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Types of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are a great way to enhance your eye makeup and keep them popping. This doesn’t mean that without them your makeup is incomplete but really, without them your makeover seems to be lacking that one stroke that makes it complete.  So yes, you wouldn’t be totally wrong to say your false eyelashes are actually the icing on the cake of your entire fashion outfit. To rock them better, you need to know the types of false eyelashes that best suit you.

Fashion today has gone beyond clothes or bags. Fashion is everything you’re wearing and not wearing, ranging from your makeup to your skin glow and even the colour combination on your face. Wearing false eyelashes has become a trend in our world today that has come to stay for women. Knowing the right one to use is of really great importance so as to avoid falling into the category of those with failed false lashes procedures. This article therefore serves to tell you the types of false eyelashes available in the market before opting for them.

Types of False Eyelashes

There are basically three types of false eyelashes popularly used by women. They include:

  1. Strip lash
  2. Individual lash and
  3. Eyelash extension.

These false eyelashes are all similar because they are artificial but they differ in the way they are applied for use.

1. Strip Lashes

This type of false eyelashes is a complete eyelash in a single strip. It is applied by applying little amount of lash glue on the lashes, then placing them on top of the real eyelashes. It is usually used by makeup artists because of its ease of application and its reusability.

2. Individual Lashes

Individual false eyelashes on the other hand, are usually in single strands. They are usually applied individually until the desired volume is achieved. Here, lash-glues are used to keep the lashes together too.

3. Eyelash Extensions

 Eyelash extension involves going to a professional eyelash extension salon to get the procedure done. This type of false eyelashes appears really natural and lasts longer than other false lashes. However, this procedure is particularly more expensive than others, but then, it is worth it after all.

Whether you’re a constantly busy working class lady who barely has time for herself or a mom who must take care of her little ones, or a turn-up lady who must constantly be “on flick” for weekend grooves or just a normal young lady who just wants to feel beautiful, the first thing to do is to know the type of false eyelashes that works best for your kind of person and ensure you rock them perfectly at all times.

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