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How to Style a Turtleneck and Make a Fashion Statement

Need a top that’ll hug your body, keep you warm when it’s cold, and frame your neck? Try turtlenecks. If you’ve got none in your wardrobe, go get it. And to encourage you to do that, we thought it wise to show you how to style a turtleneck top or sweater.

Don’t know how to?

It’s no biggie.

Keep reading to learn the best tips on how to style a turtleneck.

Turtlenecks, the Wardrobe Staple that Never Goes Out of Style

smiling lady wearing red turtleneck

Otherwise known as a poloneck, a turtleneck is a top or sweater with a short round collar that fits closely around your neck. 

Regardless of the season or occasion, turtlenecks never go out of style. You can pair them with anything and everything and still look as fashionable as you’d love to.

For instance, if the weather is cold, polo necks serve as a sweater to keep you warm. And if the weather is hot, you’ll never look out of place in a turtleneck. They are versatile enough to suit any season, be it summer or winter.

You can make your turtlenecks a part of your capsule wardrobe. They are everyday pieces that always come in handy.

lady wearing white outfit with turtleneck

Furthermore, turtlenecks fit into any type of outfit.

For instance, you can rock them as casual wear, formal office wear, business casual, smart casual, etc. 

You can even wear them to the gym. The beautiful thing is that they aren’t restricted to long sleeves alone. There are also sleeveless and short-sleeved turtlenecks.

You have no reason to decide not to add at least one polo neck to your wardrobe. They are timeless, classic pieces that truly never go out of style.

How to Style a Turtleneck

lady wearing grey turtleneck

If you’re psyched about adding a polo-neck to your wardrobe, that’s beautiful!

If you already have one or more, that’s more beautiful!

Let’s go straight to the tips on how to style a turtleneck.

1. Layer It

man layering turtleneck in winter

You can never go wrong when you layer your outfit and a turtleneck sweater or top is a great choice for layering.

lady wearing white polo neck with kimono

To enhance its look, grab on your kimono, blazer, suit jacket, denim jacket, vest, cardigan, coat, shirt, or duster. The sight of the high neck top hidden in your outerwear only makes it more stylish.

Moreover, you can layer with a sleeveless or short-sleeved outerwear to show the sleeves of your polo neck. 

lady wearing brown turtleneck with denim jacket

Or better still, if the turtleneck is a sleeveless one, a shirt underneath will also make a stylish option. This way, the polo neck serves as a sleeveless sweater that layers your shirt.

2. Go Monochrome

lady wearing blue monochrome outfit

To go monochrome means to stick to one colour palette and make all or most of what you wear that same colour.

It is one of the ways to mix and match colours in your outfits. It is also a major tip on how to style a turtleneck.

For instance, you can wear a brown turtleneck with a brown pair of trousers, brown jacket, and brown shoes. That’s how to go monochrome.  

man wearing brown monochrome outfit

You can also wear shoes of another colour if you want. The goal is to make the main components of your outfit the same colour.

Moreso, if you don’t want to go entirely monochromatic, you can try the sister option which is analogous colour matching.

lady wearing black monochrome outfit

This is similar to monochromatic only that the colours are of slightly different shades. 

So, let’s say your polo-neck is green, your pants could be dark green, your jacket could be another shade of green while your shoes could be black.

3. Wear a T-shirt on It

lady wearing black polo neck under brown t-shirt

You can also wear your long-sleeved turtleneck under your T-shirt. This is also a way to add proportions to your look.

guy wearing white white polo neck under black t-shirt

It will also tone down the colour of your polo-neck if it’s a bold one.

lady wearing wearing turtleneck under black t-shirt

4. Wear it Underneath a Dress

lady wearing white turtleneck under a short dress

In addition, you can also wear your polo-neck under a dress with spaghetti straps. This way, you turn the dress into a pinafore and look très chic.

smiling lady wearing black turtleneck under black dress

The dress can be maxi, midi, or mini depending on your choice.

lady wearing white polo neck under a short black dress

5. Pair with Jeans

lady wearing turtleneck with jeans

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans for your casual outings. And of course, turtlenecks with jeans are a great combo.

guy wearing paring turtleneck with ripped jeans

Whether it’s a jean skirt, jean shorts, skinny jeans, bell-bottoms, boyfriend jeans, or bootcut, your polo-neck will look great with anything denim.

smiling lady wearing black turtleneck with black jeans

Just make sure you know how to recognize original jeans before you add any to your wardrobe.

6. Wear it With Pants

lady wearing brown turtleneck with brown pants

Turtlenecks also look great with pants. This could be palazzo, culottes, tapered pants, cropped pants, chinos, or any tailored pants in your wardrobe.

man wearing polo neck with pants

This makes it a great choice for workwear.

lady wearing black polo neck with orange pants

7. Pair with Skirt

lady wearing white polo neck sweater with skirt and knee-high boots

Polo-necks also look fashionable with any skirt. Even if it’s a mini or midi skirt, you’ll never be found wanting in it.

lady wearing white turtleneck on pink mini skirt

Be flexible with your skirt choices too.

lady wearing black polo neck with midi skirt

Try flared, layered, tulip, pencil or any type of skirt you’re comfortable in.

8. Wear as a Dress

lady wearing black turtleneck dress

Some turtlenecks come as dresses. If you have them, go ahead and rock them alone or with an outwear.

lady wearing green turtleneck dress
lady wearing turtleneck mini orange dress

9. Pair with a Dungaree

smiling lady wearing yellow turtleneck with dungaree

You can also rock your turtleneck with a dungaree. Dungarees are stylish, sleeveless overalls. They are similar to pinafores only that dungarees are designed as a pair of pants with a bib held by straps. 

A man wearing white turtleneck with jeans dungaree

You can drop one of the straps of your dungaree with your polo-neck underneath. It’ll create a stylish look.

lady wearing orange turtleneck with dungaree

Furthermore, polo-necks go with any type of shoes. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. 

lady wearing red polo neck with heels

For instance, if you want something sporty? Try on your sneakers. Or something classy? Your brogues (for men) and heels (for women) will do the magic. You can as well rock them with knee-high boots if you want.

man wearing polo neck with good shoes

It all depends on your preferences.

In addition, the fact that turtlenecks have a high neck doesn’t mean they can’t be paired with necklaces. 

lady wearing necklace with her turtleneck top

You can add a drop necklace with a beautiful pendant to further adorn both your neck and your polo neck. 

For more guidance, check out our guide on how to pair the right necklaces with your dresses. And don’t forget to accessorise your turtleneck with your earrings, sunglasses, wristwatch and hat too.

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