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Faux Locs: Everything to Know About this Hairdo

Dreadlocks are a great hairstyle. They promote hair growth, are versatile, and save you from bad hair days. But what not many people stress is the commitment that comes with it. For one, they require patience. In other news, before you get those long locs, you have to wait for your hair to grow which could take months (or even years). But here’s the good news —you can skip the whole waiting process by installing faux locs.

As the name implies, they are artificial locks. And rather than waiting months or years to achieve your desired length, all you need do is buy locs extensions and your hairstylist will do justice to it. 

pretty girl wearing faux locs with gold cuffs

But hold on a second. There’s more to faux locs than simply buying extensions and attaching them to your hair. That’s what we’ll explore in this post. So, if you’d like to wear this hairdo, keep reading as we tell you more about it while showing you different style inspos.

What are Faux Locs?

fine lady rocking faux locs with hoop earrings

Faux locs is the general term used to describe the hairstyle created with different types of fake locs extensions. It’s a coiffure that involves blending synthetic hair extensions with your natural hair to create an illusion of dreadlocks,  In other words, faux locs are dreadlocks with synthetic or human hair extensions. They’re temporary versions of dreadlocks that allow you to switch up your look without the long-term commitment of dreads.

Furthermore, faux locs offer more protective styling than braids. For instance, while braids look best when newly installed, faux locs tend to look better as they age. And you can wear them for as long as it’s healthy even on multiple uses.

What are the Methods for Installing these Locs?

cute girl wearing faux locs

You can install these locs through the crochet method or by braiding in.

The braid-in method involves braiding your natural hair into box braids and then wrapping them with loc extension. On the other hand, the crochet method involves first braiding your natural hair into cornrows and crocheting the locs into the cornrows.

How Long do Faux Locs Last?

a pretty girl rolling her locs into a half bun

Faux locs can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on how well you maintain them. The best part about them is that you can reuse the locs anytime you want and they’ll look even better than your first install.

But if you plan to wear your fake locs for months, be prepared to care for your natural hair underneath by regularly cleansing and conditioning.

Which Hair is Used in Making Faux Locs?

pretty black girl wearing faux locs extensions

Though faux locs can be made with either synthetic or human hair, they’re typically made from Marley hair. This is because Marley hair has a coarser texture that gives a realistic aesthetic.

In addition, you can also achieve this style with Kanekalon hair, Lush hair, and other hair brands that create faux locs crochet extensions.

Are Faux Locs Heavy?

pretty black girl wearing faux locs

Faux locs can be both heavy and lightweight, This depends on three factors:

  • The locs extension you use.
  • The number of packs you use.
  • The installation method.

What are the Disadvantages of Faux Locs?

A girl with nose piercing rocking her synthetic dreadlock hairstyle

They Can be Heavy

Depending on the type and length of extensions you go for, these locs can be heavy. It becomes worse when you tie them into a bun. It’ll feel like you’re carrying a lot on your head.

So, if you don’t want to feel this heaviness, you either keep your locs short or go for soft locs as they’re lightweight.

They Can Damage Your Hair

Since these locs are heavy, they can damage your hair. How? The added weight can lead to tension around your scalp which can in turn pull your edges and cause hair breakage. Even when your hairstylist installs them correctly, you can still wreak havoc on your hair when it’s time to take the locs off.

But you can further protect your hair underneath by moisturizing and keeping your hair clean so when the locs are off, you’ll have healthy hair.

They Can Cause Pain Around Your Scalp

In addition, the added weight from these locs can cause headaches or pain on your scalp especially while installing. But you can fix this by telling your stylist exactly how you feel.

How Many Packs of Locs Do I Need for Faux Locs?

a pretty lady wearing red synthetic dreadlocks extensions by the seaside

You need about four to six packs to make a full head of faux locs. But this depends on the number of individual locs in each pack.

How to Maintain Your Faux Locs

a cute black girl wearing accessorized faux locs with cuffs


This works in two ways. You either:

Mix your shampoo with water in a spray bottle and spritz your hair roots with it. Then gently rub it in and rinse with water afterward. Be careful while at this lest you should drench your hair and it becomes heavier, difficult to dry, and smelly.

Furthermore, overwashing your hair can make it frizz. This in turn shortens the lifespan of your hairdo and gives it an unkempt look. So, be careful not to wash too often.


If you don’t want to shampoo your locs, you can opt for cleansing your scalp. Use a gentle cleanser or apple cider vinegar to cleanse your roots and scalp every few weeks.


Endeavor to moisturize your scalp and hair roots while you have your locs on. You can do this with natural oils for hair growth or a leave-in conditioner.

Sleep with a Silk Bonnet

If you don’t sleep on a silk pillowcase, wear a satin/silk bonnet before going to bed. It’ll help to retain moisture and keep your locs fresh.

Faux Locs Hairstyles You Should Wear

pretty lady wearing long ruffled locs

Looking for gorgeous dreadlocks with extensions you can wear anytime, any day? Choose from the styles below and thank us later.

Butterfly Locs

a lady showing the back view of her butterfly locs hairstyle

This style of locs features small ruffled curves or curls around each loc, giving it a distressed or unraveled look. 

a girl sitting and showing her butterfly locs hairstyle

Your hairstylist achieves this coiffure by either crocheting the butterfly locs extension or looping wavy hair into a braid using a crotchet needle. And then they loosely wrap the locs to create that distressed look.

Soft Locs

Pretty lady wearing maroon soft locs

Ladies wear soft locs because the extension is lightweight. In addition, it causes less tension around your scalp. 

lady wearing faux locs in her room

Go for these locs if you want something that moves freely and lets you restyle without stress.

Goddess Locs

Halle Bailey wearing goddess locs

This is one faux locs hairstyle that uses silkier extensions and has loose wavy or curly ends. This is contrary to regular faux locs styles that have straight or blunt ends.

pretty lady wearing goddess locs

Furthermore, goddess locs are similar to boho braids with their curly tips and added extensions. And many stylists use the waterfall method to install them.

Yarn Locs

pretty lady with a nostri piercing wearing yarn locs

As the name implies, these dreadlock extensions are made from different types of yarn. 

pretty lady with wearing wine-colored yarn locs

Yarn locs mostly come in different colors, and this is a great choice for you as they allow to express your style and creativity through colors.

Short Locs

pretty lady wearing  black short locks hairstyle

Need convenience while still looking beautiful? Go for short locs.

pretty lady wearing blonde faux locs in her selfie

Though they stop around your shoulders, they’ll still help you turn heads.

Long Faux Locs

long faux locs hairstyle

This is one statement hairdo you don’t wanna miss out on.

back view of a long dreadlocks with extension hairstyle

But be ready for the extra weight you’ll feel— thanks to the lengthy locks.

Accessorized Locs

pretty lady rocking her fake locs with cuff accessories

You can also add beads, cuffs, cowries, barrettes, and other accessories to your hair.

a lady smiling while showing her fake dreadlocks accessorized wth colorful rubber bands

They spice things up and give people more things to stare at.

Bright-Colored Artificial Locs

green faux locs hairstyle

Would you like your locs to announce your presence anytime you turn up?

red curly fake dreadlocks

Wear bright-colored extensions and be ready to stand out.

Neutral-Colored Faux Locs

pretty girl wearing black fake dreadlocks

Black and brown extensions fall under this category. 

a girl feeling herself while showing her faux locs extension

Go for them as they’re muted and perfect for matching your skin tone.

Mixed Colors

mixed colors faux locs

You can also mix two or three colors of fake locs extensions.

red and blonde faux locs

It adds more accent to your look.

Faux Locs or Nothing

a lady rocking her faux locs with sunglasses

Faux locs are one popular protective hairstyle you don’t wanna miss out on. They’re easy to install with any type, length, and color of extensions. In addition, they even last up to two or three months so long as you maintain them well and care for your hair underneath.

What’s more? Your options are limitless when it comes to choosing the best style for this hairdo. If you doubt, check out the ones below and see for yourself:

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