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Crochet Braids: Everything to Know About this Hairstyle

Crochet braids are one of the most versatile, protective hairstyles for women with natural or relaxed hair. Unlike traditional braids, they don’t take so long to install. The best part is your hairstylist won’t have to attach the braids to your scalp while installing them. Why? That’s because this hairdo involves a unique method that protects your hair, saves you time, and relieves stress. Furthermore, different stars have rocked this style. From Solange Knowles to Keke Palmer and many others, crochet styles have been making a huge statement for black girlies.

a lady wearing crochet faux locs

If you’ve been contemplating giving it a shot, here’s the sign you need to go ahead. These braids come in different styles and are super easy to maintain. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of crochet braids, showing you how they differ from other braids, their different styles, and how to maintain them.

What Makes Crochet Braids Special?

a lady wearing crochet braids as water waves

This is a coiffure that involves using a latch hook (aka crochet needle) to add extensions to your hair. Though this style was popular in the 90s, like almost every 90s fashion trend, it returned with a bang in the 2010s and still hasn’t left the style scene. 

In addition, with the rise of natural hair movement, crochet braids now use textured extensions that create a more natural result. This gives these extensions the feel of real hair in various forms ranging from box braids to twists, invisible braids, curly hair, wavy hair, ringlets, etc.

Besides their versatility, crochet hair is also protective. You need not worry about tight braids pulling your scalp if you go for this hairdo. Furthermore, they’re designed to give your hair rest. How? You won’t need to touch or manipulate your hair once you wear these braids. In essence, the style protects your hair from daily harms such as breakage, heat, environmental elements, bad hair maintenance, etc.

Above all, this coiffure is easy to install, take down, and maintain. And the best part is they save you from spending long hours in the salon and you can always reuse the extensions to achieve new styles after uninstalling them.

How to Install Crochet Braids

a smiling lady rocking faux locs as crochet braids

To install this hairstyle, you have to first decide on the hair extensions you want to wear. This can be crochet curls, faux locs, Marley hair, Kanekalon hair, Jamaican bounce hair, crochet braids, crochet twists, etc. 

Once you’ve decided and your extensions are with you, take these steps:

  • Braid your natural hair into cornrows.
  • Hook the crochet hair to the latch hook (crochet needle).
  • Slide the needle under a cornrow with the extension in it and close the latch.
  • Pull the needle under the cornrow until you create a medium-sized hoop.
  • Check to see if you have a loop on one side of the cornrow and “tails” on the other side 
  • Fold the tails over the cornrow and pass them through the loop without tightening them. 
  • Twist the loop with your fingers and pass the tails through it again.
  • Pull the extension to secure it to your hair.
  • Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the extensions on your head.

Need a better explanation, watch the video below:

How Many Packs of Crochet Hair Do You Need?

a girl rocking short robust crochet twists

The number of hair packs needed depends on the style you want to achieve and the number of individual strands in each pack. In general, you need at least two packs of extensions to get started.

How Long Do Crochet Braids Last?

a pretty lady wearing twists as crochet braids

Crochet braid hairstyles last between four to eight weeks or longer if properly maintained. Also, its durability depends on your braid pattern and the quality of hair extensions installed. 

Can Crochet Braids Help Hair Growth? 

pretty crochet braids on a damsel

Of course, it can. It’s a protective hairstyle, remember? And like any protective style, it spurs hair growth. How? When you have it on, you won’t be manipulating your hair into different styles, exposing your hair to environmental elements like the sun, rain, dust, etc., or using heat styling tools on your hair.

In essence, this coiffure gives your hair a break.

What Is The Difference Between Crochet Braids and Box Braids?

a picture of a lady rocking French curls crochet braids

These two aren’t the same. For one, box braids involve braiding all your hair into individual braids with loose hair extensions. They can be knotless or with knots.

On the other hand, crochet braids take a different route. Here, you first braid your hair into cornrows before crocheting the extensions (which are already braided) into each cornrow.

Can Crochet Braids Damage Your Hair?

Though this hairdo is protective, it can still damage your hair if installed wrongly. In addition, even the needle used for installing the style can snap or snag your hair. So what do you do to avoid situations like this? Use the tips below:

  • Ensure your cornrows are not too tight so they don’t cause alopecia or hair breakage.
  • Don’t add too many extensions to your hair. It’ll put too much weight on your scalp and that isn’t good.
  • Be careful when hooking the extensions to your natural hair lest you should pull at delicate hair strands in the process.
  • Ensure no hair knots around the cornrows as this can add more pressure to your scalp. 
  • When taking the style down, be careful not to tug at your natural or pull the braids. Also, if you’re using scissors, be extra careful not to cut your hair in the process.

How to Maintain Crochet Braids

a lady rocking kinky twists s crochet braids

Caring for this hairstyle first begins with caring for your natural hair. So, you have to always cleanse, condition, and protect your scalp with a lightweight oil.

Furthermore, use a shine spray to keep your hairstyle looking fresh always. But be careful not to apply excess products on your hair lest it should clog or create buildups on your scalp. Also, always lay your baby hair with edge control so your face pops out better.

And don’t forget to wear a satin bonnet to preserve moisture and keep your style in place for as long as you wear it.

How to Take Out Crochet Braids

smiling lady rocking loose crochet braids

There are different ways to unravel this style. For instance, you can choose to use scissors to separate each individual extension from your hair. But this is risky as you can cut your hair so it’s best someone does it for you.

You can also take out the braids by loosening your cornrows underneath. By doing so, each individual extension falls off. But if you used another installation method that didn’t require cornrows, watch this video below to see how to take out the braids.

Type of Crochet Braids

A lady wearing curly crochet braids hairstyle

Many crochet styles exist. But they mostly fall under these categories:

Crochet Box Braids

a young lady wearing crochet box braids

Instead of sitting for hours to install braids, how about you buy pre-braided hair and crochet them to your hair? You’ll love the ease that comes with it.

Crochet Twist Out

a lady wearing crochet twist out

Do you love to wear twist-out but don’t wanna stress your natural hair? Go for the crochet option. It affords you more variety as you can wear them in any color without tinting your hair.

Crochet Senegalese Twists

Crochet braids as Senegalese twists

These rope-like braids are faster to install and take down than their braids counterparts. But you know what makes them more fun? You can opt for the crochet counterpart and save yourself the stress of attaching your hair to loose extensions while still looking gorgeous.

Faux locs

crochet faux locs

If you don’t want to commit to locking your hair, try faux locs. They use the crochet method too. You can have them as soft locs, goddess locs, or any style of locs you choose.

Crochet Loose Weaves

face of a lady wearing crotchet loose weaves

You can also wear kinky hair, ringlets, water waves, and other synthetic weaves as crochet hairstyles. They’re perfect for creating a full big hair look. You can go for the ones with curls or waves; it all depends on you.

Crochet Braids are too Versatile to Pass Up

lady wearing crochet passion twists

Crochet braids are great options because they’re easy to maintain without worrying about tracks or wefts going loose. Since they’re already braided or styled, you only need to worry about installing and maintaining them. 

Furthermore, unlike braids and twists, you don’t need to pick your natural hair and braid from top to root. You only need a few cornrows and a crochet needle and in a few minutes, your hair will be ready.

What’s more? They’re more economical as you only need fewer packs of extensions compared to other styles. The best part is this coiffure works for all hair types, textures, and lengths.

So whether your hair is relaxed, natural, or transitioning, you’re welcome to try it out. But if you need more style inspiration to guide your choices, here they are:

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