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How to Pair the Right Necklace with Your Dresses

Dressing up is not only an art but also a science. You have to take many things into consideration if you really want to achieve a killer look. One of such things is how to pair the right necklace with your dresses.

Many a time, I myself get confused on the right necklace to pair with my dresses. Probably because both the dress and the necklace look too good and I don’t know the one to forgo. Or because there’s plenty of accessories to choose from.

If you’ve ever been confused on how to pair the right necklace with your dresses, worry not as this article will help you get it right by showing you simple tips you can follow.

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Your Dresses

How to Pair the Right Necklace with Your Dresses guide
How to Pair the Right Necklace with Your Dresses Guide. Source

Finding the right necklace can be quite challenging especially when you expend so much energy in picking the perfect dress for the occasion that you forget to think about your accessories.

You know, sometimes you may decide to wear something simple to an occasion. And when you feel like this, you can make a fashion statement with your accessories to add some accents to your look.

This makes it more important for you to learn how to pair the right necklace with your dresses.

While it’s challenging, it’s not as difficult as you think. You just have to consider the neckline of your dresses.

This is very important. Just as you have to match your hairstyle with your dress or vice versa, your necklace also has to be in tandem with the neckline of your dress. There are many types of necklines for dresses and each of them can go with any necklace if you play your cards well. Below are tips on how to pair the right necklace with your dresses necklines:


lady wearing white strapless dress with chocker

This neckline suits any necklace. Since there are no sleeves or straps, dresses like this call attention to your chest and bust region. You can complement the look by wearing a choker if you want the focus to really be around your chest. Or you go for statement pieces such as drop necklaces or one with bold pendants. That way, people take their eyes from your chest for a second and appreciate your necklace.

Off-shoulder/Bardot and Asymmetrical

lady wearing black off-shoulder dress with a chocker

 Just like strapless, dresses with this neck cut show some skin. You may want to wear a choker to keep it simple yet flattering. For off-shoulder specifically, you can also pick a collar necklace or dangly pieces with a bold design to make a statement.

lady in an a black off-shoulder dress with a necklace

Bateau/Boat neck

necklace for bateau neckline

Although this neck cut is high at the front most of the time, sometimes the back has a varying height. That is, it could be as high as the front or simply low.

woman wearing a bateau top and a necklace and a hat

If the back is high, you can just shun wearing a necklace and go for earrings and bracelets instead. But if you still want to adorn your neck, wear a choker or a short, single or double-strand drop neck accessory. You can also wear a necklace that drops to your bust region.

If the back is low, opt for a neck accessory that falls down to your back.

Collared Shirts

lady inn red checkered shirt and a necklace with a pendant

If you’re wearing a collared shirt, go without a neck accessory or wear a larger pendant on a thin chain. You can as well pair your shirts with collar necklaces too.

lady in a collared shirt with necklace


lady in a sweetheart neckline dress with a necklace

This neck cut is very much flattering and attractive on its own. When pairing with neck accessories, be careful not to overdo it. You can play safe by going for a silver or gold chain with a delicate drop, a choker or add a decorative clasp to your neck accessory so you keep it simple yet stunning.


lady in v-neck top with a necklace

If your dress has a V-neckline, you just have to reproduce the shape of the neckline with your neck accessory. This way, you draw attention to your cleavage and add more details to your dress. Go ahead and pair your V-neck with a neck chain that has a pendant. Just make sure the necklace is at least two inches above the V-neckline so nothing clashes and the pendant can be more pronounced.

lady in a black v-neckline dress with a necklace

Halter neck and Other High Necks

lady in high neckline top with a necklace with pendant

High neck dresses hardly call for neck accessories because the neck cut is high enough to hide your neck and pass for a choker. However, if you still feel like you’d want to garnish with your neck accessory, pair with a drop necklace that has a beautiful pendant.

Scoop and Square

lady in square neckline outfit with necklace

These necklines show off your neck and collarbone. You can pair with a dramatic single or double strand necklace, chokers, thin chain with a beautiful pendant, etc.

square neckline with necklace

While considering your neckline, you should also consider the design and embellishment of your dress and ensure it complements your accessory.

Now that you know how to pair the right necklace with your dresses, you should get started on flaunting your style skills. However, always remember that it is only but an accessory and as such, it shouldn’t be allowed to grab all the attention. Rather, it should complement your attire. So, keep it balanced at all times and that’s it.

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