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5 Simple Style Tips For the Minimalist Man

If you love to look good as a man but can’t stand the ‘stress’ of knowing how to combine colours or exploring further in an outfit, then you’ve got a minimalist style. If this description fits you right, you’ll definitely need these simple style tips for the minimalist man that you are.

You probably just stick to basics like T-shirts and jeans and maybe chinos and a pair of Oxford shoes when it’s time for a formal event. You don’t like to go deeper, not because you don’t like it, but because it’s rather unnecessary to you.

Right? Well, then. Let’s see what minimalism is.

What is Minimalism?

man in black stripe native wear - 5 Simple Style Tips For the Minimalist Man

 Originally, the word minimalism refers to a style of art that emphasises extreme simplicity of form. It emerged in the 1960s and 1970s as a reaction to fine arts which according to minimalists had become academic and stale. It featured simple geometric shapes and was unaffected and unrepresentational in its outlook.

When it comes to fashion, minimalism isn’t drab or boring as some people think. It’s simple yet very effective. It entails putting aside unnecessary items and opting for a simpler and more deliberate look with little or less. In fact, minimalism is best described as “less is more”, according to architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Features of a Minimalist Style

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Before checking out the simple style tips for the minimalist man, let’s see the features of minimalist fashion. Basically, a minimalist style is affordable and effective. In essence, it incorporates:

  • a reserved, useful and tasteful look.
  • meagre patterns
  • a monochromatic or limited colour mix.
  • meticulously chosen accessories.

Simple Style Tips For the Minimalist Man

A minimalist African man in native wear

Having a minimalist style enables you to be deliberate with what you wear. Although people often criticise this style to be lacking variety and personality, it has proven to be false because even while being a minimalist, you can still be stylish and intentional with how you look. This is because a minimalist style affords you enough room to dress well while making use of few pieces for different occasions. Therefore, these simple style tips for the minimalist man would be coming in handy as you continue to enhance your style:

1. Stick to a Limited Colour Palette

A minimalist style involves monochromatic or limited colour mix and meagre patterns, and as such you should stick to simple monochromatic colours. If possible, use two colours rather than three. Patterns aren’t necessary for this style. Although mixing and matching colours in an outfit can be all fun, minimalism has little or no room for that. Hence, you should limit yourself to neutrals such as white, black, grey, navy blue, brown, etc.

But on the contrary, if you are a lover of loud colours yet minimalist, you can as well wear loud colours. The idea is to keep it minimal even if it’s a bit loud. So if you want to wear an orange coloured tee with dark wash jeans and white sneakers, you’re still good to go.

2. Ensure Your Pieces are Versatile

One piece is expected to do two or more duties here. If you have a blazer for instance, then it must suit a pair of jeans for a smart casual look and a pair of chinos and shirt for a business smart look. Tuxedos and suits aren’t everyday items for a minimalist man. You want to make do with items that you can use multiple times in different dress contexts.

3. Invest in Quality

A minimalist wardrobe contains pieces that emphasise on the axiom, “less is more”, and as such everyone piece should be quality enough to last you a very long time. You should invest in high quality jackets, shirts and shoes since you’ll always be going back to these same items to create and recreate a look. Having low quality pieces only gets you looking crappy.

4. Plain T-shirts Rather Than Logo Tees

You know, if you had five T-shirts with the same graphic design and colour and you wore them at different times, people would easily think it’s just one you have. But if you had solid white T-shirts for instance, you’ll have more room to pair them with different outfits without anyone wondering if it’s just one you’ve been wearing. If you want to invest in tees, stick to tees with little or no graphics, unique patterns or logos. You can start with classic patterns or block colours such as white, black, grey, etc., before adding your spec to the list.

5. Choose Your Accessories Carefully

If care isn’t taken, a minimalist style can end up looking drab. Hence, to prevent this, you should wear carefully selected accessories that will spice up your look. Your wristwatch, bracelet, ring, etc., should make you look better. Although some accessories, such as bags, pocket squares, sunglasses, cufflinks, etc., are optional for a minimalist man, they still provide a means of making a statement with your outfit. You can as well wear a perfume with nice scent to give some clout to your style and invest in shoes that are multifunctional.  Having a minimalist style gives room for your accessories to be more effective and pronounced unlike when they get drowned in a busy outfit.

A smiling black man wearing white Tee and black trousers

Ladies who are minimalist in style can also adopt these simple style tips for the minimalist man. While practising these tips, ensure to make every piece you wear befits the moment. That is, you shouldn’t wear jeans and tees to work when the job requires you wear trousers, shirt and tie. Make your looks appropriate for your lifestyle by having different pieces you wear to the gym, fun places, work, etc.

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