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How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits

If you really do want to know how to dress with style, then you must as well know how to mix and match colours in your outfits because colours and fashion are in some way entwined. Colours, if combined right, can give you that fashion-savvy look but if done wrongly, leaves your outfit all marred.

lady in light shirt and pink skirt - How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits

About two decades ago, what we had all about us was the to-match trend. Then, people always matched their bags and shoes as though they were designed as an ensemble. The last decade brought about colour blocking and that has been normalised such that it is no longer seen as colour blocking per se but a bold and explorable aspect of fashion.

lady in yellow pants

Not everyone actually knows how to wear colours right. You know, these days you aren’t expected to always play safe all the time as fashionistas in the early 2000s did; fashion of this age wants you to explore, exit your comfort zone and come up with something awe-inspiring. One way to achieve this is to know how to mix and match colours in your outfits. This article will help you by showing you some easy steps on how to perfect your colour-matching skills. While you read, don’t forget to save this page for rainy day and as well save any picture that inspires you.  

lady in gold dress and black trousers

The Colour Wheel

the color wheel - How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits

The colour wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton. It is a diagrammatic simplification of the concepts of colours and how they can be combined.

The colour wheel comprises different colours to guide you on your choices. The colours are segmented into:
•Primary colours: red, yellow and blue

• Secondary colours : purple, green and orange which are a combination of the primary colours.

• Tertiary colours: achieved by combining primary and secondary colours together.

• Neutral colours: grey, white, black, taupe, off-white, etc.

• Warm colours: red, orange, yellow, brown, etc., to give you a slimming effect.

• Cool colours: blue, green, purple, etc.

How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits - color wheel

How to Mix and Match Colours Like a Style Pro

lady in light top and dark pants

The goal isn’t just to know how to match clothes right but to do it in a very admirable fashion. To be perfect at this, you need to have an eye for detail and understand the science of colours.

1. Stick to Neutral Colours

lady in green and black neutral color mixing

To go neutral, you can just pick any cool or warm colour and accessorise or pair with black, grey, white, beige, brown or any other neutral colour.

Going neutral is a very safe way to match colours especially if you are reluctant to leave your comfort zone. It is also good for you if you are a minimalist. It is the commonest way to know how to mix and match colours in your outfit. By going neutral, you won’t be worried about looking all bold or gaudy. You’d be safe in what you wear.

lady on black and red color outfit

2. Go Monochromatic

lady in red monochrome outfit - How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits

If you don’t want to mix different colours in your outfit, just pick a single colour and stick to it. That is, if you want to wear a neon or red outfit, then your shoes and accessories would be neon or red too.

Going monochromatic is the safest way to know how to mix and match colours in your outfit. You don’t have to worry about going overboard or going wrong.

If you are ready to go monochrome, start with neutral colours before proceeding to pastels and other cool or warm colours. Wearing co-ords and suits is a good way to be monochromatic as they almost always come in one colour.

Monochromatic is almost the same as the to-match trend of those days. And because you’re sticking to one colour, it could look boring if you aren’t careful. To best avoid this, if you’ve decided making your clothes and shoes monochromatic, your earrings, bags and other accessories could be of a different yet mild colour to give your outfit the spark it needs.

lady in yellow monochrome outfit - How to Mix and Match Colours in Your Outfits

3. Match Complementary Colours

lady in orange and blue complementary color mix

Complementary colours are those opposite each other on the colour wheel. When combined, the result will be a bold and loud outfit. For instance, red and green or blue and orange are opposite each other on the colour wheel, they complement each other and can be paired. If you are a lover of bold and showy outfits, then you should try mixing and matching complementary colours.

lady rocking blue and orange color outfit

4. Equidistant Colour Matching

lady in green and purple equidistant color mixing outfit

Complementary colour matching is easy to do but at the same time restricting because you can match together colours that aren’t directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. Matching equidistant colours involve pairing colours that occupy a position midway between two ends or sides on the colour wheel. For instance, matching green and pink or violet may be odd to think about but comes out great when tried out.

lady in light green and pink equidistant color mix outfit

5. Match Analogous Colours

lady in a green analogous mix outfit

This happens when you match together two or three shades next to each other on the colour wheel. For instance, you can wear a yellow dress and pair it with yellowish-orange or yellowish-green shoes. The trick with analogous colour matching is to pick a shade on either side of the wheel and work with it.

lady in a pink analogous mix outfit

This is a guide on how to mix and match colours in your outfit. When matching colours, remember to keep it balanced and proportionate. Don’t forget your skin tone too as it is important the colour you wear also matches your skin tone. To stay updated, you should always follow your favourite style influencers and imitate how they do it. Imitation is the easiest way to learn, you know.

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