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44 Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Ladies

Not every lady has the courage to cut their hair low. However, the few who do, do so with such confidence that makes even those with long hair wish to go on low cut for a day. Wishes aren’t horses, are they? If you’re one of those ladies, stop wishing for it when you can actually have it. And to prove that you can, this post will show you short haircuts for ladies to serve as inspiration for you.

Keep reading to see all of them.

Why Ladies Wear Short Haircuts?

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What do you think is the reason ladies cut their hair? Apparently, there are many reasons depending on the woman.

Let’s admit, plaiting your hair all the time can be stressful. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why ladies go on low cut these days. Regardless, there are other possible reasons ladies wear short haircuts.

Let’s see some of them.

1. To Save Time

This reason applies to busy women who have to squeeze out time from their tight schedules to visit their hairstylists.

Ladies in this position often opt to cut their hair so they can fully focus on other things without worrying about their hairdo.

2. To Save Money

Let’s be truthful to ourselves once again, women’s hair maintenance can be expensive. Buying hair extensions and weaves, installing them and even taking care of your natural hair, all require money.

Perhaps, some women who rock short haircuts must have thought about this and decided to save themselves the expenses by going on low cut.

3. Low Maintenance

As stated earlier, plaiting your hair can be stressful. You’ll have to sit for hours and endure pains especially if it’s a braided hairdo. Not to talk about the process needed to grow a long and healthy hair void of breakage.


Some ladies would rather expend that energy on something else. The thought of waking up every day to comb some thick hair and then style it can be discouraging. Why don’t you just cut it and find rest?

4. To Treat Dandruff or Other Hair Condition

There are some hair maladies that won’t let you be unless you spend so much on treatment or cut your hair. For example, lice infestation and dandruff.

Although there are treatments for dandruff, recurring ones can make you give up on any treatment and simply give your hair a break by cutting it.

In the same vein, lice infestation is another reason women cut their hair. For instance, I had to cut my natural hair when lice decided to deal with me. After applying the necessary treatment to chase them away, I didn’t want to take any more chances so I cut it.

5. To Breathe Well

I know right. That sounded weird. You don’t breathe with your scalp, do you? Well, the title of this point was what I said immediately I cut my hair and felt breeze touch my scalp. It felt so good that I didn’t know when I said aloud, “so this is what I’ve been missing?”

Many other ladies on low cut feel this way too. I don’t think there’s the perfect word to describe the soothing feeling of water running through your scalp. And you know the sweetest part? You don’t have to worry about having smelly hair. Because you hair is short, air can easily penetrate your scalp and dry it for you.

6. Widowhood Rites

Women of Eastern Nigeria cut their hair as a sign of mourning when they lose their husbands. Back then, in the east, any woman who was either on skin cut or low cut was labelled to be mourning her husband.

Well, times have changed now, unmarried women rock short haircuts even more than widows. And if you haven’t worn any of these short haircuts for ladies before, trust me, you haven’t explored your hair to the fullest.

Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Black Ladies

Victoria B Willie rocking short haircut

Still thinking twice about cutting your hair? Calm down. It’s no big deal. You don’t even have to do it yourself. Simply walk to a barbershop and you’ll get a befitting cut.

It’s not easy to take this decision. A woman’s hair is her glory, they say. But cutting it doesn’t mean your hair will look ugly; neither does it mean you’ll look horrible. In fact, you can always wear a wig if you feel shy about it or when you want to look different. When your hair is cut low, it even becomes easier for you to rock your wigs. You see?

You just need some top-notch self-confidence to rock it and presto! You’re good to go.

 However, if you have the boldness to go on low cut, here are short haircuts for ladies you should show to your hairstylist once you’re ready to cut your hair.

After cutting your hair, you can add to its beauty by curling it or coloring it if you don’t care about the dangers of hair dye.

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