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41 Stunning Black Hairstyles You’ll Never Get Tired of

At home and in the diaspora, African women love to look stunning. It’s why they wear hairstyles that enhance their beauty and keep their locks under control. Most of these black hairstyles are protective, while others are simply decorative. They come with intricate patterns, curls, and colors that mesmerize anyone who comes across you. 

Black girl wrocking Bohemian braids as black hairstyles

If you’re looking for stunning hairstyles for black women to spice up your look, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up our favourite ‘dos that’ll transform your mane into a gorgeous masterpiece. Regardless of your hair length or texture, these styles are what you need. They’re protective, easy to install and take out, and will look great on you.

Instaworthy Black Hairstyles for Every Texture

pretty girl wearing black hairstyle

Modern hairstyles for black women are eye candy. They’re perfect for African or African American/ British young ladies looking to stand out from the crowd. From weaves to tribal braids and short hairstyles, wear any of these ‘dos and love yourself some more.

Box Braids

lady wearing box braids as black hairstyles

Let’s start with the basics. Box braids have existed for a long time. They come in different sizes, styles, and colors, too. For example, knotless braids, chunky braids, Coi Leray braids, medium butterfly braids, etc. Just pick the one you love and run with it.

Senegalese Twists

back view of black Senegalese braids

Need something way easier to install and take out? Senegalese twists should be your go-to. They add that rope-like interest to your hair.

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Boho Braids

pretty girl rocking boho braids

Imagine rocking box braids and adding curls to them. That’s what Bohemian braids promise you. The curls add more accents to your look, making you the cynosure of all eyes.  

Pixie Cut

pretty girl rocking pixie cut hairstyle

Pixie hairstyles are a chic way to frame your face and flaunt your personal style while rocking short hair. Wear a pixie if you need something without lengths yet edgy and feminine. It works with straight, curly, or wavy hair.

Curly Hairstyles

pretty black girl wearing curly black hairstyles

Curly hair is an edgy way to express your personality, whether as weaves, braids, or locs. Curls add volume to your hair and give people more details to stare at.

Bantu Knots

pretty girl wearing bantu knots

Need a low-maintenance hair that offers convenience while paying homage to your African roots? Wear Bantu knots. They’re pretty, require no heat, and keep your hair off your face. For more accents, leave one or two braids hanging by the sides of your face as tendrils.


pretty black girl rocking cornrows with tendrils

Is there a black girl who’s never worn cornrows? I doubt. This hairstyle is the perfect minimalist coiffure for women who love to keep it simple. But guess what? Beyond its simplicity lies a versatility you shouldn’t miss out on. In other words, you can always spice up your cornrows to make them more interesting. For example, zig-zag cornrows, inverted cornrows, two-step, heart-shaped ones, cornrows with bangs and tendrils, etc. Your options are endless.

Black Hairstyles with Bangs

black hairstyles with bangs

If you feel like hiding your forehead, add fringe to your hair. They add more visual interest to your look.

Feed-in Braids 

lady rocking feed-in braids as black hairstyles

Braid-based hairstyles for women allow creativity. If you’re not adorning them with accessories, you’re curling them, giving them unique partings, or using the feed-in technique. For example, hairstyles like Ghana weaving, stitch braids, lemonade braids, Fulani braids, etc., fall into this category.

Faux Locs

Skai Jackson rocking faux locs

Do you want a break from weaves and attachment extensions? How about you lock your hair? Yeah, I know the commitment with dreadlocks can be a bit tasking. That’s why we want you to try faux locs. They’re exquisite and come in different styles and colors, too.

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Natural Black Hairstyles

lady rocking natural twist cornrows

If you don’t want to use extensions, rock your natural hair by wearing it in an updo, mohawk, two-strand twist, three-strand twist, and other natural hairstyles.

Black Hairstyles for Women are Endless

back view of finger coils hairstyle

Black women are blessed with type 4 hair that can accommodate any hairstyle. From weaves to braids, twists, and locs, your options are endless. In fact, this is by no means an exhaustive list. As you’ll soon see below, more styles abound. So, add your unique touch by exploring beads, other hair accessories, colors, and partings to create the gorgeous coiffure that accentuates your beauty.

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