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The minimalist-chic style is an effortless street style that is elegant, simple and focuses on quality. This style has a whole lot to do with simplicity little wonder it is adopted by many successful people who spend most of their time thinking about other important things other than their looks. A perfect example is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who is known for his gray tees.

Developing a style does not necessarily have to be so much hard work through different combinations of clothing and accessories. From observations, many stylish people look effortless in whatever they are wearing and this is so because they have adopted the minimalist-chic style.

Here are some ways to achieve that minimalist-chic style:

1. Would you be trendy or rather classy?

It’s okay to follow trends but remember, trends come and go while your style remains with you forever. Trends do not remain in vogue forever as they always get outdated.  Build a timeless and classy wardrobe so you don’t end up having no-longer-trendy pieces occupying invaluable spaces in your wardrobe. If at all you need to follow trends, stick to accessories rather than clothing.

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2. Minimize your use of accessories

Just as accessories promote one’s outfit, they also can mar outfits. You don’t have to wear accessories all the time as there are lots of outfits that look better with little or no accessories. You could stick to single pendant necklaces or stacked bracelets. Too many additional can jeopardize your outfit.

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3. Work on your wardrobe

By doing this, you will not only be clearing the clutter in your wardrobe but you’ll also be moving towards discovering and maintaining your personal style. Fish out from your wardrobe what doesn’t fit, what is worn-out and what doesn’t belong to your personal style. What remains may be few but you’ll realize they are actually what you love. Your style should always be cushy as well as flattering. It should constitute clothing, colours, combination and accessories you are attracted to.

Minimalist-Chic Style.
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4. Go for quality rather than quantity

Many people are so impulsive when it comes to shopping and this has resulted in their buying to fill up their wardrobes rather than meeting a need. In other words, they waste money! To prevent this, shop with purpose. Buy less but better. That is, buy better quality items. Do not buy because it looks good; buy because you NEED it and it is WORTH it.

Minimalist-Chic Style.
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Those are just four of the many tips for achieving a minimalist-chic style. If being simple isn’t your thing, well then, you can as well go for whatever suits you.

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