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27 Amazing Makeup Looks to Enhance Your Beauty

Is there an important event on your calendar that you intend to glam up to? The numerous makeup looks available today seem daunting. That’s what happens when you have lots of options. But it shouldn’t stop you from looking your best.

For example, should you go for a no-makeup makeup or some smokey eyeshadow? Your options are endless, but guess what? There’s a tutorial for every type of makeup you feel like wearing.

pretty lady wearing one of the gorgeous makeup looks

You have to comb through your options, choose one, and find the best makeup artist to give you your desired facebeat. Or better still, watch one or two tutorials and do it yourself. But first, how do you decide which makeup face suits you best? That’s what we’ll cover in this article. You’ll also see gorgeous makeup ideas that will serve as inspo for your next outing.

How to Choose Your Makeup Look

Rihanna looking beautiful in blue.

First, determine why you want to wear makeup. Is it to only conceal your blemishes, or you’d like to turn your face into a canvas for a bold, colourful look? The key to choosing your makeup is to consider three factors:

  • Your individual preferences
  • The occasion
  • Your outfit
  • The weather

For example, if you’re wearing makeup for a photo session, your mood board determines the kind of makeup you wear, and so do your outfits. Also, if you have a wedding to attend and you love to look bold, red-carpet-worthy makeup will come in handy. And if you love to keep things simple, especially during hot weather conditions, natural-looking makeup may be what you need.

Ultimately, choosing the right makeup looks lies in your hands as your individual preference, outfit, occasion, and climate contribute to your choice.

What You Need for Simple Makeup Looks

pretty black girl wearing one of the lovely makeup looks

Once you’ve decided on your desired makeup look, the next step is using the right makeup products and tools. A general rule of thumb is to work with makeup essentials such as foundation for your skin type, concealer, primer, smudge-proof eyeliner, powder, lipstick, lenghtening mascara, lip gloss, brushes, makeup sponge, setting spray, etc.

Though the list may seem long, they’re essentials evey makeup girly needs in her kit.

How to Get the Best Makeup Looks

a girl wearing makeup with thin eyebrows

Know Your Skin Tone & Undertone

Your skin tone is your skin’s surface color, which can be light, medium, or dark. At the same time, your undertone is the subtle color underneath your skin’s surface often described as cool, warm, or neutral. Undertones hardly change.

To know your skin tone, wash your face, allow it to dry, and look in a mirror under natural light to observe your jawline. Whatever color it is like is the shade of makeup products you should get.

On the other hand, to know your undertone, check for the color of your veins in natural light. If they’re blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. But if they’re green or teal, your undertone is warm. However, if you can’t tell the color of your veins, your undertone is most likely neutral.

Choose Products Based on Your Skin Tone

Picking the right makeup begins with your foundation. If you’re not sure which shade to go for, do the jawline test. The perfect color will appear to fade into your skin, but the wrong shade won’t blend in. The same applies to your powder and blush. Ensure your powder complements your foundation shade and the blush you’re using matches rather than contrasts your skin tone.

Consider Your Eyes When Wearing Eyeshadow 

Your eyeshadow should complement your eye color. A pro tip is to go for eyeshadow looks that suit the color of your outfit and skin tone. For instance, the natural-looking Chinese Douyin makeup works by using pale eyeshadow that blends in with your pink blush. Also, if you want a uniform look, wear the same eyeshadow color for both eyes.

Experiment with Lipstick Colors

If you love to wear pink or nude lips all the time, give it a break and go for colors you hardly wear. This could be red, purple, or even black.

Remember, a single lipstick can uplift your mood and boost your confidence. So don’t just consider your skin tone when picking lipstick colors; think of the occasion you’ll be wearing it for, too.

Stunning Makeup Looks You Should Try ASAP

pretty girl looking beautiful

Recreate any of the looks below to get a stunning makeup look that gets you through any event. But remember to follow the suggestions we shared earlier on how to choose the right makeup so you wear the perfect look that enhances your beauty and keeps you comfortable.

No Makeup, Makeup Look

a girl wearing no makeup makeup look

This natural-looking makeup is the perfect look for minimalist girlies. It’s an everyday classic that keeps your beauty game sleek and classy. Also, it allows your skin to shine without applying too many products. And the best part is it conceals your facial flaws enough to give you a clean look.

Smokey Eye

a girl wearing a ponytail with smokey eye beauty look

The smoky eye gives your face a dark coloring and a sultry stare. Take it up a notch by adding sheer pigment for a flattering balance of color and accents suitable for both day and night.

Standout Lip Color

a lady wearing a bold lipstick

A bold lipstick is an easy way to get an effortless everyday makeup look. Whether you apply other products or not, your face will still pop because you have something going down on your lips to give you a gorgeous layer of color. Think deep reds, corals, purples, blacks, and pinks. Then, pair it with a lengthening mascara for voluminous lashes or any other subtle element you choose to add.

Voluminous Lashes

pretty black girl wearing long eyelashes

Wearing bold eyelashes can elevate your entire makeup. Want to make it more alluring? Add a few mascara swipes. It’ll complement your eyes and give your lashes a fuller and colorful look.

Sparkling Eyeshadow

lady wearing sparkling eyeshadow

Your makeup doesn’t have to look boring. Have some fun with your beauty habits by using products that make you glitter. All you need to do is add some sparkles somewhere, like your eyeshadow. This will give you a dazzling appearance with color and glitz around your eyes.

If you’re going for it, keep your cheeks and lips neutral so the focus will be on your eyes. This look is perfect for red carpet or editorial fashion shoots.

Winged Eyeliner

pretty lady wearing a winged eyeliner

If you love the cat-eyes look, wearing winged eyeliners is your best. To get it, apply your eyeliner on the top lash line of your eyes. But extend it past the outer corner of your eyes, slightly curving it to resemble a wing or flick.

Makeup Looks are Limitless

lady wearing simple makeup

These days, you have no excuse not to wear the right makeup. From no-makeup makeup looks to smokey eyes, bright lipstick, winged eyeliners, voluminous lashes, nude lips, etc., your options are endless. But don’t Limit yourself to all you’ve seen on this page so far. We’ve curated more for you to see. Save the ones that catch your fancy and ensure they align with your style, outfit, occasion, and the weather conditions of your city.

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