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11 Latest Hairstyles for Black Women

A woman may take care of her skin, wear nice clothes and some pretty makeup too. But if her hair isn’t in good shape, her beauty won’t be well pronounced. This is why many ladies opt for the latest hairstyles to enhance their look.

Sometimes, making a choice for your hairdo can be quite tasking. You check Instagram, you check Pinterest and you even check blogs. Moreover, since many hairstyles abound the hair scene, it is most likely that you get confused about which to settle for.

And that’s not the only issue too.

Finding the right hairstylist who’d deliver the latest hairstyles without inflicting pains on you doesn’t happen all the time. But when you do find one, make sure you keep them close.

Latest Hairstyles for African Women

lady in big braids

African Women have been blessed with their unique hair texture which makes it easy for any form of manipulation. From African braids to human hair weaves, there’s so much to choose from. 

In this post, we didn’t just include any hairstyle. We made sure each coiffure that made it to this list is protective enough to spur your hair growth and protect your hairline.

Let’s get to business already.

1. Cornrows

lady wearing cornrows with beads

This hairstyle is virtually always in vogue. It’s the regular option when you want to rock your wig. Besides that, you can always add hair extensions to achieve cornrow braids.

lady with long cornrows

It simply involves using an underhand upward motion to braid your hair very close to the scalp. This will create a continuous row of straight lines on your head.

2. Braided Updo 

shuku with a bun

Otherwise known as Shuku, this is one of the latest hairstyles that never go out of style. To achieve this hairstyle, you braid your hair into updo cornrows to create a hump on your head. 

back view of a shuku with a bun

Shuku hairstyles are really beautiful. Just like cornrows, you can have them done in any length and adorn them with hair accessories too.

3. Stitch Braids

pretty lady wearing stitch braids with two buns

If you’re thinking of how you can make your braids and cornrows unique without using accessories, try stitch braids. 

This hairstyle is very unique. It is a technique of braiding that involves the feed-in technique.

back view of a stitch braids with a single bun
Hairdo by Queen of Braids

To achieve this hairstyle, you section the hair into thin or thick horizontal lines with hair. Then you braid the lines into cornrows. Each of these lines runs parallel to the main one.

Stitch braids are super cool. The space from the sectioned lines always looks beautiful as they add more details to your traditional braids.

4. Knotless Braids

lady in big knotless braids with beads

These latest hairstyles are box braids made with the feed-in technique. To achieve it, your hairstylist braids your natural hair from the roots before attaching extensions to it.

Go for this hairstyle if you want something that isn’t as painful as traditional braids. You just have to be ready to dedicate time to it.

lady with knotless braids

Furthermore, there are many ways to tweak your knotless braids. For instance, you can curl the tips or opt for jumbo knotless braids.

5. Box Braids

lady in big box braids

Box braids will help your hair grow well. It’s a protective hairstyle that comprises square-shaped divisions on the head.

back view of thin box braids on a lady

This style is really popular as it has been existing for a long time. You can have thin or chunky box braids and curl the tips if you want too.

6. Faux Locs

lady with red faux locs

These latest hairstyles are economical and commitment-free. They aren’t real dreadlocks per se, but they give the illusion of one. 

lady with black faux locs

If you love dreadlocks but don’t have the energy to maintain it, opt for this style. You can wear it for about four to six weeks and loosen it anytime you want.

In addition, faux locs come in different colours and sizes. So make your choice and go for it.

7. Ponytail

front view of a lady with ponytail hairstyle

Need a coiffure that’ll promote your facial features? Try a ponytail. This hairstyle is really cute. To look more beautiful, use long human hair weaves so your hair can hang freely at the back like the tail of a pony.

side view of a lady with pony tails

This style involves pulling some or most of your hair off your face. Afterwards you secure them at the back of your head with a hair clip or tie. 

Your ponytail can be high or low. Just go for what you want but be sure to maintain it with hair gel or edge control.

8. Low Cut

pretty lady rocking silver lowcut hair

If you wanna give your hair some break, opt for this hairstyle. These latest hairstyles are versatile because you can choose from any of the haircuts for women to achieve it.

lady with a haircut

Furthermore, you can as well colour your hair if you want something different from your natural hair colour after cutting it.  However, you should always remember that there are disadvantages that make up the reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair.

Regardless, just do what suits you. You’ll always be beautiful.

9. Ghana Weaving

beautiful lady wearing Ghana weaving

Ghana weaving is also a good option to highlight your facial features. It is achieved through the feed-in technique too. However, you should be careful if this is your choice.

lady rocking Ghana weaving

This is because if your hairstylist picks your hair too tight, it’ll cause much pressure on your scalp. And in return, you’ll lose your hairline in the process.

You can opt for any style of Ghana weaving be it cornrows, updo, double bun, two-step, etc.  And don’t forget to get good hair extensions plus the necessary patience to sit while your hairstylist is at work.

10. Butterfly Braids/Locs

smiling lady wearing butterfly locs

Butterfly Braids are beautiful. And they require little maintenance too. If you don’t want the braid options, you can go for butterfly locs. You’ll still look as beautiful as you intend to be.

back view of lady wearing butterfly braids

11. Senegalese Twists

lady in Senegalese twists sipping Coca Cola

Need braids that are easy to loosen? This is a good option. Plus they require little maintenance and take less time to do.

lady rocking thin Senegalese twists

Now that you know the latest hairstyles which of them are you opting for? Whatever your choice is, never forget to use these natural hair growth tips. They’ll guide you on how to maintain your natural and relaxed hair easily to spur growth.

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