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How to Apply Perfume: Tips to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

If you’re like most people, your perfume is most likely the last thing you wear. And as such, you hardly think about how you apply perfume. You just spritz it here and there and get going. But there’s more to wearing perfume than meets the eye especially if you want your fragrance to last longer. 

Keep reading this article. We’ll show you the right tips on how to apply perfume so your scent lasts longer.

Common Terms Related to Fragrance

  • Top notes: This is the first scent you smell after wearing your perfume. Top notes fade quickly.
  • Middle notes: This is the scent that develops after the top notes fade.
  • Base notes: This scent that lasts longer than the rest. It is the one that lingers around you hours after spraying your perfume.

How to Apply Perfume and Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

1. Spray Instead of Rubbing

spraying perfume

When applying perfume, some people rub instead of spraying and this is wrong. When you rub perfume on your skin, the friction created produces enzymes that change the scent. It breaks down the molecules present in the perfume and weakens its smell. This in turn makes the top notes of the perfume fade and evaporate before they even settle on your skin.

Instead, spritz your wrists with the perfume but don’t do anything at all. Just let the liquid sink into your skin. This way, the perfume mixes with your skin’s natural oils and the scent lasts longer.

2. Apply Directly on Your Skin

Lady applying perfume on her skin

Your skin acts as a good surface for your perfume to work better. You can as well rub your body cream or lotion before wearing your perfume. This will make the fragrance bind easily to the oil on your skin.

When spraying on your body, the nozzle of the perfume should be at least 5-7 inches away from your body and don’t forget tip one.

3. Spray on Pulse Points

spraying perfume on the wrist

Your pulse points are parts of your body where blood vessels are close to your skin. They include necklines, collarbones, below your belly button, behind your earlobes, behind the knees, inner elbows, etc.

These points usually have more heat that help to diffuse scent. And since heat seeps into air, when you wear your perfume on these pulse points, your fragrance will be more pronounced.

Furthermore, remember not to rub your skin when you spray perfume. And give it some time to dry off before wearing your clothes unless of course you’re in a hurry.

4. Spray Your Clothes with Perfume

spraying perfume on a blue shirt

You should also wear perfume on your clothes. The fibres in your clothes can hold fragrances for a long time even when you wash them. However, while spraying on your clothes, be careful because some perfumes can cause watermarks on your clothes. You don’t need tell-tale signs of perfume on your clothes, do you?

5. Use Wipes to Get Rid of Scents

cleaning perfume scent

Another tip on how to apply perfume is to use wipes to get rid of scent. If you’re trying out scents and you want to get rid of the one you don’t want, use makeup wipes to do this. It’ll help you do the job faster.

6. Preserve Your Perfume Well

storing perfume well

How you preserve your perfume also matters. If you keep your perfume in a hot place or somewhere close to the sun, the heat will damage its chemical composition. This will change the smell of the perfume and give you a fragrance that you no longer appreciate.

Furthermore, don’t leave it in your bathroom so heat and water vapour don’t change its composition or reduce its shelf life. Instead, store your perfume in a cool, dark and dry place void of sunlight. You can as well keep it in the box it came with while in a cool place.

There you go with the tips on how to apply perfume. But do you know that there are other things about perfumes you don’t know about? The good news is that we’ve written about them. So, go ahead and read our article on everything you need to know about perfumes.


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