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24 Awesome Ankara and Jeans Combination to Enhance Your Style

Fashion is never complete if you don’t incorporate style. And style is never complete if you don’t explore. One good way to explore is by trying options until you find the one you’re comfortable with then settle for it. You can do this with any African fabric. The results will be awesome like the ankara and jeans combination styles.

lady wearing ankara and jeans short gown

Bored of wearing your ankara outfits? Why don’t you spice them up with some denim? Don’t know how to go about it? Here are ankara and jeans combination styles to inspire you.

smiling lady wearing top and jeans

But before we show you these ankara and jeans combination styles, let’s talk a bit about denim.

What is Denim?

lady wearing ankara and jeans jacket

Denim or jean is a textile often made of cotton with a distinct diagonal pattern. It is used in making trousers (jeans), jackets, bags, shirts, etc. And for the context of this post, denim is also used to beautify ankara outfits.

Ankara and Jeans Combination Styles

lady wearing ankara and jeans combination

Ankara and jeans combo is a match made from heaven. You can use them to slay in any occasion be it formal or casual.

Don’t know how to go about it? Check them out here.

1. Ankara and Jeans Mix and Match

smiling lady wearing ankara and jeans dress

For instance, you can mix and match denim with your ankara fabric on any part of your dress. Use it to achieve any of the latest ankara styles and turn up as the stylish queen that you are.

lady in ankara and jeans combined dress
smiling lady wearing jeans and ankara dress

2. Ankara Top With Jean Bottoms

lady wearing ankara peplum top with jeans

You can as well rock your ankara tops with jean bottoms. That is, pair ankara kimono, jackets or any style of ankara top with jean skirts, bum shorts, trousers, etc. Any style of jeans would work. Be it pencil, bootcut, ripped, distressed jeans or bell bottoms.

lady wearing ankara jacket with jeans shorts
smiling lady in kimono and jeans

3. Ankara Bottoms with Jean Tops

lady wearing jeans shirt with ankara flare skirt

Wearing your ankara two-pieces all the time can be drab. Your ankara palazzo, skirts and other bottoms deserve to be paired with something nice. Switch them up to pair the bottoms with jean jackets and shirts. They are also suitable for layering.

lady wearing jeans shirt and pencil ankara skirt
lady in jeans shirt and ankara maxi gown

4. Jeans with Ankara Accessories and Vice Versa

pretty lady wearing ankara earrings and bangle with jeans skirt

You can as well rock your jeans and tees with ankara accessories. These include ankara earrings, ankara shoes, ankara bags, etc.

lady carrying a big ankara and jeans combination bag
ankara and jeans bag

Denim is also a versatile fabric and this implies that there are jean accessories too. So, whenever you wear ankara, switch it up with denim accessories and enhance your style.

lady wearing and walking in jeans shirt and ankara skirt

Ankara and jeans combination are a perfect way to stand out in ankara. You know, most people wear theirs plain. Combining yours with denim will only pop you out of the crowd.

But before this happens, you need to check our style guide on how to wear ankara and stand out.

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