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How to Take Care of Your Clothes to Make Them Last Longer

The fact that nothing lasts forever doesn’t mean you should use things anyhow and give them a short lifespan. Once you know how to take care of your clothes, accessories and every other property you own, you’ll be able to make them last longer. For instance, rather than your clothes looking worn out anytime you wear them, they’ll look like you just took them off the rack.

That’s what happens when you know how to take care of your clothes. Apart from extending the durability, it will also save you more money. That is, you wouldn’t even see the need to buy new clothes often because your current ones will be in good shape as a result of proper care.

If this psychs you up to pay more attention to your clothes so you can make them more durable, don’t leave this page yet.

We’re about to show you the tips on how to take care of your clothes.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Clothes

1. Buy Quality Pieces  and Durable Fabrics

This is very important as the lifespan of your clothes depends on the fabrics used in making them. If you only have inferior materials in your wardrobe, you don’t expect them to last long compared to others made of durable, quality materials.

Therefore, when you go shopping for clothes, invest in quality pieces. Buy fabrics that are durable; especially the ones that require little care.

2. Wash Less Frequently

This doesn’t mean you should wear dirty clothes all the time. You don’t have to wash your clothes often as this can make them lose quality. The solution is to avoid wearing a particular cloth often so you won’t have the need to wash it often.

3. Know Basic Repairs

When your button falls off or you notice a loose seam, what do you do? Those things are simple and you don’t have to always visit your tailor for simple amendments like that. Hence, you should learn basic repairs like fixing a button or stitching a loose seam. This will help you save some money.

4. Use the Top Fashion Hacks

This is similar to tip three above. There are some fashion hacks or tips that come in handy when your clothes or shoes want to leave you stranded. Use them when the need arises.

For example, you can use a transparent nail polish to keep the threads of a weak button in place. This will ensure it doesn’t fall off in public.

5. Always Empty Your Pockets

While in your clothes, you may drop one or two things into your pocket. These things may end up damaging your clothes if you don’t take them out of your pocket. So, let this be a rule of thumb: always empty your pockets before you put your clothes in water for laundry. Or better still, empty them while taking off your clothes.

6. Separate White From Other Colours When Washing

When doing your laundry, don’t wash your white clothes with other colours. Doing otherwise will make your whites fade quickly.

Instead, wash like colours together and be mindful of those clothes that shed when in water.

7. Pay Attention to the Insides of Your Collars

Most of the time when you wear collared shirts, it’s the outer part people see. And that part hardly gets dirty because your sweat, mixed with body cream, doesn’t touch it.

 This is why you should pay attention to the insides of your collar. That’s the part that meets with your sweat and every other thing you apply on your body.

Spend time on the insides when washing your collar lest you should leave stains on it that become permanent.

8. Air-dry Only

Don’t give in to the idea of using a dryer or some other means to dry your clothes. Let them sit in the sun to dry. Even if it’s not sunny, air-dry them still. Dryers aren’t good for your clothes. They break down fabric fibres and cause clothes to shrink and age faster.

9. Wash Dark Clothing, Tees and Denim Inside Out

If you don’t want your jeans and dark clothes to fade, wash them inside out. This will help to preserve the colour. The same applies to your t-shirts too.

10. Store in a Cool, Dry Place

I bet you’ve seen this somewhere before. Yes, you must have seen it on the labels inside your clothes.

Your clothes need shelter to survive. And this shelter has to be breathable enough for them. You don’t have to stack them in a confined space. When you do this, you make them susceptible to bacteria, wrinkles, colour fading and other things that affect cloth durability.

Therefore, always give your clothes some breathing space in your wardrobe. This alone proves that you value them and you value the money you used to purchase them.

There you go with the tips on how to take care of your clothes. If you follow through with these, you can be sure you won’t have to be shopping for new clothes all the time. You’ll instead buy new clothes because you feel like it. You won’t buy clothes because your current clothes look older than you.

Is there a tip we forgot to add to this list? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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