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30 Show-stopping Ankara and Organza Styles You Should Wear

Anytime you wear ankara, you deserve to look beautiful and flawless in them. You deserve to stand out with your style and make it to the catalogues of social media and fashion blogs. One way to achieve this is by choosing from the ankara styles for women. They’ll show you how to stand out in ankara even if your choice is ankara and organza styles.

Speaking of ankara and organza combination, these styles are one great way to mix and match your African fabric. And since both fabrics are usually of different textures, they give your outfit a balanced look.

Let’s dive in to see the ankara and organza styles to make beautiful native attires.

What is Organza?

lady wearing organza top with ankara skirt

Organza is a lightweight, translucent fabric that is made from silk, fibre, polyester and nylon. This fabric is delicate and has been used times without number for wedding gowns, sheer tops, evening wear, bags, costumes, home decor, etc. 

To recognize quality organza, check for the holes. The more holes per inch, the higher the quality of the fabric.

Features of Organza

2 ladies in ankara and organza dresses

To recognise organza fabric, look out for the following characteristics:

1. Lightweightness

Organza fabric is thin and not in any way heavy. The yarns are usually twisted tightly before it is woven so as to create a transparent look. Furthermore, since it’s thin, this fabric is breathable. Just as light passes through, air also passes through this fabric. This means that you can wear your Ankara and organza combination whenever the weather is hot.

2. Transparency

This fabric is usually see-through because the weaves have holes. This makes it possible for light to pass through the fabric. And this in turn gives it a beautiful look.

3. Stiffness

Since the yarns are usually treated with acid before weaving, this fabric feels a bit stiff. Although it doesn’t flow like silk, it is still a good option for drapes.

4. Delicateness

Organza fabric is very delicate and as such, it wrinkles and tears easily. That’s why it’s mostly sewn with other fabrics as a form of layering. Hence, you should always handle your organza clothes with care.

Types of Organza Fabric

lady wearing oganza mixed with African fabric dress

To achieve the ankara and organza styles, use any of these types of organza fabric:

1. Satin Organza

This type of organza looks as shiny as satin fabric yet it still has the drapey and crispy feel of organza.

2. Embroidered Organza

This organza comes with decorations such as sequins, rhinestones, etc., to elevate the basic look of the fabric.

3. Crystal Organza

This is the most popular type of this fabric. It is lightweight, soft and shines subtly. It is often used for bridal gowns and interior decor.

4. Shot Organza

This one has a multicoloured finish because different colours of threads are used as the weft or warp. 

5. Mirror Organza

This one is made from polyester. It has more sheen than other types of organza and reflects light better.

6. Crushed Organza

This type is usually creased and crinkled so as to make it appear wrinkled.

Ankara and Organza Combination for Stylish Ladies

2 ladies wearing ankara and organza long dresses

If you are a stylish lady who loves to make a good impression with whatever she wears, you’ll most definitely love these ankara and organza styles. They depict textures and are très chic enough to make you comfortable and confident whenever you wear them.

For instance, you can add your organza to your Ankara dress as ruffles. Or maybe you let the sleeves and hems be organza.

You can as well rock organza tops with Ankara Bottoms or do the combo in any way you deem fit. 

Check out these styles for inspiration:

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