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10 Simple Tips on How to Combine Men’s Shoes with Clothes

Knowing the different types of shoes for men isn’t enough to keep you on the go. Just because there are tons of men’s shoes doesn’t mean you should pair them with just any outfit. To be guided, you should have an understanding of how to combine men’s shoes with clothes. Combining shoes in an outfit is a major issue for many men. If you are one of them, you should keep reading as here in this article are tips on how to pair shoes with clothes.  

1. Shoes for Casual Wear

shoes for casual wear - How to Combine Men's Shoes with Clothes

Sandals can be paired with shorts and jeans. Canvas are for casual outfits such as tees and jeans, polo and shorts, etc. Boat shoes go well with chinos, T-shirts, shorts, jeans and shirts, polo and trousers, etc., and anything save for loungewear, sportswear and suits. Boat shoes and loafers give you a smart casual look when paired with casual wear. Don’t wear boat shoes with socks. When you wear boat shoes with trousers, be sure to have a pin roll to show you have no socks on. Don’t wear brogues with shorts or tracksuits. Rather stick to jeans, chinos and well-fitting trousers.

2. Shoes for Formal Attire

brown Shoes for Formal Attire

Oxford and Derby shoes are best paired with suits. Dark brown, grey or blue suits go well with brown Oxford and Derby shoes. Blue suits can also be paired with brown brogues. Black Oxford and Derby shoes, on the other hand, are versatile and can be worn with just any colour of suits, jeans, chinos and other formal outfits. If you want to achieve a smart casual look with suits, then pair your suits with sneakers. Wear black brogues with black trousers and brown brogues with navy blue or grey trousers.

3. Shoes for Native Wear

Shoes for Native Wear - How to Combine Men's Shoes with Clothes

Native wears include Senator, Ankara, Kaftan, Dashiki, Agbada, etc. It’s advised that you shoudn’t wear native wears with sport shoes and socks. But if you worry about getting stinky shoes by not wearing socks, you can opt for half socks or no-show socks.

Furthermore, daring stylish men are breaking the no-lace-shoes rule. So, if you wanna pair your native wear with sneakers, go ahead. Other than that, don’t wear native attires with men’s shoes that have lace-ups such as brogues, Derby, or Oxford shoes. Such outfits are best paired with loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, and shoes with no lacing.

And if it isn’t a serious or formal occasion such as weddings or cocktail parties, then wear native clothes with sandals or palm slippers.

Working with Colours

To know how to combine men’s shoes with clothes, you first need to have an understanding of colours. You can get started by reading on how to combine colours in an outfit as this gives you the adequate foundation on colour matching. However, you can as well work with the following tips:

1. Black Shoes

wearing black shoes - How to Combine Men's Shoes with Clothes

Black shoes go well with almost any outfit. Avoid wearing black shoes with shorts unless you want to look like an adult in school uniform. If you want to wear black shoes with shorts, then it has to be sport shoes such as sneakers, canvas or trainers.

2. Brown Shoes

wearing brown shoes on suit - How to Combine Men's Shoes with Clothes

When wearing brown shoes, always remember that the lighter the shade of brown shoes, the less formal your clothes should be. Dark brown shoes are best paired with darker jeans and if you are wearing brown trousers, be it suit or chinos, let the brown in your outfit be of two different shades.

3. White Shoes

wearing white shoes - How to Combine Men's Shoes with Clothes

If you are wearing white shoes, let them be sneakers, trainers or canvas as white shoes have a casual feel. You can as well wear an all-white ensemble if you wish to go monochromatic. Should you want to pair sneakers with suits, your best bet is white sneakers.

4. Red Shoes

man wearing red sneakers on navy suit

Red shoes work better with contrasting colours such as dark or navy blue jeans. If you want to look unconventional, you could pair your red shoes with a grey suit.

5. Multicoloured Shoes

man wearing multicolored shoes, black pants and grey polo

Multicoloured or bright coloured sneakers and canvas are best paired with monochromatic or neutral outfits such as black jeans, denim jacket and a white T-shirt. Keep your clothes calm as your multicoloured shoes will be doing the talking.

Now you know how to pair shoes with clothes. If you ever have trouble knowing the right shoes to go with your outfit, be sure to read this article again and have it saved on your browser. There’s more to being a dandy man than good shoes and clothes. The perfect combination matters more than a lot, you know.

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