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Douyin Makeup: How to Look Natural on Makeup the Chinese Way  

Ever heard of douyin makeup? It’s a cosmetic trend blowing up on TikTok. While there are some makeup looks that may just be momentary, others are here to stay and this trend falls in the latter category.

Picture of a chinese star rocking the Douyin makeup trend

It features glowy, translucent skin, glittery eyelids, bright, concentrated pink or mauve blush, and oftentimes highly pigmented glossy or semi-matte ombre lips. It is one makeup look that embodies one of China’s most popular makeup aesthetics. Named after China’s top short video-sharing platform Douyin, this Chinese makeup trend has now become its own meta phrase. 

If the trend has captivated you, you’ll learn all you need to know about it in this article.

What is the Douyin Makeup Trend?

Full picture showing a chinese star with a barely there makeup

The popular Chinese makeup look known as “douyin,” is characterized by shimmery eyeshadow, pigmented pink blush, and blurred lips. This look, which takes its name from the Chinese version of TikTok, is a rather straightforward makeup style that follows well-known beauty trends that emphasize a minimalistic, skin-first approach. 

There has been some debate about Douyin’s growing appeal in the West as some people mistake it for Korean beauty. Although K-Beauty and Douyin share a focus on a radiant, natural appearance, it’s crucial to remember that China and Korea have distinct cultures and should not be confused. 

How to Nail the Douyin Makeup?

Another picture showing a Chinese star rocking  the Douyin makeup trends

Fortunately, this doll-like look is quite easy to achieve without completely overhauling your entire makeup stash. And with a little practice, you’ll easily master it. Here’s a breakdown of how to get the look:

Asian lady rocking Douyin makeup

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Prep Your Base

Full picture of a chinese star  with a really glossy cheek

This will be easy if you’re already skilled at achieving a glass-skin complexion. The secret to achieving a porcelain-like glow is to properly cleanse and hydrate your skin. To prevent a heavy, cakey-looking base, use a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation, then blend well. In addition, to get that dewy all-day glow, don’t forget to apply a translucent setting powder.

Doll up Your Eyes

Full picture of a chinese star with her beautiful glossy eyes

The secret to doing a Douyin makeup look is to create big, luxurious doe eyes. And to avoid drawing attention away from the rest of the appearance, keep your eyebrow game simple. An eyebrow pencil works great for filling in your natural shape. Feel free to experiment with your favorite shades of eyeshadow and add a subtle shimmer or glitter wash to finish the look.

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Adorn Your Eyes

Full picture of the chinese star using eyeliner for her natural beauty look

Use a high-precision, smudge-proof eyeliner to wing out and extend the corners of your eyes for an enlarged and elongated shape. A volumizing mascara will also add definition and length to your lashes for that dreamy, doll-like wide-eyed expression. Don’t forget, long, fluffy lashes are another striking feature of this look. 

Build Your Flush

Full picture of a lady showing off her flush for the gorgeous makeup trend

To really achieve Douyin-worthy cheeks, build your glow higher up on your face than you normally would, in the area right under your eyes. You’ll also want to use a little more blush than usual for a sun-kissed flush that really stands out.

Prime Your Pout

Full picture of a lady showing off her pout

The lip goal? A soft-focus, blurred-out pout that’s plump and juicy-looking. Blend in your lip liner and lipstick or tint to avoid sharp lines and edges. If you have more time to spare, try experimenting with two different lip shades to create a gradient effect. Then apply the darker shade on the inside of your lips and the lighter shade on the outside.

Douyin Makeup: A Nod to the Minimalist Look

Picture of a girl, a gorgeous nod to the Douyin makeup trend

It’s clear the makeup trend emphasizes a barely-there makeup and natural look and that’s truly beautiful to see. Through this, we can infer it promotes natural beauty as you don’t need to go overboard to look beautiful with a Douyin makeup.

And once you combine it with the right outfits, you’re sure to stand out.

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