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31 Awesome Ankara and Lace Combination Styles That’ll Transform Your Look in 1 Second

If you want your ankara outfits to look better, combine it with something. It could be ankara and net, ankara and jeans or perhaps, ankara and lace combination.

The versatility of this fabric is no longer news. And if we keep reiterating on it, it will only become redundant.

lady wearing ankara kimono over lace dress

So, rather than tell you it is versatile, how about we show you instead?

We’ve been showing you how and we just decided to add another one to the list which is ankara and lace combination.

lady wearing white lace and ankara dress

Therefore, don’t leave this page until you’ve seen all the ankara and lace combination styles we have for you.

What is Lace?

lady wearing ankara and lace dress

Lace is a fabric manufactured with machines and some intricate handiwork. It has a unique embroidered pattern with visible spaces in between the weaves.

lady wearing white lace and ankara long dress

There are different types of lace fabrics that serve different purposes. For instance, while some are used to make home decor, others are used for the production of lingerie and women’s underwear. While others are used to mix with ankara or make beautiful lace aso ebi styles and other womenswear.

Why Combine Lace with Ankara?

lady in ankara-lace short skirt

Fashion is aesthetic and to enjoy the best of it, you need things that ooze art. That’s what happens when you go for the ankara and lace combination styles. The lace fabric is artistic. The holes and patterns peculiar to it don’t appear on all other fabrics, not even ankara.

lady inn ankara-lace dress

So, when you combine both together, you create a fusion of variety which results in something stylish and wholesome.

smiling lady wearing ankara and lace combined dress

Furthermore, the sheerness of lace makes it sexy. When you combine with Ankara, you add more colour to your attire which already is multicoloured. This makes you look gorgeous and at the same time colourful in an aesthetic way.

How to Achieve the Ankara and Lace Combination Styles

happy lady in ankara and lace dress

When it comes to ankara and lace combination, you have to consider the colour of your African fabric and ensure the lace you’re pairing with blends with it.

lady in maxi ankara and lace gown

If you do otherwise, you’ll wind up marring your look. Don’t create a combination that becomes an eyesore to you and anyone else who sees you. This is how to go about ankara and lace combination:

1. Ankara with Lace Insertion

smiling lady rocking ankara dress with a touch of white lace

If ankara is your main fabric, insert your lace fabric in different parts of your dress. For instance, you can fix it around your sleeves, collar or the hem of your dress or you insert it around your chest or bust region.

lady wearing ankara and lace dress

In addition, you can place the lace on your ankara in the aforementioned parts. This will ensure your ankara serves as an underlying fabric for the sheerness of your lace. You can as well simply attach the lace without the main fabric underneath.

lady wearing ankara dress with lace design on it

Be it a dress, trousers, skirts or jumpsuit, whichever one you choose, the result will satisfy you.

2. Lace with Ankara Insertion

fair lady wearing ankara-lace midi

If the lace is your main fabric, go ahead and repeat tip one here only that ankara will be used the way lace was used above.

lady wearing and lace peplum top and skirt

Add it to strategic areas while not forgetting to make the lace occupy more position on the garment.

Stephanie Okere slaying in lace and ankara outfit

3. Ankara Bottoms and Lace Tops

lady in black lace top and ankara short skirt

You can as well create a two-piece attire with this combo. Simply make a skirt, trousers or shorts with ankara and pair with a top made with lace fabric.

lady wearing lace top and ankara skirt
lady wearing ankra and lace dress to work

4. Ankara Tops with Lace Bottoms

woman in ankara peplum top with lace skirt

It’s the same as the above. Only that this time around, you’ll be switching the positions of both fabrics.

ankara and lace peplum top and lace skirt

Make beautiful tops with your ankara fabrics. You can go for peplum, off-shoulder, loose tops, sleeveless or any top with your desired neckline. Then make some nice bottoms with lace. If it’s too transparent you can add linen to it.

ankara-lace blouse and skirt

Once you’re done, pair both together and watch how you become proud of your look.

In addition, while you adhere to any of our prescribed ways to go about ankara and lace combination, don’t forget to pair with the right accessories. If you need more style guidance on African fabrics matters, read about ankara styles for women.

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