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Latest Ankara Top Styles Every Lady Should Wear

Sometimes dressing up can be stressful. If you don’t want to wear a dress, you have to battle with the right bottoms and tops. They don’t just have to fit. They have to complement each other too. This happened to me a couple of days ago. And as I rummaged my wardrobe for the perfect top to pair with my jeans, my eyes fell on one of the latest ankara tops I have. And that was how it saved me from confusion.

African fashion comes with many things in the package. From ebony models to skillful designers and beautiful fabrics that never run out of style, we just can’t get enough of it. 

lady wearing ankara top with ruffled sleeves

And as we celebrate the versatility of African fashion, there’s one prominent textile we shouldn’t put away.


This print is no longer a must-have but also a game-changer. Even when we feel like we’ve had enough of ankara, many purposes spring from it. For instance, apart from wearing it during social events as ankara aso ebi, some schools have adapted ankara uniforms too.

lady wearing high-low ankara top in snow

Not to even mention the latest ankara styles that saturate the fashion scene in form of two-pieces, suits, jumpsuits, palazzo, Ankara earrings, Ankara shoes, bags and others.

Today’s for the latest ankara tops every lady should own. They wouldn’t be what every lady should own if they weren’t worth it.

So, let’s go ahead and see them.

10 Latest Ankara Tops for Stylish Ladies

smiling lady in peplum top

Thinking of the right top to pair with your skirts and trousers? Why don’t you go African with it? You can start by checking out these latest ankara tops:

1. Ankara Smock Top

These are the latest ankara tops made with the smocking technique. That is, the fabric is sewn and gathered with a smock thread so it can stretch. Smock tops are cool mostly because they always fit. Even when you put on some weight, they’ll stretch to accommodate you.

lady wearing ankara smock top with jeans

2. Ruffle Top

smiling lady wearing ruffle ankara top

This one usually comes with ruffles or frills that are most times layered around the top. The ruffles could be around the sleeves or the bodice. 

lady wearing long sleeves ankara top

Ankara ruffle tops are stylish pieces you really should add to your clique of clothes.

3. High-Low Top

lady wearing ankara side high-low top with black leggings

Ankara high-low tops are a thing. While the front view is usually short or like a crop top, the back usually extends to the knees or beyond.

smiling lady wearing ankara high low top with a hat and glasses

If this isn’t fashionable then I don’t know what is.

4. Ankara Shirts

smiling lady wearing ankara shirt and skirt taking a mirror photo

These are tops sewn in the style of a shirt with buttons, long or short sleeves and a collar. For a formal office wear look, don’t forget to go for this particular latest ankara tops.

lady wearing ankara shirt and skirt

5. Peplum Top

lady wearing fine ankara peplum top

This is a major choice for a formal look. It usually has a short, gathered fabric attached at the waist. This way, the top flares out and helps to hide unsightly features like belly fat. 

lady wearing ankara peplum top with jeans

6. Strapless Top

lady wearing strapless ankara top with matching skirt

These latest ankara tops do not have sleeves. They are usually tight around the breasts and wrap your torso well enough. They are fashionable pieces you can pair with layers if you aren’t comfortable flaunting your bare shoulders.

lady wearing strapless ankara top

7. Ankara Crop Top

lady wearing ankara crop to with matching skirt

These tops are usually short. They are made with the sole purpose of flaunting the stomach. So, if your stomach is flat and you want to flaunt it, go for ankara crop tops. They can be of any neckline with or without sleeves.

lady wearing native crop top with matching short skirt

8. Ankara Top with Statement Details 

2 ladies rocking statement ankara tops and skirts

If you want to stop the show with your ankara top, go for these styles. They usually come with details that help you stand out such as voluminous sleeves, flaps, frills, extra layers of fabrics, etc.

ankara statement top

9. Ankara Mix and Match Top

lady wearing mix print peplum top

You can as well play with fabrics to arrive at any of these latest ankara tops. For instance, you can mix two or more ankara fabrics together or settle for another fabric entirely such as lace, organza, net, etc., to mix and match.

lady wearing mixed fabric ankara top

10. Ankara Off-Shoulder Top

lady in off-shoulder ankara top with matching palazzo pants

Just like sleeveless tops, bardot tops are very good at flaunting your shoulders. These tops usually have the sleeves below the shoulders as the name implies. 

smiling lady wearing ankara top with skirt

Your off-shoulder top can incorporate other latest ankara tops styles. In fact, every top listed here can borrow features from one another. That’s the beauty of it.

Another beautiful thing about these latest ankara tops is that you can wear them to just anywhere. Be it to church, hangout or to the office. Regardless of the style, you will still achieve your desired look.

lady wearing ankara long sleeves shirt with jeans

For instance, if your choice is the off-shoulder top, you can pair it with a blazer or kimono to work along with your skirt or pants and still look good.

So, while you settle for these styles. Never forget to make sure you look stylish while rocking them. To help you do that flawlessly, check out the latest ankara styles for women, you will see how to stand out in ankara.

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