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3 Tips on How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

Every part of your look matters when dressing with style. For your outfit to promote and complement your style, everything needs to be paired right. From your hairstyle to your dress, shoes and the accessories you put on, there has to be some harmony present.  Hence, this makes it necessary to know the tips on how to match your hairstyle with your outfit so as to achieve balance.  

Some ladies don’t consider their hairstyles important when dressing up. If you don’t have the right hairstyle on, you can inadvertently ruin your outfit. You may wear a very beautiful dress but then your coiffure diminishes its glory because you failed to pay attention to little details. You wouldn’t want to experience this, would you? So let’s get started on how to match your hairstyle with your outfit.

Factors to Consider When Matching Hairstyles With Dresses

When choosing the right hairstyle to match with your dress, three factors must be considered. They are:

1. The neckline of your dress

First on knowing how to match your hairstyle with your dress is to ensure your hairstyle doesn’t contrast with or hide your neckline but flatter it. If your dress has an elaborate neckline, then your hair has to be pulled back from your face in order for the design of the dress to be appreciated. Below is a guide on hairstyles that suit different necklines:

V-neck Dresses

hairstyle for v-neck dress - 3 Tips on How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

This type of necklines shows some skin and cleavage. If it’s a very wide V-neck, go for hairstyles that don’t interfere with your neckline. Hairstyles like shuku, ponytail, half-up, half-down, etc., are best with V-neck dresses.

lady with hairstyle for v-neck dress

Strapless and Off-shoulder Necklines

lady in ankara off shoulder dress - 3 Tips on How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

These types of necklines are designed to flaunt your shoulders and collarbone while framing your face. They also have this underlying sensuality that makes you inviting. These necklines go well with both updo and free-flowing hairstyles depending on your mood. If you want to really show some skin, you can have your hair styled in an updo fashion. On the other hand, if you want to conceal some flesh around your neckline, opt for free-flowing hairstyles that hang around your shoulders. Furthermore, half-up, half-down hairstyles are also suitable for these necklines.

hairstyle for strapless dress - 3 Tips on How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

High-necked Dresses

lady in a high-neck slit dress with a complimentary hairstyle

Dresses with turtleneck and halter neck require hairstyles that promote neckline visibility. This is because the neckline is the focus of the dress and it should be given adequate attention. Hence, updo, all-back and other hairstyles that pull hair away from the base of your neck are suitable for high-necked dresses.   

woman in high neck dress with complimentary hairstyle

Square and Round Necklines

woman with hairstyle for square-neck dress

These necklines are designed to show off the shoulders while giving you a delicate look. Dresses with round or square necklines usually have different types of sleeves e.g long, sleeveless or short. Free-flowing hairstyles suit dresses with round or square necklines. If you want a short hair, pixie cut will look great with such necklines.

African woman with hairstyle for round-neck dress

2. The length and design of your dress

woman in a short provocative ankara dress

The design and length of your dress have a big impact on the look you intend to achieve. Hence they matter when matching your hairstyle with your dress. Short dresses are flirty and provocative as such they need hairstyles that complement them. Such hairstyles include free-flowing curls, cute ponytails or other bold hairstyles that suit your mood. On the other hand, long dresses need simple hairstyles like ponytails or twists.

woman in a beautiful v-neck dress

If your dress has an intricate design, go for mild hairstyles so the attention wouldn’t shift from your dress to your hair. However, if your dress is quite conservative and you want to make a statement, bold coloured weaves and extensions or an elaborate hairstyle would do.

3. Your mood

woman in a short colorful dress - 3 Tips on How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

Some days, you may want to dress to kill; other days you just want to be as simple and modest as anything. Be sure to ensure your hairstyle expresses your mood because your mood is the backdrop for every look you intend to achieve with your outfit.

beautiful african woman in ankara gown - 3 Tips on How to Match Your Hairstyle With Your Outfit

Conclusively, before picking a hairstyle, your dress should come first. That is, if you’ve got any event you want to slay to, decide on the dress you’d love to wear and tailor your hair and accessories to suit it.  Your hairstyle shouldn’t take all the attention because it is only but an accessory. Hence, it should complement and accentuate the beauty of your dress. However, if you have a dull dress on, you may want to add more accents to it with a lively hairstyle.

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