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Gorgeous Ankara and Net Styles for Your Next Owambe

If you think we’re done with Ankara, you’re in for a big surprise. This fabric is so versatile that even when it feels like we’ve sewn or written all there is about it, more and more innovations come up. This alone brings about more latest Ankara styles. For instance, if you aren’t sewing this fabric alone, you can mix and match it with another fabric to create a unique look. A perfect example is the superb Ankara and net styles that are all over the internet today.

lady in ankara dress with green net sleeves

To illustrate, you can make your Ankara piece more stylish and colourful by combining it with dress net fabric.

pretty lady in ankara gown with crinoline net

One good thing about this net fabric is that it comes in different colours and textures. This invariably makes it a perfect choice for beautifying pieces made with African fabrics.

lady rocking a princess dress made with net and ankara fabric

How about we show you some inspiration for Ankara and net styles? If you wear any of these styles to your next Owambe or any other occasion that requires you to slay, you’ll definitely steal the show.

lady rocking ankara dress with white net beside side a car

But hold on a second.

We know you can’t wait to feast your eyes on these styles.

smiling lady in ankara dress with single net sleeve

Why don’t you first learn about net fabric so when you go shopping for it, you won’t be ignorant of what you want?

What is Net Fabric?

smiling woman in ankara and net attire

Net is an open-mesh fabric that has holes. It can be made from silk, nylon, rayon or cotton. The holes in this fabric are formed in many geometric shapes such as square, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.

Types of Net Fabric

1. Tulle

lady wearing ankara and tulle net short gown

This is the commonest type of net fabric. It is a soft knit fabric with very small holes of hexagonal shape. Tulle netting is usually lightweight. Tulle has a very low unit of weight. This in turn makes it very fine and softer than any other netting fabric.

You can use tulle for bridal veils, Ankara jumpsuits, long gowns and other styles you like.

2. Bobbinet

lady in long ankara gown with net

This net fabric is usually very thin. It is made like a lace but when made with cotton yarn, it becomes a tad heavier. It has hexagonal holes and is also strong regardless of its thinness.

3. Crinoline

lady rocking ankara dress combined with black net

This net fabric is made from nylon or polyester. It is used to make fascinators or underskirts with lots of ruffles that give a silhouette of full skirt to the look.

4. Fishnet

lady rocking ankara dress with fishnet stockings

This netting is somewhat coarse. It is made of polyester or nylon yarn. It is usually stretchy as a result of the elastane fibers it contains. Furthermore, fishnet is used to make pantyhose, bodysuits, stockings, etc.

Latest Ankara and Net Styles to Help You Slay Better

lady wearing sleeveless ankara gown with tulle net

These Ankara and net styles are just another way for you to look gorgeous effortlessly. And since there are many ways to use net to garnish up your attire, you have no excuse to be left out.

lady wear short ankara gown with net sleeves

For instance, you can use it to make decorative frills to attach the the hem of your attire. You can also attach net fabric to the sleeves, neckline or bodice of your dress. You can even sew it as a kimono or separate garment to wear atop your attire.

lady wearing ankara short gown combined with black net

If you also want to show a bit of skin in a modest way, attach net to the part you want to be bare.  Its translucent nature allows you to look hot and turn heads as you like.

lady wearing playsuit made with ankara and net material

Below are the latest Ankara and net styles to make your Ankara office wear, casual wear and other elegant attires for special occasions:

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