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How to Layer Your Outfits — 8 Easy Tips That’ll Transform Your Look Instantly

If you’re an ardent fan of Svelte Magazine, you must have noticed that almost every style tip we share has one thing in common. Whether it’s a guide on how to wear more colours or how to rock turtlenecks, we almost always ask you to learn how to layer your outfits.

And this is because layering not only protects you from cold weather conditions. It also enhances your look and personal style.

But if you still don’t know how to go about it, that’s not a problem.

lady laering with kimono

What you’re reading is a style guide on how to layer your outfits.

So, don’t close this page just yet.

Because you’ll become a pro at layering your outfits even before you’re done with this piece.

Let’s dive right in.

How to Layer Your Outfits

guy wearing brown jacket

Once you know how to layer your outfits, you’ll be able to rock your clothes (whether few or many) without anyone guessing how many clothes you have.

Even if you wore the same outfit a day before, layering switches it all up.

But layering isn’t limited to coats and cardigans alone. If you hitherto thought so, then you’re in for a long ride.

Apart from the ones you know, there are other ways to layer your outfits.

Let’s look at them all.

1. Wear a Sweater, Cardigan, or Sweatshirt

lady layering with sweater

This is one of the most common tips on how to layer your outfits.

Regardless of what you wear underneath, you can always grab on your cardigan, sweater, or sweatshirt to add more details to your look.

With a cardigan, you can unfasten the zipper so your top shows.

man layering with a sweater

If any of this outerwear is long-sleeved, you can wear a collared shirt underneath. This way, you don’t totally cover up everything.

You flaunt the collar of your shirt too.

In addition, you don’t always have to wear your cardigan or sweater to layer your outfit. 

You can choose to wrap it around your shoulders and get going.

2. Wear Coats, Dusters, Kimonos, Jackets, or Blazers

lady layering with an overcoat

When the weather is frigging cold, never fail to grab on your coat. You can’t imagine the warmth you’ll receive and the style boost it’ll give to you.

The same applies to your jackets, blazers and other outerwear. Denim/leather jackets aren’t even limited to cold weather, neither are blazers or dusters.

man layering with jacket

No matter the types of outfits you have in mind to create, you’ll look more stylish once you don these outerwear.

3. Wear a Dress Over Your Clothes

lady layering a dress on turtleneck

Another tip on how to layer your outfits is to wear a dress over your clothes.

Is it trousers you have underneath or a long/short-sleeved shirt? Just wear a dress over it.

It’ll add more accents for you.

Victoria layering a Ria Kosher top with blue dress

To achieve a different look with a dress you’ve worn before, pair it with a pair of pants. This way, the dress layers your outfit.

Just make sure the dress doesn’t extend below your mid-calf so your trousers can be visible.

In the same vein, to ensure you don’t hide your top underneath, wear a sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline.

It’s a stylish ensemble that won’t require you to expose your cleavages.

4. Layer with a Shirt 

lady layering white shirt on bra top

You can as well layer with a button-up shirt. To do this, you don’t have to button the shirt.

Just wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath and grab on your shirt.

man layering shirt on white tshirt

You can also use a shirt to layer your dresses.

5. Balance up Proportions

lady wearing jacket on jean and white top

Never be afraid to layer.

Some people think it gives you a bulky look but that’s not so. That’s why we recommend that you balance up proportions and textures as you layer your clothes.

Guy wearing suit and tie

Your innerwear doesn’t have to be big or full-clothed all the time. You can layer with a vest, tank top, crop top, or a body-hugging top.

6. Wear the Right Colours

lady layering with the right colors

Layering also gives you room to wear more colours. But while at this, you have to be careful not to go overboard.

Always try to balance the colours of your outfit. To be on the safer side if you’re just starting out, stick to a maximum of three colour palettes.

If you know your onions about colours, don’t be afraid to wear what you want.

man layering with the right colors

An easy way to wear the right colours is to wear a multicoloured shirt underneath and pick one of its colours to layer.

For instance, you wear a floral print dress and pair it with a jacket, shoes, or a handbag that has each of its colours.

Another example is to wear a multicoloured shirt over a neutral-coloured tee or crop top.

To know more about wearing colours right, read up our style guide on how to match colours in your outfits.

7. Layer with Your Scarves and Necklaces

lady layering necklaces


Layering isn’t limited to clothes alone. You can layer with your accessories too.

You can wear two or three strands of necklaces. Each should have its own pendants so it looks detailed. But ensure you balance it up.

For instance, you can wear a short necklace that has no pendant and pair it with two other necklaces with different sizes of pendants. This way, each necklace stands out.

man layering with scarf

Furthermore, your scarves also helps to layer clothes. To use it, grab a long scarf and wrap it around your neck or shoulders.

Apart from that, there are other ways to rock a scarf if you don’t wanna layer with it.

8. Mix Prints With Caution

lady layering with mixed print

You can mix prints while layering but it’s best if you do it with caution.

Guy wearing mix print jacket on shirt and jeans

And to ensure that, mix patterned fabrics with solid Colours. Or better still, go through our style guide on how to mix prints.

There you have it!

Now go ahead and layer your outfits. You need to appear better than you were yesterday and this guide is a surefire way to begin.

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