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Beautiful, wonderful and magical things happen when old or traditional fashion merges with modern trends. One of these beautiful things are Kimonos and this post has for you some stylish ways you can rock a kimono.

Kimonos are known worldwide to be the traditional Japanese attire. The term was coined off two Japanese words; “kiru” a verb which means “to wear” and “mono” meaning “thing”. Kimono can be roughly translated to mean “a thing to wear”. The term was formed during the Meiji period – the first contemporary era of the Japanese (1868 – 1912).

ways you can rock a kimono
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This traditional Japanese attire has found its way into western trends and into the heart of every fashionista. Kimonos are a must-have. If your closet does not house at least one piece of kimono, you have no idea how much you are missing out. Kimonos are so versatile and this makes them easy to be chipped into our everyday wears. But then, the question comes – what are the stylish ways you can rock a kimono? You can literally rock kimonos with anything! I mean anything!

The demand for kimonos has risen over the years and fashion designers are working tirelessly to meet up those demands. New styles and patterns are pushed to the market every day. There are varieties in terms of the fabrics (rayon, challis, voile, chiffon, satins, velvet etc), length, the patterns and designs.

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ways you can rock a kimono
velvet, chiffon and rayon fabric

In this article, I’m going to show you the different stylish ways you can rock a kimono; from the simplest casual look to the sophisticated red carpet look. Let’s go!


So you have a pair of heels, skinny blue jeans and a T-shirt to wear for an event but you’re having second thoughts about the outfit; you feel it’s too basic. Guess what the magical solution is? You guessed right – kimono! Kimonos have a way of suddenly upgrading your outfit from zero to hundred. The next time you feel a T-shirt and denim look is too basic for your event, jump on a kimono, it never fails.


Remember when I said kimonos could be worn to the most sophisticated events like wedding ceremonies, red carpet events and even date nights. It should preferably be worn with a body-con or a mini dress and of course a nice pair of heels or wedges; whichever works best for you. Accessories should be subtle if the kimono itself is super flashy. Do not over accessorize, we don’t want to watch your accessories and kimono competing for attention.

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In the same manner, if the print on your kimono is relatively plain and subtle, then you’re permitted to either wear statement earrings or carry statement bags.

Kimonos are multi-purpose, they can help dress you up or even help tone down your dressing. Say you have a dinner date and a girls-time-out with your girlfriends before the date. What do you do? Do you pick out extra clothes in a bag? Will that not be too much trouble? Here’s a solution; how about you wear a kimono over the beautiful dress you want to impress your date with while hanging with your girls so as to avoid the hungry glances and unnecessary attention the dress would be giving you. I mean, the dress is meant to impress just one person; your date. And when it’s time for the date, you say goodbye to the ever helpful kimono. See? A kimono just saved you the trouble of taking extra clothes in a bag.

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Are you a shy person? Do you feel insecure about your cellulite? (You have to love yourself, girl) or you’re just super sensitive and would not want just anybody to see you in a bikini. Well, a kimono is just the answer to the above issues. Plus, it keeps you warm when it gets too cold at the beach. A hat and sunshades would complement this look by the way.

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If you do not have a strict dress code at your workplace, you simply incorporate kimonos into your closet. Especially those made of African prints.


Do you know that you can add colour or life to an all-black ensemble with a kimono? Yes black on black is great and we love it but here is what is greater: kimono on an all-black ensemble.

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Just like an all-black ensemble, you can use a kimono to break up an all -white look.

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These are perfect for hot days and for strolls around your street. Add a pair of sneakers or heels to this outfit and you’re ready for that concert.

Kimonos are here to stay!

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