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Xtacy Conspired Unveils Debut Collection Tagged The Ace Kollezion

Young and budding designer, Xtacy Conspired is ready for a new era as the brand drops their first collection tagged, The Ace Kollezion.

The collection features an eclectic range of day and night outfits for every man.

It chronicles a lifestyle relating to love for alté, timeless and stylish designs made with love and a high level of artistry.

Modeled by music artist Ike Chuks and choreographer Don Flexx, the pieces offer vibrant, appealing colorful crepe fabric, artistic prints and flock designs.

According to the designer Dimeji:

“Most of the artistic works on the outfits are obtained from a diverse compilation of the brand’s aesthetics. So, we decided to create designs that suit every form and class. At Xtacy Conspired, we don’t settle with regular, we like to stand out.”


The Ace Kollezion is now available at Xtacy Conspired outlet in Lagos and online.


Designer: @xtacy_conspired
Muses: @ikechuksofficial @donflexx
Photography: @ayoalasi
PR: @moafricapr

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