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Latest Ankara Aso Ebi Styles for Your Next Owambe

Remember what we say about the Ankara fabric? That it’s one versatile textile you can rock to virtually anywhere. Asides using it as an additional piece to your wardrobe, it can also be used as a uniform for social occasions. This is when the latest Ankara Aso ebi styles become necessary.

 Do you have an upcoming ceremony? Is it a wedding, funeral or a festival? Is there a specific Ankara fabric you’re to wear to show solidarity to the celebrants? Do you want to slay with this fabric?

If yes, this post was specifically written for you.

So, don’t stop here at all.

Keep reading because you’re about to see the latest Ankara Aso ebi styles you can wear to slay at your next Owambe (social occasion).

But first, how about we look at the meaning of Aso ebi so when next you say it, you’ll be sure you know what it means.

What is Aso Ebi?

lady wearin stylish ankara aso ebi long gown

Aso ebi in Yoruba means family cloth. It refers to a uniform garment usually worn in Nigerian and other West African cultures to show solidarity and camaraderie during social gatherings.

The literal meaning, family cloth, explains why family, friends, relatives and other associates of hosts wear Aso ebi during ceremonies.

Nowadays, Aso ebi is not exclusive to the Yoruba culture alone. Other West African cultures now incorporatte the uniform dressing culture to spice up their social occasions.

The purpose of this garment goes beyond self-identification during events. It now serves as a means to add colour and display affluence and stylishness during ceremonies.

What is Ankara Aso Ebi

woman waering ankara aso ebi peplum top and skirt

This is simply an Ankara fabric worn as uniform during ceremonies. Depending on the hosts, any fabric can be used for Aso ebi but the common ones are lace, George and Ankara.

Latest Ankara Aso Ebi Styles to Help You Slay in Your Next Occasion

lady wearing ankara aso ebi off-shoulder gown

Weddings aren’t the only ceremonies you have to wear Aso ebi to. Anyone hosting a ceremony, mostly traditional, may decide to use a particular textile as the uniform for the day.

And since almost everyone at the party will be wearing the same colour and print of fabric, to stand out, you have to make sure everything else is on fleek.

Victoria Willie wearing ankara aso ebi to and long skirt

That is, the style you sew, your gele, your hairdo, shoes, accessories and makeup have to be really really on fleek.

Don’t go too far to achieve this.

The perfect style inspo you need to create your next owambe look is all in this post. So, go ahead and feast your eyes on these latest Ankara Aso ebi styles for you.

lady in ankara jumpsuit with glasses

They range from dresses to trousers, jumpsuits, skirts and what have you. And to make your choice more beautiful, spice it up with net, embroidery and other fabrics.

Soon enough, we’ll show you inspiration for lace Aso ebi too. But for the meantime…

Babe, you gats slay. No dull yourself at all.

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