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45 Gorgeous Cornrows Hairstyles for Beautiful Ladies

Need a hairstyle that’s simple yet bold enough to enhance your beauty? You’ll definitely love the cornrows hairstyles in this post.

Just keep reading as we show you.

What are Cornrows Hairstyles?

lady with cornrows with beads

Otherwise known as canerows, cornrows hairstyles involves braiding the hair very close to the scalp in an underhand, upward motion to achieve a continuous, raised row. They are mostly done in straight lines, however, there are modern tweaks to the style which can be in the form of zigzags, updos, curves or any other style.

Furthermore, cane rows also serve as the base technique for other hairdos. For instance, it is used for Ghana weaving, installing crochets, installing weaves, etc. It is also worn to make your wigs sit perfectly on your head while protecting your hair underneath. Moreso, this hairdo isn’t just among the types of African braids. It is as well one of the protective hairstyles that spur hair growth. 

One beautiful thing about cornrows is that it suits both genders. So, if you’re a man reading this and you love to braid your hair, you can also choose from the cornrow hairstyles in this post.

Benefits of Cornrows Hairstyles

smiling lady in all back cornrows

1. Versatility

This hairstyle is versatile. You can achieve it with or without hair extensions. And to make it more beautiful, there are always hair accessories to adorn it. Moreover, your cornrows don’t have to be straight all the time. You can go for the various designs of cornrows hairstyles which we’ll show you in this post.

2. Easy to Install

Compared to other styles of braids, this hairstyle doesn’t take much time to achieve. Depending on the number you want to be installed and the technique involved, you can get it done within an hour or less. 

In other words, you don’t have to spend the whole day at the salon when you choose this style. There’ll be enough time to get your hair done and attend to other important issues.

3. They are Suitable for All

Whether you’re old or young, male or female, you can rock cornrows hairstyles. This is because this hairstyle doesn’t discriminate at all. It is unisex and transcends the barrier of age. 

4. You Don’t Have to Spend Much

As stated earlier, you can either use hair extensions to achieve this hairstyle or stick to your natural hair. Whichever one you go for, you still won’t have to break the bank to install cornrows. 

How Long Do Cornrow Braids Last?

close of cornrow hairstyle

If you maintain your hair well, this hairstyle will last for about six to eight weeks. Anything above that will hamper the health of your hair. For instance, if you let your cornrows braids stay longer than eight weeks, it will not only look rough and unkempt. It will also hinder the sebum on your scalp from spreading to your hair. And in return, you suffer breakage, dandruff and other hair maladies.

Are Cornrow Braids Bad for Your Hair?

lady wearing brown cornrows with beads

No, cornrow braids aren’t bad for your hair. They are protective hairstyles that spur hair growth and prevent breakage. However, if you don’t pay attention where due, you may regret opting for this hairdo.

For instance, you should ensure your hairstylist doesn’t pick your braids tightly. If this happens, you could lose your edges in the process if you don’t know how to relieve pain from tight braids

How to Maintain Cornrows Hairstyles

pretty lady with cornrows hairdo

To ensure your cornrows last long without harming your hair, do the following:

1. Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

To do this, you have to wear satin hair bonnets or use a satin pillowcase. This will help to retain moisture in your hair. It’ll also prevent your hair from looking rough quickly. 

2. Condition and Moisturise Regularly

 You have to do this before and after getting your hair done. You can use any of the natural oils for hair growth to moisturise your scalp or use a leave-in conditioner. 

3. Take Them Off When It’s Time

Cornrows hairstyles aren’t dreadlocks and as such you shouldn’t keep them way too long. This is also how you maintain it so as not to affect your hair.

Latest Cornrow Hairstyles You Should Try Out Right Away

slim lady in cornrow hairstyle

1. Straight Cornrow Braids

lady rocking all-back cornrows

This is the most common of them. They go all the way to the back of your head. Little wonder cornrows are sometimes called all-back. There are no designs to it. They are simply straight and of course, beautiful.

close up of all-back cornrows
lady wearing all-back cornrows in bikini

2. Two-step Cornrows

Temi Otedola rocking two-step cornrows hairstyle with accessories

This style is similar to number one only that it comes as two sets of cornrows on your head.

lady wearing two-step cornrows
smiling lady in two step cornrows with beads

3. Updo Cornrow Braids

a lady wearing updo cornrows as shuku

Yes, you’re right. Shuku is also one of the cornrows hairstyles you should rock this minute.

lady wearing updo cornrows
back view of updo cornrows style

4. Feed-in Cornrows

lady in gold feed-in cornrows

Ghana weaving, stitch braids and other types of cornrows that involve feeding in braids in each line fall under this category.

lady wearing feed-in cornrow style
lady wearing side view of feed-in cornrows

5. Coloured Cornrows

lady wearing gold all-back cornrows with shades

Rather than stick to black, you can also use other colours of hair extensions to achieve this style. It’ll give you a vibrant and bold look

back view of white all-back cornrows
lady wearing gold and white cornrows

6. Cornrows with Parting

pretty lady with parting cornrows styles

This is an elevation to the straight cornrow braids. The parting can either be at the side or in the centre. It helps to frame your facial features better.

lady wearing center part cornrows hairstyle
back view of a parted cornrows

7. Minimal Cornrows

lady wearing minimal cornrows with blue shirt

If you want something that won’t take so much of your time, opt for this particular one. Just make sure your hair is long enough to be braided into only two to five chunky cornrows. In addition, know for sure that this one won’t stay too long.

lady wearing minimal cornrows

8. Side Cornrows

pretty smiling lady wearing side cornrows with accessories

Here, instead of your braids falling straight to the back, it goes to the side.

lady wearing side cornrows
lady in black top wearing side cornrows hairstyle

9. Cornrows Braids Without Extensions

lady wearing cornrows without extensions

If you want to look simple or maybe you need something to protect your hair while you rock your wigs, braid your hair into cornrows without using hair extensions. It’ll give you this schoolgirl look.

lady wearing natural cornrows
Alicia Keys wearing no-extensions cornrows

10. Inverted Cornrows

side view of didi cornrows style

This is also known as didi. The difference between this and the traditional cornrows is that you do it as though you are weaving your hair inside out.

lady wearing did hairstyle
close up back view of didi cornrows

11. Curly/Wavy Cornrows

lady rocking curly cornrows

Any of the aforementioned hairstyles can give you this. You just have to make the tips wavy or curly to add more accents to it.

lady in curly cornrows and jeans jacket
lady in curly cornrows hairstyle

12. Zigzag

Alicia Keys wearing her signature zigzag cornrows hairstyle

Here, you braid your hair into different lines or paths that proceed by sharp turns in alternating directions.

lady rocking zigzag cornrows hairstyle
lady wearing zigzag cornrows

As you decide on the cornrows hairstyles to go for, don’t forget to adorn your hair with beads, cowries, headband, gold cuffs and anything else that’ll further elevate your hairdo. Remember your hair is your crown. So, wear it with pride.

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