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RMD Features in Freshbydotun New Year Collection Tagged ‘Forever Young’

Nigerian designer, Freshbydotun, is making a grand entry into the new year as the brand unveils their first collection for 2021, featuring the iconic Richard Mofe Damijo.

The brand worked with the richest and finest fabrics to create the different designs in the collection, making the pieces exude extravagance.

Adorned in the elegant and timeless pieces from the Forever Young collection, RMD shows off the designer’s creations from head to toe effortlessly, making it all seem flawless and magnificent.

The collection which embodies creativity, quality and excellence with proper attention to details, is created for every stylish man.

 It is for young and old man who feels young at heart.


Designer: @freshbydotun

Muse: @mofedamijo

Photography: @spotlightpi

Publicist: @moafricapr

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