Ankara styles leaves us with no choice but to fall in love with either mixed prints or contemporary cuts

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Ankara allows you create beautiful looks for any occasion be it a ceremony, church service or even to work. Right about now, there is an influx of Ankara prints with bright floral ornaments, geometric patterns, and a merge of three or more colors and tones in one fabric. We’ve compiled pictures of many young African women, celebrities and style influencers included, who are giving us different ways to style Ankara prints. Feast your eyes as these are the latest Ankara styles to inspire you.

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