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How to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Without Falling Prey

Back in 2018 during the World Cup, it wasn’t long after Nigeria released her new jersey that Aba boys decided to make their version. While celebrities and others of the rich class got the original Nike Super Eagles jersey, others settled for the counterfeit. This they did for either of these reasons: they probably couldn’t afford the original one or they didn’t know how to spot fake designer clothes.

Let me give you another trip down memory lane.

Remember when some group of young people began wearing neon Balenciaga? It became worse when a supposed couple wore Agbada and Iro and Buba made with a fabric that had Balenciaga inscribed all over.

Denola Grey in designer clothes

While we cannot possibly chase away fake products from the market, we can help ourselves by learning how to spot fake designer clothes. This way, we differentiate the fake from the original.

This applies not only to your fashion items but also to your phones and other gadgets.

Why People Wear Fake Designer Clothes

lady rocking designer clothes with Gucci belt

Hopefully, one day, we’ll talk about what people gain in producing fake things or why they do that in the first place. But for now, let’s see why people wear fake designer products in the first place.

They are Cheaper

As stated in the first paragraph of this post, some people opt for fake products because they are cheaper than the original ones. That is, they forget that cheapness doesn’t assure quality. And as such, the products end up not lasting long.

What people don’t understand is that, most of the time, those who wear original designers don’t do so because of the prestige it comes with. Rather, they do so because they see it as a durable investment.

They Don’t Care if it’s Real or Counterfeit

Some people, out of ignorance, don’t give a damn about what they wear. They can’t even tell if it’s designers they are wearing; let alone know if it’s fake or real. They just wear clothes for the sake of covering their body. That’s all. They don’t have time.

Some even consider it awkward to spend money to acquire a fashion item when they can always buy it way lesser.

That’s easier; so much easier.

But we must consider the fact that these brands didn’t get to where they currently are in a day. It took them years and years of consistency to build the reputation others are trying to clone. If you buy fake designer products, you only succeed in trying to undermine their effort which you don’t even eventually undermine.

If you can’t have the real deal, why settle for less? Why not go for something else instead?

Let me rephrase.

If you can’t have a real iPhone, why settle for a fake one when you can buy a good Android phone and feel good.


They Just Want to Follow Trends and Feel Among

Another reason why people buy and wear fake designer fashion items is because of the pressure to follow trends.

For instance, a lady sees that many Instagram celebrities now rock Gucci fanny pack. She goes ahead to get one for herself not minding if it’s the real or fake one. Even if she knows it’s fake, she doesn’t care because she’s ready to fake it to make it.

This way, she has succeeded in being trendy to feel among. So, when she dresses for the gram, everyone will know she’s a current babe.

This is good but it doesn’t change the fact that she is a fake current babe. The real current babes buy original designers. And thanks to God, different designers have different price tags. If your pick is too expensive, settle for a designer that suits your pocket.

They Have No Idea They are Buying Counterfeit

On the other hand, there are people who buy and wear fake designer fashion items without knowing they are fake.

 Some of them even buy these products at outrageous prices without realising that they are being cheated. And when they realise the seller only succeeded in pulling a fast one on them, it becomes too late.

 This happens as a result of the fact that they don’t know how to spot fake designer clothes. Most times, the fake looks so much like the original that it becomes difficult to spot the difference.

 If you fall under this category, this article was specifically written for you.

 Therefore, just so you don’t get cheated, keep reading to see the tips on how to identify authentic fashion items. 

How to Spot Fake Designer Clothes

Cardi B rocking original designer outfit with black Gucci bag

When it comes to inauthentic products, the more popular the brand is, the more likely it is to be copied. This explains why you see many fake Gucci, Versace, Balenciaga and the likes all about you.

Some may argue that if you shop for it in a boutique, then it’s original. If you believe that fallacy, you are only misleading yourself. This is because some boutiques pose to actually sell original designer clothes whereas they are mere counterfeit products.

Hence, to ensure that you spend your money on the exact value you want, this article will show you how to spot fake designer clothes. This way, you never get cheated when you go shopping.

1. Look at the Fabric

The fabric of original items are usually original. That is, there are no tears, tips, pulls or frays unless they are part of the design.

To further prove their authenticity, some designers print their logo on the inner part of the fabric. You can as well check for this detail so you are rest assured that it’s the real one.

Comparing original and fake white Lacoste shirts

Every brand has a logo. It is one of their means of identification. However, the counterfeit market has succeeded in duplicating everything including logos which are supposed to be original.

How then do you identify real ones?

Top brands usually stamp their logo on their products, including the buttons, zippers, price tags, etc. Some also have a metal or leather logo. Furthermore, there is this look of precision on the logo.

That is, for instance, if a particular high-end brand has a dot as part of the components of its logo, all its products will have that dot. So when you see a supposed designer product without that dot, know that it’s counterfeit.

Furthermore, the placement of the logo is another way to know how to spot designer clothes. For example, if a particular brand places its logo upside down and you see a product with the logo placed right, then it isn’t from them.

3. Check for the Leather

Fake and original Timberland boots compared

One of the easiest tips on how to spot real designer clothes or items is by checking to see whether or not it is made from real leather.

Designer goods usually use real leather whereas counterfeit settle for fake leather. To use this too, you have to first know how to spot real leather.

Real leather has an irregular texture with a subtle leather smell. On the other hand, fake leather has a smooth surface, looks shiny and smells like chemicals.

To illustrate, when you pick up the item, run your hands over the surface. If it goes consistently smooth and looks glossy, it’s fake.

4. Observe the Stitches

comparing original and fake jeans

It is no new fact that authentic fashion items come with neat stitches and finishing. If you think otherwise, do you suppose a big brand like Fenty will afford to send out clothes with rough stitches to the market?

Of course not! That will only tarnish their brand reputation.

So, when you see a supposed designer label item with untidy stitches, know this and know peace: it is fake.

5. Check the Buttons

Original designer products usually have the logo engraved on the buttons which are always neatly sewn. Counterfeit don’t have the time to ensure such precision. They just use any button and attach to the product.

Hence, next time you see a Gucci shirt. Check the Buttons too. If Gucci isn’t written on them, forget it. It’s fake.

6. Spelling

I’m pretty sure this rings a bell. How many times have you spotted a “Balenciaca” or “Adides” T-shirt or sneakers?

Obviously, the manufacturers, who hardly pay attention to details, forgot to cross-check the name of the brand they decided to clone.

This tip is easy and can help you identify a real product ASAP. Original fashion items come with accuracy in the details from stitches to logo, price tags and other design components. No designer who loves their brand will spell their name wrongly and release the product into the market.

That should guide you.

7. Price

stylish lady wearing stylish outfit with designer bag

We all know high-end fashion doesn’t come cheap. So if you see a supposed designer piece whose price is too good to be true, know for sure that it’s the fake one.

However, to be really sure, you can log on to their website and compare the prices yourself.

8. Packaging

Black model in wearing black gown and carrying multiple designer bags

Attention to details for designers goes beyond inscribing their logo on buttons, zipper and price tags. They also pay attention to their packaging.

So, if the Chanel items don’t come in real Chanel packaging bags and boxes, you should doubt its authenticity.

With these tips on how to spot fake designer clothes, you don’t have to worry about anyone using your prestige needs against you. Before they even sell the counterfeit items to you, you’d recognize them and flee.


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