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How to Wear Palazzo Pants Like a Style Icon

What’s that style of women’s trousers that is loose yet adds volume to a woman’s look? It’s palazzo. All about you, almost everywhere you go, ladies wear palazzo pants with different tops and accessories. But do all of them strike you when you see them? Perhaps not, unless they really know how to wear palazzo pants like a style icon.

One way to stand out in an outfit that is all over the market is to know how to style it. You may wear a basic palazzo design and rock it better than those who wear detailed ones and vice versa.  The key factor is how you wear it. And if you don’t know how to, we’ve figured it out for you.

All you have to do is to keep reading as we show you the super stylish ways to wear palazzo pants.

What is a Palazzo?

lady wearing sleeveless top with palazzo pants by Ria Kosher
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Palazzo pants or palazzo trousers is a very wide flared trousers for women. It features loose wide legs that flare out from the waist.

They are mostly made with lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon, crepe, etc. This makes them suitable for you to wear when the weather is hot.

Brief History of Palazzo Trousers

lady in white top and pink palazzo

In the late 1960s-1970s, this trend became popular among women. During this time, there were some high-class restaurants that opposed modern fashion trends. These restaurants refused to let in women who wore trousers their proprietors considered inappropriate.

Women who didn’t want to wear the trending skirt styles then saw this as a problem. To bypass these restaurants ban, some women wore culottes or palazzo pants as evening wear.

Are Palazzo Trousers the Same As Bell Bottoms?

lady wearing bell buttons
Lady wearing bell bottoms which is different from palazzo pants

No. These trousers for women aren’t the same as bell bottoms. Bell bottoms are style of pants in which the end of each leg flares out dramatically from the knee downward, like the mouth of a bell. They are tight-fitting and flare out only at the knees.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

lady wearing palazzo with jacket

This is one piece of clothing you can use to achieve different types of outfits at a go. Be it casual, smart casual or formal office wear, palazzo pants are comfy, versatile bottoms for any look. If you don’t have at least one in your wardrobe, you are missing out on this trend.

Notwithstanding, you can get one for yourself from any thrift store or fashion brand you fancy. Do you like it high-waisted or simply low-rise? Or perhaps you like it with some polka-dot, stripes, multi colours/patterns or simply plain.

 Buy what suits your personal style so you can start rocking these trousers ASAP. Hence, below are the style tips on how to wear palazzo pants like a true fashionista:

1. Pair with a Shirt

lady wearing long sleeves shirt with orange palazzo

Want to achieve that boss lady look? Pair your palazzo with a shirt. Whether it’s a shirt without buttons or one with buttons, it’ll always look great when paired with these pants.

lady wearing white polka dots shirt with palazzo pants

Furthermore, your shirt may be loose-fitting or tight-fitting, depending on your choice. You can rock the combo to the office, business meetings, church and other formal gatherings.

working class lady wearing palazzo and blazzer for work

You may as well give it a louder touch of formality by layering with a blazer.

2. Pair with a Sleeveless Top

lady wearing white sleeveless top with palazzo

When the weather is frigging hot and you just want to breathe, grab on a pair of palazzo pants with a vest or sleeveless top. They are breathable and comfy clothing for days when sweat comes calling.

rocking black sleeveless top with ankara palazzo

3. Pair with a Crop Top

lady wearing crop to with high-waist palazzo

You can as well wear these pants with a crop top of any neckline and sleeve length. Crop tops look great with high-waisted palazzo trousers. They allow you to show off that high-rise feature of the pants and as such, you don’t need a long top for it unless you intend to tuck in.

lady rocking blue top with white palazzo

4. Pair with Turtleneck

Model Elsa rocking white turtle neck top with brown palazzo pants

Turtleneck tops are stylish wardrobe staples. They can be worn with these trousers to achieve a business casual, smart casual or formal office wear look.

lady rocking black and white stripped turtle neck top with black palazzo pants and sneakers

5. Pair with a Vintage Shirt

Victoria Willie wearing a vintage shirt paired with dark palazzo pants

Vintage shirts add extra sauce to every wardrobe. When you pair with these pants, they give you an array of beauty and glamour you can rock to any occasion.

white lady wearing vintage shirt with black palazzo

Furthermore, since vintage shirts are usually loose-fitting, they also help you conceal belly fat.

6. Pair with a Denim Jacket

white lady photographer rocking white and denim jacket

If the neckline or sleeves of your top is too revealing, layer your look with denim jacket and get going. They look great with palazzo pants too.

Wearing palazzo with black denim jacket

7. Pair with a Kimono

2 ladies wearing kimonos and palazzos

Most designers create this as a two-piece. The fabric of your kimono need not have the same pattern as your pants. For instance, it could be floral patterned while the palazzo is plain. This gives more room for you to work with different colours from the palette of your outfit.

lady rocking kimono paired with palazzo pants

8. Pair with a T-shirt

lady wearing white T with red and white stripped palazzo

You can as well pair your palazzo pants with some nice tees. It could be plain tees or one with words emblazoned on it.

lady wearing T-shirt with black and white stripped palazzo pants

How to Wear Palazzo Pants with Shoes

lady in palazzo and heels posing by a car

You can pair any type of shoes for women with these pants. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. For instance, if you want a formal look, pair with a pair of ballerina flats or closed-toe heels.

pairing palazzo with sneakers

If you want a casual look, go for sandals or sneakers. You don’t have an excuse not to look good with these trousers.

Accessorising Your Palazzo Trousers

smiling lady wearing palazzo with a white bag

Depending on the neckline of your top, add necklaces to spice up your look. Don’t forget to grab on some statement earrings and other jewelry to adorn your body. If you want to push your game further, grab on a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

lady wearing palazzo pants

You need not wear the sunshades over your eyes before you look good with it. You can hang it on the neckline of your top or wear it on your hair. Those are ways to wear sunglasses without actually wearing them.

lady wearing palazzo with heels

Moreover, don’t forget to hold a handbag. You need something to keep your essential belongings for the day while you slay, you know.

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