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27 Ankara Palazzo Styles to Make You Look Chic

If Cinderella were a 21st century African lady, what do you think she’d have worn to the prince’s ball? Perhaps, one of the types of dresses for women or some beautiful pair of pants made with any African fabric. She’d most definitely want to rep her heritage and look stylish at the same time. That’s why I’m guessing the fairy would have adorned her in a pair of Ankara palazzo pants to make her look chic enough to catch the prince’s attention.

Should we talk about the beauty of palazzo pants or we should give some accolades to the Ankara fabric? How about we do the two at once as we show you the Ankara palazzo styles you should show to your tailor as soon as possible?

Are you game?

You had better be game because you wouldn’t want to miss this style inspiration for anything in the world.

Ankara Palazzo Pants

lady wearing bogus ankara palazzo with a different ankara top

Ankara palazzo pants are basically palazzo pants made with any Ankara fabric. They are usually loose-fitting and flared. And this makes them suitable for any body type, especially apple and straight, to add more accents to their lower body.

The difference between these pants and other palazzo trousers is the fact that Ankara palazzo pants are multicolored with patterns that spell out Afrocentrism.

Furthermore, the fact that they are native wears for Nigerian women doesn’t mean you can’t wear them to any occasion if it’s not traditional.

You can rock these pieces to any occasion be they formal or informal. And if paired with a shirt, they can pass for Ankara office wear too.

lady in a stylish ankara palazzo with green top

If you’re slender, they add accents to your lower body. If you’re tall, they accentuate your height. And even if you aren’t on the tall side, they give you the illusion of height especially when you pair with heels.

In addition, you don’t have to bother about some stubborn, visible panty lines marring your look. Since Ankara pieces usually have busy prints, they are suitable for hiding those panty lines. This means you can rest assured that people will be too occupied admiring your pants to notice any unsightly lines.

Ankara Palazzo Styles You Should Show Your Tailor ASAP

mother and daughter wearing ankara palazzo pants with matching top

The good thing about Ankara is that you can use the fabric to achieve a two-piece attire if you want. This means that you can make your Ankara palazzo a two-piece (trouser and top inclusive) or just the pants alone.

If you make it a two-piece, there are benefits to it. First, you don’t have to worry about which top to pair with because it already has its own top.

Second, you can pair the pants with another top and as well rock the top with another bottom as the case may be.

lady wearing ankara palazzo with white long sleeves crop top

However, if your fabric isn’t sufficient for a two-piece, go ahead and sew the pants alone. You’ll still get what you want.

Moreover, you can always pair with any top of your choice that befits the occasion you have in mind.

We’ve written a style guide on how to wear palazzo like a style icon. As a fan of Svelte Magazine, you deserve to look your best every time you dress up.

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, you deserve to look stylish even if your style is minimalist. So, never forget the tips we share with you because so long as you dress up every day, they’ll always come in handy

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