12 Attractive Types of Necklines for Dresses and Tops

You may think the beauty of a dress lies in the fabric, colour and style alone. While this may be true, other features such as the neckline play a big role in the outlook of a dress. Most times, it is the first thing people notice about your outfit. It frames your face and as well accentuates your facial features too.  And when you want to match your hairstyle with your outfit, you still have to consider the neckline of your dress. Hence, it becomes imperative to know the different types of necklines for dresses so when you spot one, you can immediately identify its cut.

Types of Necklines for Dresses

When it comes to choosing any of the types of necklines that’d suit you, you have to consider your face shape, bust size, shoulders and your body type. Below are the types of necklines for dresses:

1. V Neckline

lady in a black v-neck top

This type is in the shape of the English alphabet V. It is suitable for just any body type and can help you flaunt your cleavage if you want to. Also, it adds a lengthening illusion to your body so if you’re not tall or you want to look taller, you can go for it. However, when the V cut extends past the cleavage, it becomes a plunging neckline.  

2. Cowl Neckline

two ladies in cowl neckline dresses

This is one of the types of necklines for dresses that has a circle of fabric around the neck which looks like a scarf. It is usually attached to the dress in one piece with no ends draping down. For ladies with small boobs, this neckline helps to add volume to your bust region while it helps busty ladies cover up.

3. Gathered Neckline

gathered neckline silk blouse - Types of Necklines for Dresses

This type is gathered around the neck as its name supposes. It can be V, U or any shape so long as it is gathered. Fashion designers use elastic, drawstrings or a plain band to achieve this neck cut. It is very good at flattering your neck and shoulders while accentuating your bust.

4. Sweetheart

sweetheart neckline ankara dress - Types of Necklines for Dresses

This type has the shape of the top part of a love heart around the bust line. If you’ve got great boobs and you want to flaunt them, this is one of the types of necklines for dresses that’ll help you achieve that. It is perfect for highlighting your cleavages like never before.

5. Asymmetrical Neckline

lady wearing asymmetrical neckline black top and stripped black and white skirt

Also known as monostrap or one-shoulder, asymmetric neck cut has one strap running over one shoulder while the other shoulder is entirely bare. However, there are asymmetric tops or dresses with a spaghetti strap attached to the bare shoulder. This is one of the types of necklines for dresses that is very stylish and attractive.

6. High Neck

lady in a white high neckline long sleeves top

As the name implies, this one has the dress or top coming up to the neck. It could be with or without sleeves.

7. Strapless

strapless neckline ankara dress - Types of Necklines for Dresses

Want to show some skin? Go for a strapless neckline. This one basically has no strap. You can as well incorporate a sweetheart cut to make it look sexier.

8. Off Shoulder

pretty lady in an off-shoulder red dress

Also known as bardot, the distinct feature of this neckline is that the sleeves or straps fall off the shoulders making them bare. It looks good on all body types and is a way to pull attention to the skin around your shoulders and chest without going strapless.

9. Boat Neckline

woman in ankara top with boat neckline

This type is cut in a way that resembles a boat. It bends from the collarbone to the shoulders. It is otherwise known as bateau.

10. U Neckline

u-neck black dress - Types of Necklines for Dresses

This type is shaped like the letter U. If it goes deeper and wider than the base of your neck, it becomes a scoop neckline.

11. Halter Neck

halter neckline top - Types of Necklines for Dresses

These types of necklines for dresses encircles around the neck. Here, the dress move inward from the bust line thus leaving the shoulders bare. Most halter neck tops and dresses usually have a low back.

12. Square Neck

lady in black square neckline top and black jeans

Square neck cuts are quite in shape. They are deep but not as deep as the scoop or V neckline. It is best for ladies with thin shoulders as it gives them the illusion of broad shoulders

The types of necklines for dresses and tops are many. However, these 12 are the commonest of them. Nonetheless, you can now easily differentiate between which and which and identify the ones that most flatter your shape.

Nelly Henshaw

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