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5 Style Tips For Working Class Ladies

Being a 9 to 5 chick doesn’t mean you can’t be as chic as you’d love while at work. In fact, the office is one great place to show forth your style only that it has to be done with moderation. The goal is to evoke confidence and power while looking professional and respectable at work. Though your work ethics matter but so long as your dress sense is a depiction of your personality, it matters too. Hence, if you are a 9 to 5 chick, you’ll be needing these five style tips for working class ladies. It’s a simple guide on what to wear and how to dress to work if you don’t wear work uniforms.  

5 Style Tips For Working Class Ladies

1. Don’t Show Too Much Skin

a stylish work wear by a lady showing no skin - style tips for working-class ladies

Your office is a business environment and as such everything, including the most minute of details, should portray this fact. Hence, whenever you dress for work, endeavour to cover up proportionately. That is, your skirts should at least graze the top of your knees. The neckline of your dresses, should portray decency too. Preferably, you can opt for high, V-neck, round or square necklines. Strapless and off-shoulder dresses aren’t acceptable at work except you’d be pairing them with a jacket or kimono.

Ultimately, The goal is to avoid showing too much skin which may be termed dressing indecently at work. Don’t wear clothes that expose your cleavages. Avoid see-through tops and ensure your undergarments aren’t visible, not even your panty lines.

lady in sleeveless and a jacket and a long skirt - style tips for working-class ladies

2. Be True to Yourself

lady in red work wear suit - style tips for working-class ladies

You should always wear stuff that best suits your personality. Think about yourself while dressing up. Do you prefer heels to flats? Or maybe it’s the other way round? Would you rather wear a bold-coloured lipstick or you’d just stick to nude colours or perhaps lip gloss? Would you rather wear hoop earrings than wear studs? Ask yourself these questions before dressing up and whatever your answer is, ensure you suit yourself.  Be true to yourself and make sure whatever you wear is an expression of your style. But remember, moderation is always key for business settings.

lady in a comfortable looking work wear gown

3. Let Less Be More

African lady wearing moderate makeup - style tips for working-class ladies

While you may like a bold lip, you’ve got to keep your makeup at a minimum. Your bronzer, if you choose to wear, should be mild and so should your accessories. Your false eyelashes should be long enough to make you more beautiful and not long enough to raise eyebrows. You grab? Just keep it bare. If you love to make fashion statements when you dress up, marry your statement pieces with conservative pieces so everything can be in moderation for the workplace.

lady with glowing skin in moderate make up

4. Invest in Quality Staples

lady in quality work wear by Elizerbetha
Outfit by Elizabetha

When shopping your office wear, go for quality over quantity always. Thrift stores may be economical but if you want to wear durable clothing you can always fall back on for years, classic brands should be your best bet. Brands like Elizabetha, Lady Biba, Wana Sambo, etc., have been doling out very stylish pieces for working-class women. Though they may cost you more, they are worthwhile investments you should give in to if you want to have pieces that you can wear for as long as many years unless you put on weight.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the materials and sartorial finishing of the pieces you buy. They matter a lot to longevity of clothes. The same should go for shoes too.  And when you buy quality, give them adequate care else they won’t last long enough to meet your wardrobe needs.

Busola Dakolo rocking a quality work wear - style tips for working-class ladies
Outfit by Lady Biba

5. Don’t Be Too Trendy

a stylish work wear by a beautiful lady

Unless you work in a fashion house, the office is not some place where you explore the latest runway trends. You shouldn’t be trendy while dressing for the office. Have it in mind that your work outfits should elicit class, power and elegance and nothing more pretentious. Hence, your looks should intensify your reflection of professionalism and not subdue it. You can always be trendy but it doesn’t have to be too much because you’d be merging moderation with your statement pieces as usual.

a woman in a simple work-wear attire
working lady wearing ankara dress

In conclusion,  these style tips for working-class ladies will not be effective if you don’t know what your workplace wants. That is, when dressing for the office, be sure to take into consideration the kind of attires your work environment demands. If your workplace doesn’t permit trousers, then obey the rules. If they accept native wears on Fridays, try on some latest Ankara styles. Don’t go overboard. Just keep it simple yet chic always.

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