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Latest Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy

It is not enough to choose any of the latest Ankara styles without considering if it suits your body type or not. For instance, if you’re a plus-sized lady, you have to make sure the style you’re going for fits into the latest Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy. If you do otherwise, you end up looking awful despite how beautiful the dress is.

We don’t want that to be your lot.

So long as you read Svelte Magazine, you deserve to be a style icon in your own way. And a style icon never fails to wear stuff that not only suits her body type but also flatters her features.

lady wearing free ankara short gown

That’s what we want for you.

And to make it easier, we’ve compiled the latest Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy. This way, you don’t only promote the African culture by wearing the Ankara fabric. You also do it flawlessly.

lady wearing ankara peplum dress

If your stomach bulges, you should always wear belly-concealing outfits. Among these outfits are the latest Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy.

Keep reading to see them.

Ankara Styles for Ladies With Big Tummy

lady wearing ankara peplum top and black tight pants

Ladies have big bellies for a number of reasons. It could be as a result of maternity. However, for those who have never conceived let alone put to birth, eating habits and fat are the major reasons.

To salvage this, some opt for products such as slimming tea or other organic products that claim to get rid of belly fat. Also, some get busy at the gym but slack along the away as a result of inconsistency.

If you’ve been in any of the above situations with your tummy, calm down. It’s not a death sentence. Not everybody has the commitment to exercise and we know that.

Therefore, you can rock your bulging stomach with pride regardless of what people say. You just have to know how to conceal it with clothes such as the latest Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy.

lady wearing ankara peplum top and trouser

Going to church, a wedding or any social gathering? You deserve to look beautiful in every Ankara outfit of yours. In fact, this fabric is versatile enough to be sewn into anything that enhances your style.

And you don’t have to wear oversized clothes to hide physical flaws like a bulging belly. Why not try out any of these Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy and see if you won’t look better.

1. Shift Dress

lady wearing a sleeveless shift ankara dress

These types of dresses for women don’t have an explicitly defined waistline. They just drape on your body and don’t hug your figure. This makes them very suitable for hiding a bulging belly. Furthermore, they are usually short or at mid-thigh length. And they are great for informal occasions.

lady wearing ankara shift dress

2. Peplum

lady wearing peplum ankara jumpsuit

You can attach a peplum to your skirt, top or dress. Peplum is an over-the-skirt dress that is attached to another garment around the waist area to help minimize the waist and highlight the hips.

lady rocking ankara peplum top and skirt

This style helps to conceal belly fat and also doubles as Ankara office wear for formal occasions.

3. Wrap Dress

lady wearing long sleeves ankara wrap dress

Because this style has a front closure created by wrapping one side across the other, it is perfect for concealing belly fat. Furthermore, it is very much comfortable and makes a good option for flattering your curves.

lady wearing a short red ankara wrap dress

4. Ankara Layers

lady wearing ankara blazer with matching trouser

Layers such as jackets and kimonos made with this fabric, play a good role in hiding belly fat. In fact, these latest Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy are multipurpose. They are suitable for cold weather conditions and for days when you feel like covering up what you’re wearing inside.

lady wearing ankara kimono to provide layer for her outfit

Moreover, layers give you an illusion of a straight body. Thus, distracting eyes from superfluous curves.

5. Blouson

lady wearing ankara blouson jumpsuit

These Ankara styles for ladies with big tummy are garments drawn tight at the waist which blouses out and hangs over the waistband. The result is a draped, flowing silhouette like a blouse with a tucked waistline.

woman wearing a blouson ankara jumpsuit

Blouson styles can be in the form of a dress or even Ankara jumpsuit. They help to define your waistline while draping over your figure. They also give you a slimming effect. That is, you look slimmer when you wear this style, making it great for hiding big belly and side fat.

6. Flare Skirts

lady wearing flare ankara skirt

Flare skirts also suits ladies with big tummy regardless of the top it is paired with. This is because they are flared and this already makes a statement.

lady wearing a yellow ankara flare skirt

7. Loose Tops

lady wearing a sleeveless ankara loose top

These Ankara styles for ladies with big belly show nothing yet they are stylish. You can add details such as drapes, ruches or an attractive neckline to your loose top and look as good as ever.

lady wearing ankara loose top

8. Ankara Long Dress

lady wearing a long ankara gown

You can wear this style to hide big tummy too. You either can go for loose-fitting ones or add features such as peplum to the tight-fitting ones you choose to wear.

lady wearing long dress with a slit

Ankara maxi gowns are attention-grabbing. Donning one helps you keep extraneous features of your body on the low.

lady wearing a loose ankara gown

In addition, you should note that busy prints can help you hide belly fat. This makes the Ankara fabric a plus because it’s usually multi-patterned. Hence, choose any of these styles and settle for a fabric with busy prints and that solves it. People will be too busy admiring your outfit; they won’t even notice your tummy.

lady wearing a short loose ankara dress
lady wearing blue ankara free flowing top
lady wearing ankara kimono on a white dress
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