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5 Classic Ways to Style Jeans and T-shirt

When the occasion doesn’t call for it and you don’t feel like wearing a suit or a shirt and tie, you’d grab on a pair of jeans and T-shirt. Jeans and T-shirt are one great combination for both minimalist and loud fashion lovers. It is the most go-to outfit for any casual occasion. Despite the fact that this outfit is as simple and basic as ABC, its stylishness cannot be underestimated especially when paired with the right accessories. There are classic ways to style jeans and T-shirt to bring out the urbane man in you. Reading this article keeps you abreast with them.

How to Wear Jeans and T-shirt

1. Pick a T-shirt

man on black t-shirt and light blue jeans

There are several types of T-shirts you can pair with your jeans. These tees include plain, Breton,  Henley, printed T-shirts, etc.

Plain T-shirts

These are tees with solid colours that you can pair with any jeans. You can first begin with a white tee since white goes with anything. Wear your white T-shirt with a blue, black or grey jeans. You can also wear black and other neutral coloured plain T-shirts with your jeans.

Breton T-shirts

Otherwise known as striped T-shirts, Breton T-shirts have geometric patterns that distinguish them from printed T-shirts. Striped T-shirts are better paired with solid coloured bottoms such as plain trousers, black jeans, blue jeans or plain coloured chinos.

Printed T-shirts

These include logo tees or T-shirts with graphics or inscriptions. When pairing a printed tee with jeans, keep it subtle. Printed T-shirts also go well with solid coloured bottoms.

Henley T-shirts

Henley T-shirts have notched necklines with buttons. They are best worn in plain colours as the notched neckline and buttons already add details to the top. You can pair a neutral or mild coloured Henley T-shirt with blue, grey or dark jeans.

Long-sleeved T-shirts

When the weather is a bit cold and you want to retain your style, grab on a long-sleeved T-shirt with a pair of jeans. Long-sleeved T-shirts usually come with fit. You can wear them in white, black, grey, navy blue colours or even henley. If you want to add an element of details to your outfit, put on a striped or Henley long-sleeved T-shirt or simply wear a printed one.

2. Pick a Footwear

smiling man wearing white t-shirt, black jeans and black sneakers

You have to know how to combine shoes with your jeans and T-shirt. You can rock the outfit with loafers, palms, sandals, boots, sneakers, or other shoes for men suitable for casual looks. Personally, I’d recommend sneakers because when paired with jeans and T-shirt, they give you a smart casual look. Furthermore, sneakers have evolved past the sporty feel usually attached to it. They are now staples in every person’s wardrobe especially when the aim is to get a killer casual look. With classic designer labels like Nike and Adidas saturating the market with modernised sneakers, what choice have you other than to include them as the perfect complement to denim and T-shirt combo.

3. Grab Your Sunglasses

man wearing sunglasses and white t-shirt

Sunglasses are important fashion accessories. When worn right, they become an essential part of your outfit. They don’t just protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, they add spice to your outfit and give you that stylish look even if all you have on is a T-shirt on jeans.

Sunglasses now come in varieties of designs such that if you are not really fashion savvy and wish to add any to your wardrobe, you may pick the wrong one. Hence, it is important to know how to wear them and the best style of sunglasses for your facial features. You may want to check out our guide on how to style sunglasses.

4. Layer With a Jacket

man wearing jacket on black jeans and white sneakers

Many jackets look great when paired with jeans and T-shirt. You can go for a trucker jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket or even a denim jacket. Jackets are stylish wardrobe staples that also come in handy when the weather is chilly.

5. And Of Course, Accessories!

man wearing sunglasses, watch and a chain on black long sleeves t-shirt - 5 Classic Ways to Style Jeans and T-shirt

Your belt, bracelet, necklace, ring and wristwatch are needed here. Even if you don’t wear any other accessory, your belt and wristwatch are necessary. Besides telling you what time of the day it is, a wristwatch adds that ‘classy man’ look to your outfit. It is a must-have fashion accessory for men. Wristwatches can be combined with any outfit including jeans and T-shirt. A plain wristwatch is perfect here as it is suitable for minimalist outfits and any other casual wear.

Jeans and T-shirt may be basic outfits but there is enough room to be creative so when you pull off the look, you turn it into a showstopper. One way of getting started is by following this guide we have specifically written for you on how to wear jeans and T-shirt. You need the ladies to give you a second glance, don’t ya?!

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