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44 Braids with Beads Hairstyles Every Gorgeous Lady Should Wear

African braids are attachment hairstyles that never go out of style. From cornrows to shuku, box braids, knotless braids, and what have you, these styles remain evergreen. But there’s something else they have in common: you can tweak them to become braids with beads or curls when you get bored of your regular ends.

Besides giving you a different look, adorning your braids with beads enhances the beauty of your hairstyle.

Think back to when you were a little girl. What was the number one accessory your mom used in adorning your hair? Beads, eh?

Remember how you’d shake your head anytime you wore this hairstyle so the beads could jiggle? Recall how the colorful rubber bands secured and complemented your beaded hair accessory.

How alluring you must have been as a little girl.

Now, you’re an adult. I don’t expect you to shake your head every second so your beads jiggle and make a sound. But if you want to add more details to your braids and make a style statement, accessorizing with cute beads is the way to go. You’ll find inspiration in this post.

Just keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

How to Wear Braids with Beads

fair lady rocking multi color beads on her braids

To achieve this coiffure, your hairstylist will first install your braids, then attach the beads to them at the ends of your hair. They’ll also use a rubber band to secure the beads to your hair or singe the tips of your hair extension after putting the beads.

Another thing to note about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to use those colorful beads you used as a child.

You’ve grown past them. Besides, they may give you a childlike look that won’t suit your personality.

So, go for cool, regal beads. Neutral-colored ones will work better. And they can be of any size so long as it suits your taste.

Furthermore, these beads come in different shapes. For instance, you can get cowries beads, oval beads, round beads, etc. Whichever shape they come in, they’ll do justice in adding accents to your hair.

Types of Braids with Beads

beautiful lady rocking beaded braids outside

Ready to go install this hairdo? Choose from these types of braids with beads:

1. Box Braids with Beads

lady wearing mixed color box braids with beads

Adorn your box braids with beads that further make you a cynosure of all eyes when you turn up. They’re cute and will surely jiggle without your effort.

lady rocking brown box braids with beads
lady rocking beaded box braids

2. Beaded Feed-in Braids 

lady rocking feed-in braids with beads

Thinking of wearing Ghana weaving or stitch braids? Get beads from a beauty store and give them to your hairstylist to add more accents to your hair.

lady rocking big feed-in braids with beads
smiling lady rocking beaded feed-in braids

3. Cornrows with Beads

beautiful lady rocking stylish cornrows with beads

Is it the regular straight cornrows, zigzag, two-step, updo, side cornrows, or anyone you have in mind? Adorn them with beads. You’ll love the results.

lady wearing cornrows with beads
lady rocking pink cornrows with beads

4. Beaded Shuku

lady wearing shuku with beads

Your braided ponytails aren’t left out. Beautify your shuku braids with beads that give people the impression is your coiffure is sublime.

smiling lady wearing shuku braids with beads
lady wearing up-do shuku with beads

5. Beaded Knotless Braids 

fair lady wearing knotless braids with local beads

This hairstyle isn’t just known to protect your hair from breakage. You can also adorn your knotless braids with beads for more beauty effects.

lady rocking knotless braids with white beads
lady rocking knotless braids with beads

6. Short Braids with Beads

pretty fair lady wearing beaded short braids

Beads also work with short braids. They’ll add more volume to your hair.

lady wearing short braids with beads
lady wearing short braids with beads outside

7. Long Beaded Braids

lady wearing long braids with white beads

When you add hair accessories like beads to your long braids, you become a showstopper without trying hard.

lady wearing long braids with white and pink beads
lady wearing long braids with beads

8. Colorful Beaded Braids

lady wearing colorful braids with beads

Colored braids are already standout. Imagine adding beads to yours? An easy way to become a become statement, you bet.

lady wearing colorful braids with beads
lady rocking lemon braids with beads

9. Tiny/Chunky Beaded Braids

lady wearing tiny braids with colorful beads

Adorn your tiny or chunky braids with beads. The accessories will add more volume to your coiffure and you’ll become an effortless epitome of African beauty.

pretty lady wearing medium braids with hair accessories
lady rocking chunky braids with beads


10. Beaded Bantu Knots

lady rocking Bantu knots with colorful beads

To achieve this one, leave some braids dangling by the sides of your head. They’ll give your Bantu knots more details and an illusion of different textures. 

lady with gold chain wearing Bantu knots with beads

Then add your beads to create a magazine-worthy beautiful finish. 

lady with makeup rocking Bantu knots with beads

11. Beaded Afro

pretty lady wearing afro with beads

Are you a naturalista who doesn’t like to spend much time in the salon? Wear an afro hairstyle with braids by the side. Top it up by attaching beads to them so that when they dangle, your beauty resonates.

lady wearing afro hairstyle with hair accessories

And that’s a wrap for beaded braids. But before you head for the salon, remember tight braids can ruin your entire hairstyle. So, when you talk to your hairstylist, be sure to remind them you don’t want your braids too tight lest you should lose your edges.

smiling lady wearing braided afro with beads

But if you talk to them and still end up with tight braids, we have a resource to help you relieve pain from tight braids. Check it out and learn.

And if you’ll like to do that later, continue to feed your eyes on these cute braids with beads:

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