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Super Stylish Inspo for Ankara Office Wear

Who said Ankara is a native wear and shouldn’t be worn to formal occasions? That’s a sham. This fabric has evolved from being just a bespoke native attire to being incorporated as ready-to-wear. That being said, you can rock it to any occasion or gathering and still make a statement. Speaking of gatherings, ever seen some styles and felt like they are Ankara office wear? You definitely must have.

That’s good.

But why haven’t you worn them to work yet? Or have you already? 

man wearing ankara up and down

Whichever way, we want to remind you that you can wear this fabric to work, business meetings and other formal gatherings? So, get ready to visit your tailor as we show you the latest Ankara office wear you can rock to work on Friday or any day of the week.

Latest Ankara Office Wear Inspiration

The following styles serve as inspo for your Ankara office wear. So, check them out and make moves to update your wardrobe ASAP. This way, you’ll have nothing stopping you from rocking them to formal occasions.

1. Ankara Bottoms

lady wearing ankara midi skirt to work

You can rock trousers and skirts made with this fabric to the office. They could be tapered pants, bootcut, pencil skirts, flare skirts or palazzo. These bottoms you can as well pair with plain-coloured blazers or shirts since your fabric already is multicolored with different patterns.

lady rocking ankara pants
a man wearing native trousers and black T-shirt
lady wearing green ankara skirt

2. Ankara Tops

lady rocking ankara peplum top

You can sew a button-up long/short-sleeved shirt, wrap top, peplum top or any kind of blouse with this fabric and rock it to the office. These tops you can pair with pants or skirts that could either be the same Ankara fabric or simply a plain-coloured ready-made bottom.

man wearing ankara long sleeves shirt
lady wearing ankara top in the office
lady wearing peplum ankara top with black skirt

3. Ankara Suits

lady in ankara suit

If you want to go formal in a different way, you should try an Ankara suit. It is a blend of westernisation and Afrocentrism. Be it a full suit or a blazer, the latest Ankara suits styles are your best bet for looking like a true African boss that you are. It is a creative way to exalt the Ankara fabric.

man wearing native suit
man wearing ankara corporate outfit
lady in native wear suit

4.  Ankara Midi Dresses

lady wearing a yellow-pink ankara midi dress

Just as Ankara short gowns make you look very much on-the-go, Ankara midi dresses are stylish and fit for the office. You can style them with flats, flip-flops, sandals, wedges, heels or even sneakers, depending on how you want to look. They can be worn to work, weddings, or any casual or formal outing. Its flexibility makes it a must-have in every wardrobe.

lady wearing sleeveless ankara midi dress
lady wearing a native midi dress
lady wearing ankara midi dress

However, ensure that the midi dress you’re sewing is in line with the style tips for working class ladies. That is, they must be modest enough for the office.

5. Ankara Long Dresses

lady wearing red ankara long dress

If you’re a lover of long dresses, this should serve as an Ankara office wear inspo for you. You can style Ankara long gowns in a dramatic or less dramatic way.  However, since you intend to wear them to the office, style them in a conservative way.

Lady wearing blue ankara long dress
lady wearing ankara long dress
lady in a long native dress

Regardless of your body type, you can rock an Ankara long dress anytime, any day. Long dresses give the illusion of more height and this is good especially if you’re not on the tall side.

 The important thing is to choose a style you are best comfortable in and pair with flats or heels to achieve that self-confident carriage.

With these latest Ankara office wear inspiration, you can take a break from your regular formal office wear attires and switch to native wear. Depending on the culture of your workplace, wear them any day of the week. However, most organisations welcome native wears on weekends. Regardless, there’s a way you’d rock an Ankara piece to work during the early days of the week and win the admiration of your colleagues.

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