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Top 10 Natural Hairstyles that’ll Give You a Gorgeous Look

Before I joined the natural hair gang, I used to worry a lot. If it wasn’t how I’d manage the pains that come with combing natural hair, then it was worrying about the perfect natural hairstyles that would suit me.

Finally, I transitioned into the naturalista gang and it’s been a slow yet steady growth — thanks to my hair’s growth phase. But do you know the funny thing about me and my hair?

I wear hair extensions once in a while. I’d rather rock my natural hair in the form of cornrows and slip on my wig. And if I don’t wanna wear a wig, I’d simply braid my hair into one of the best natural hairstyles

If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you need coiffures that’ll get everyone else jealous about your natural hair. And if that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about because you’re in the right place.

In this piece are ten natural hairstyles that’ll get you embracing your natural hair more than ever.

Sit tight and keep reading. You’ll find the perfect hairstyle once you do as I say. So, let’s get started.

What are Natural Hairstyles?

lady with natural hairstyle

No long talks. Natural hairdos are coiffures that look good on your natural hair without (or with) hair extensions. Although some of these hairstyles are suitable for relaxed hair, they look better with virgin hair.

10 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles for You

lady wearing virgin hair hairstyle

Whether you’re a beginner or pro in the world of natural hair, we all need go-to styles to enhance our beauty every day.

And if you make the right choice, these hairstyles will not only enhance your beauty; they’ll also protect your hair and boost its growth.

Here are the best of them:

1.  Buns

lady rocking a buns natural hairstyle

For this, you don’t need to manipulate your hair into braids. You simply moisturize or wash your hair, add any natural oil to seal it, and then use your rubber band or ribbon to pack your hair into a bun.

lady wearing buns hair

This style is a great option to flaunt your facial features, especially your forehead. It’s also great for keeping your hair entirely off your face.

2. Twaid-out

lady wearing twaid out hairstyle

This style is a combination of braids and twists. To achieve it, you start by braiding your hair then twist it down to the bottom. 

fair lady wearing twaid out hairstyle

It’s a beautiful hairdo. It also gives you the straight look of box braids and the curly look of twists.

3. High Puff

lady rocking side high puff hair

This style is popular amongst naturalistas and it’s simple to achieve. It is also similar to the bun. Moreover, it’s the perfect style for flaunting the density and length of your hair. 

lady wearing brown high puff hairstyle

4. Twist-Out

smiling lady rocking twist out hair

I love this style because it involves creating a protective hairstyle then loosening it to create a gorgeous look. In other words, you twist and untwist.

To achieve the twist-out style, after applying the necessary hair products on your hair and combing it, you section your hair and braid it into twists.

pretty lady wearing twist out hairstyle

Afterward, you loosen each twist and roll the curls around your fingers to get rid of tangles or frizz.


Your twist-out hairdo is ready to be served.

5. Flat Twists

back view of flat twist hairstyle

The difference between flat twists and cornrows is that when achieving flat twists, you twist your hair flat to your scalp, rather than braid it.

smiling lady wearing flat twists hairstyle

6. Classic Afro

lady rocking the perfect afro hair

Our grandmothers used to rock this hairdo back then when natural hair was a normal thing rather than a trend. 

pretty lady rocking afro

Afro is quite simple to achieve, and if you have the type 4 hair, it’ll look gorgeous on you. 

If you’d like to try it out now, read this to learn how to achieve afro for natural hair.

7. Bounce Twists

pretty lady wearing bounce twists hairstyle

This style is similar to twists. The major difference is that the twists are curlier and they stretch when you pull them, thus giving you a bouncy appeal.

lady wearing bounce twists hair

8. Finger Coils

lady wearing finger coils hairstyle

I must warn you— this style takes some time to achieve. And if you wouldn’t like to expend the energy doing it yourself, ask a friend to help you out.

Nonetheless, finger coils are superb natural hairstyles. You achieve this style by wrapping strands of your hair around your finger. And the results? Tight, bouncy coils in your hair!

lady rocking finger coil hair

Regardless of your natural hair type, you’ll look beautiful wearing this hairdo. In addition, you can take it to work, parties, or anywhere you’d like.

9. Simple Cornrows

lady wearing simple cornrowns

Cornrows are the classic hairstyles for natural hair. They are easy to achieve and give you room to wear a wig if you want.

side view of cornrows hair

You can rock a shuku, straight, didi, zigzag, or other cornrow hairstyles. It all depends on what you want.

10. Clip-in Hair Extensions

lady wearing hair clip-on

If you don’t wanna braid your hair with hair extensions or install weaves on your hair, you can opt for clip-in extensions.

These are hair extensions that come with clips. They are easy, go-to styles. You only have to wash your hair, apply your products, comb it, and attach your clip-in extensions to your hair.

lady wearing a hair clip-on on double buns

This style adds more volume to your natural hair. You can achieve it with or without braiding your hair underneath.

And that’s a wrap!

So, there you have it— the ten natural hairstyles that’ll keep you gorgeous for life. Now go ahead and jump on your favorite among them. You can also add beads and other hair accessories to further adorn your hair.

But hold on a second.

lady rocking natural hairstyle

How well do you take care of your natural hair? Perhaps you use products upon products but is that all it takes? Maybe not. Check out these natural hair growth tips and start implementing the ones you’ve been missing out on.

Your hair needs to grow healthily!

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