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36 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Any Wedding

As a bride, you probably have a mood board of bridal dresses, makeup, and hairstyles for your big day. But what about your girl gang? They have to look their best, too. Besides picking suitable dress styles, you should also ensure they wear the perfect bridesmaid hairstyles.

back view of one of the low bun bridesmaid hairstyles

Though your girlies shouldn’t outshine you on your big day, they still need to look stunning. Hence, you need coiffures fancier than a bedhead. But choosing instaworthy hairstyles for bridesmaids may not be as easy as it seems. You want your team to complement your look without stealing the attention of all your guests. You also want a cohesive hairdo that recognizes each bridesmaid’s unique personality.

That’s why we’ve curated different picture-perfect bridesmaid hairdos for a classy wedding. Go through them and save the ones that catch your fancy.

Should Bridesmaids Wear the Same Hairstyle?

curly updo bridesmaid hairstyles

This depends on the bride. If you want your girlies to wear the same hairstyle, go for it. Just make it easier for them to achieve it. It’s not a rule that all bridesmaids should wear the same hairdo. They’ll most likely be wearing the same dress styles, anyway. But if you want their hairstyles coordinated, ask for it.

However, you don’t have to limit your team to one hairstyle. Switch things up by allowing different styles in similar colors or vice versa. Hear it from Brittany Lo, Founder and CEO of Beautini, a wedding hair and makeup boutique in NYC:

“We’re seeing a big trend of having bridesmaids wear different dresses in a similar color palettes or styles, and bridesmaids are also leaning into that trend by wearing different, yet, complementary hairstyles.” 

Brittany Lo

Ultimately, the final decision is on the bride to make.

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How Should Bridesmaids Wear Their Hair?

pretty lady rocking one of the bridesmaids hairstyles with tendrils

Bridesmaids should wear hairstyles that accentuate their beauty and prioritize their comfort and personal style. As a bride, it’ll be unfair for you to pick a hairstyle your girls won’t be comfortable with. They should wear a style that’s in line with your wedding theme rather than one that makes them uncomfortable just to please you.

Lovely Bridesmaid Hairstyles for a Jaw-Dropping Wedding

beautiful hairstyle on a beautiful lady

What would a bride be without her bridesmaids? That’s a question we’d rather not answer. Our focus is ensuring your bridesmaids complement your ravishing beauty on your wedding day. If you’re not the bride but the bridesmaid, that’s even better. To help you achieve that clean glam, we’ve rounded up the most stunning bridesmaid hairstyles in the game. Whether you’re looking for a timeless and classy updo or an accessorized style that complements bridesmaids’ faces, these tresses will tickle your style buds.

Loose Beach Waves

Loose Beach Waves as bridesmaid hairstyles

This relaxed and effortlessly chic style is perfect for a beach, garden, indoor, or Bohemian-themed wedding. It suits any dress neckline and enhances medium to long hair. Accessorize this hairdo with a tiara, hairpin, or small flowers to elevate its laidback vibe.

Low Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyles

back view of a lady wearing a blonde low bun

If your hair is long, transform it into an updo with rosy twists tucked at the nape of your neck. This bridesmaid hairstyle gives off a blend of sophistication and romance. What’s more? It keeps your hair off your face while you party. The low chignon is the timeless and elegant hairdo you want your girls to wear on your big day. It complements high-neckline dresses and is an excellent choice for bridesmaids with medium to long hair.

Messy French Braid

messy French braid

The French braid is perfect for any bridesmaid. It involves loosely braiding three sections of hair from the top of the head to the bottom of the neck to form a tousled braided hair. Pick this style if you want a messy yet tidy look.

Classic Ponytail

a lady showing her side profile and her ponytail hairdo

The ponytail is your all-time favorite for keeping hair off the face. It can sit at the back, side, low, or high. It also can be straight, curly, or wavy. This hairstyle is great for bridesmaids who prefer a refined, minimalist look.

Slicked-Back Bridal Hairstyles

Slicked-Back Bridal Hairstyles

Take all your hair to the back and jazz up with pins, barrettes, hairclips, and other stunning accessories for a more chic look.

Wavy Side Parts

Wavy Side Parts hairdo

A deep side part combined with waves is a sweet look that will complement any bridal setting.

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Sideswept Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Sideswept Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Sweep your hair to the sides so people can see your side profile better. That’s what this hairstyle promises you. If you fancy it, go ahead and rock it.

Braided Crown

Braided Crown hairdo

This hairstyle takes all your hair up. It features a crown-like braid that wraps around the head. Adorn it with flowers, gemstones, or clips for an extra charm.

Half-up, Half-down Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Half-up, Half-down Bridesmaid Hairstyles

This hairdo merges the elegance of an updo and the gracefulness of loose hair together. It suits just any neckline and hair length so long as some can be taken up. Half-up, half-down hairstyles are the best of both worlds, letting you experience the untamed beauty of your hair. For more accents, advise your bridesmaids to keep some tendrils to frame their faces better.

Vintage Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Vintage curls features soft, voluminous curls that ooze elegance. Since they’re inspired by the glamorous 1940s, pair this hairdo with vintage-style dresses and go enjoy the party.

Finger Waves Bridesmaid Hairstyles

finger waves bridesmaid hairstyle

Take a trip back to the 1920s by wearing finger waves. It involves creating S-shaped waves in the hair. Stars like Zendaya and Nia Long have rocked finger this style. Don’t be left out if you love the hairdo.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles are a Gorgeous Sight to Behold

back view of a half-up, half-down hairstyle

A few years down the line, you’ll look at your wedding photos and feel a wave of nostalgia. Picture your kids admiring your nuptial photos and asking for the names of guests. If the pictures from that day aren’t beautiful, you won’t feel proud when this moment comes.

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Hence, you should pay attention to every tiny detail concerning your wedding, including bridesmaid hairstyles. Choose from all you’ve seen so far. But know that more options abound. Go through them below, and afterward, send your favorite to your bridesmaids. Let them all agree on a style they’ll be comfortable with so everyone goes home happy.

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