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Bohemian Braids: Everything to Know About this Hairstyle

Just when you think you’ve seen and worn all the braids in the world, you come across Bohemian braids and wonder if it ever gets enough.

Actually, it never gets enough. Gone are the days when everybody’s braids looked the same. Now, women rock different variations of the same braided hairstyle and this is because box braids are versatile. For instance, you have knotless braids, butterfly braids, bubble braids, braids with beads, etc. And with different varieties of this hairdo popping up every day, it’s almost hard to keep up.

lady rocking black bohemian braids

Now there’s another one on the list: Bohemian box braids. And if I’m not wrong, your reason for being on this page is to know more about this hairdo, including how to achieve and style it. If that’s the case, you’ll find everything you need to know about installing this hairdo in this piece.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What are Bohemian Braids?

Gabrielle Union wearing Bohemian box braids

Bohemian braids are box braids. But this time around, they aren’t the regular braids. They are braids with curly ends and loose/wavy strands braided into the braids to give a soft, fuller, and voluminous look. The curls aren’t completely finished. Usually, your hairstylist braids only the first couple of inches and leaves the rest undone and curly. 

Furthermore, boho braids are protective hairstyles. Wear them when you want to give your natural hair a break from manipulations. Celebrities like Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Lisa Bonet, Brandy, Tessa Thompson, and a host of others have slayed with this hairdo. It’s perfect for any woman, regardless of your fashion style or race. And if you love long, intricate braids, you’ll love the Bohemian braids style.

What’s the Difference Between Goddess Braids and Bohemian Braids?

Pretty lady wearing long boho braids

There’s no difference between goddess braids and bohemian braids. Why? Because they’re the same thing. Goddess braids are box braids with curly hair added along the length of the braids. And that’s bohemian braids too, right?

So if you don’t wanna call this style Bohemian braids, call it goddess braids. It has other names too which include boho braids or gypsy braids. And they’re all the same hairdo. 

Do Bohemian Braids Last Long?

a lady in green rocking her hairdo

How long your braids last depends on your hair type. If you’re a naturalista, don’t expect your braids to last as long as they’ll for those with relaxed hair. But as Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway told Good Morning America:

“The softer your hair, the less time it could last in braid styles. On average, your boho braids can last 3-6 weeks. You do not want to keep braids in too long, causing your hair to lock up with dirt and lint.”

In other news, don’t wear your braids beyond eight weeks to give your hair some break, especially around your edges.

What Do I Need to Install this Hairdo?

a lady taking a mirror selfie showing her blonde bohemian braids

You need at least two packs of attachment hair extensions. This can be Kanekalon, XPression, Darling, Lush Hair, or any hair extension brand you prefer. They can be pre-stretched or regular extensions. Anyone you want is fine.

Also, you need edge control to align your edges. Every other thing you need, your hairstylist would have them.

How to Care for Your Natural Hair While Wearing Bohemian Box Braids?

pretty lady wearing blonde boho braids

Just because you’ve braided your hair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the hair underneath. So while your braids are on, moisturize your hair with a leave-in conditioner spray and lubricate your scalp with hair growth oils so your scalp doesn’t dry out.

Furthermore, remember to wrap your braids down with a scarf or silk bonnet to retain moisture and maintain a neat look for as long as possible.

How to Prep Your Natural Hair Before Getting Goddess Braids?

a lady wearing a pair of sunglasses and showing off her chic curly braids

Before installing these braids, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, detangle, blow dry, and moisturize. This will ensure the installation process will be easy and smooth.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Boho Braids?

a lady in a black top taking a mirror selfie and flaunting her coiffure

This depends on two things: the density of your natural hair and how voluminous you want your braids to be. However, a full head of these braids takes about five to six hours at least.

Types of Boho Braids to Inspire You

a pregnant lady rocking black and blonde gypsy braids

If you’ve made up your mind to wear this hairdo and you need that this-is-it inspo that’ll push you to book your next appointment already, check these out:

Short Bohemian Braids

lady handling her blonde short boho braids

If you don’t want your braids disturbing your back and face all the time, opt for short ones.

back view of brown short bohemian braids

They stop around our neck and shoulders and offer convenience while looking stylish.

Long Bohemian Braids

lady closing her eyes while showing off her long boho braids

Would you like your braids to extend from your shoulders down to your back, waist, or hips? Wear long bohemian box braids.

back view of a lady arranging her long bohemian braids

They’re chic, beautiful, and attractive enough to keep eyes following you.

Colorful Boho Braids

side view of lady rocking blue and purple bohemian braids

How about you use a bright-colored hair extension or mix two or three different colors to install these braids?

black and blonde bohemian box braids

It’s an excellent way to stand out from other girls rocking this coiffure.

Thin Goddess Braids

lady selfie with maroon thin bohemian braids

If you want yours full and light at the same time, ensure your boho box braids are thin.

lady wearing thin goddess braids

They may be small but they’re mighty enough to give you a stunning look.

Bohemian Knotless Braids

lady in a hoodie rocking bohemian knotless braids

If you don’t wanna install your braids using the regular box braids technique, try the knotless method.

a bespectacled lady wearing bohemian knotless braids

It’s more protective and less heavy. You can be sure you won’t lose your edges while trying to look good

Chunky Bohemian Box Braids

back view of chunky bohemian braids

Don’t love your braids thin? Not a problem at all. Jumbo braids got your back.

side view of jumbo bohemian braids

This style is a statement on its own. So, don’t be scared to go for it.

Accessorized Boho Box Braids

a little girl wearing boho braids with hair accessories

Where are your beads, elastic bands, cuffs, barrettes, cowries, and hair clips?

bohemian braids with colorful beads

Bring them on and use them to adorn your boho braids. You’ll love your look.

Feed-in Bohemian Cornrows

lady rocking updo bohemaian braids

Did you know you can transform your cornrows, shuku, Ghana weaving, and stitch braids into goddess braids?

a lady flaunting her feed-in bohemian braids

You just have to install your cornrows with the feed-in technique then add wavy or curly strands to the braids and that’ll be all.

Half Up, Half Down Bohemian Box Braids

back view of half up, half down Bohemian box braids

You can also wear your braids halfway as an updo and leave the rest hanging loose.

side view of half up, half down gypsy box braids

This ponytail style is one you shouldn’t forget to try while restyling your boho box braids.

Boho Braids, Perfect for Any Look

a lady covering her mouth in a picture of her hairstyle

Just because the name is Bohemian doesn’t mean you should think this hairdo is limited to the Bohemian fashion style. That’s not true. You can rock these braids with any outfit whether Western or African traditional attire. And it doesn’t matter your personal style too.

The good thing about this coiffure is it suits any fashion style, whether avant-garde or minimalist. So, go for it if it tickles your style buds. But before you leave, I have one question for you.

Do you love the styles you’ve seen so far? Of course, you do. They’re beautiful enough, don’t you think? But hold on a second. You’ll love these ones more:

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