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5 Must-Haves For Your Makeup Kit

Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and feel like wearing a heavy touch of makeup. Other times, you just want to apply some powder and get on the go. Whichever way, we know looking good is a priority and one way of doing so is having and using a makeup kit. Although there may be a plethora of makeup products in the market, there are few that remain vital even if you decide not to buy many beauty products. Here are five of these makeup essentials:

1. Lipstick/Lip gloss


This is one beauty product that should remain in your purse at all times. Lipsticks provide the lips with colour, texture and protection. They highlight the face. Even when you don’t feel like having a makeover, just a touch of lipstick on a powdered face can enhance your beauty.

2.  Foundation

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This product is essential as it is known to conceal the “evils” on the face. These evils may be pimples, black spots, scars, blemishes, etc. Once you apply your foundation, they disappear. Before sticking to a particular foundation, test-run it on your skin so as to know which one best suits your skin tone and type.

3. Mascara

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You need a mascara to darken or thicken your eyelashes. It gives the lashes that stand out well-defined look and glams up the face. When selecting a type of mascara to use, consider your personal preference and the type of lashes you have. There are different types of mascaras ranging from lengthening to thickening, curling and non-smudging. These mascaras are differentiated by the brushes they come with.

4. Tools

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These include foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, concealer brush, etc. You need these tools while applying your makeup as using the hands can be distressing as well as unappealing. It is cheaper to buy a set of brushes than buying them individually.

5. Makeup cleaner

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A good example of this is Wipes. Just before retiring to bed, use wipes to wipe off your makeup.  Wipes do not only remove makeup but also moisturize the face.

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