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38 Adorable Ankara Styles for Kids

Nobody is ever born stylish. We learn as we grow, and it all begins from our childhood. And as such, if you want your child to grow up to become an adult with a good dress sense, you have to start now to train them. Wear them beautiful ankara styles for kids, show them how to combine colours, groom their hair well, etc.

You may think it’s not important but it really is. This is because how you clothe your child affects their individuality, creativity, and also boosts their self-esteem.

child siblings wearing ankara outfits

But I’m not a kids’ expert. So, don’t take my word for it.

Erica Loop, writing on how fashion affects kids, explained:

Fashion is an art. Choosing clothes and putting together outfits requires your child to solve basic problems and, at times, think out of the box. Getting dressed requires your child to figure out which clothes match the weather outdoors and what pieces to wear at one time. Your child also has to combine different pieces, puzzling together one outfit from many parts.

Fashion also speaks to your child’s creative, or artistic, side. When choosing clothes, kids get a crash course in color theory while also exploring patterns and textures. This may mean deciding that a red shirt and blue pants do or don’t match or that a plaid button-down, striped cords and a checked hat are just too much when they’re all together.”

Erica Loop

Similarly, Rochelle Rodney, in an article, acknowledged the power of fashion as it relates to kids. According to her:

The clothes you dress your child in not only affects how the world receives them; but also how they perceive themselves. So, as a parent  you can either dress them to aid in their conformity to gender norms through gendered colour coding; or assist them to express their individuality through the use of colour. No pressure there then!”

Rochelle Rodney

Do you now see why dressing up your child should be an active activity? I bet you do!

And if that’s the case, let’s move straight ahead to see how to dress your child the afrocentric way with the ankara styles for kids.

How to Dress Your Child with the Ankara Styles for Kids

2 girls wearing colorful ankara outfits

Nobody said ankara is for adults alone. That’s no fashion rule. Even if it were, it can always be (and has already been) broken. Both the ankara fabric itself and the latest ankara styles are outfits every child deserves to rock.

First, it creates a primal recognition of our African heritage in them. And then it allows your child to exhibit a versatile and colourful fashion taste.

If we want to groom the next generation of fashion designers and style icons, it starts now. It starts from playing dress up with them especially as they don’t have a say of theirs for now. So, go ahead and select their clothes for outings and family photographs.

Speaking of events and photographs, is your child’s birthday coming up soon? Or is there a cultural day celebration they have to attend in school? Roll it on by dressing them in the ankara styles for children.

They’ll look charming—it’s a promise.

However, it all boils down to the style you pick and the sartorial capability of your tailor.

Notwithstanding, let’s check out the ankara styles for kids that hit Svelte Magazine’s style mark.

Typs of Ankara Styles for Kids

2 fair boys wearing ankara suits with shorts

If you’re looking for the perfect Ankara outfit to adorn your beautiful child, search no more. Here are the most stylish ankara styles for kids:

1. Two-pieces

2 adorable kids rocking 2 pieces ankara outfits with sneakers

If your child is a boy, a pair of trousers and a matching top is a great option. If you want, you can go for a pair of shorts rather than pants.

You can do same for your girl child. It could be a pair of ankara palazzo and a beautiful top, or a skirt, or a pair of shorts with a matching top.

smiling boy wearing ankara two-piece

Coordinated sets make dressing up easier. With ankara two-pieces, you don’t have to worry about the right shirt or pants to pair their look with. It’s already been decided for you.

2. Dresses

a girl wearing a beautiful ankara dress

Your baby girl will look adorable in a dress whether it’s an ankara long dress, a short dress, or any type of dress as a whole.

a girl wearing ankara short dress

Do make your choice and go for the one that accentuates your daughter’s beauty.

3. Kimono

smiling kid wearing ankara kimono

You should also teach your kids how to layer their outfits. One good way is to wear them ankara kimono. It’s one piece of clothing that comes in handy in any weather condition. 

mother and daughter wearing matching ankara kimono on white outfits

4. Bottoms

mother and daughter wearing matching top and palazzos

Furthermore, if you want to combine your baby’s ankara outfit with ready-made clothes, then simply make bottoms for them.

a boy wearing orange polo and ankara shorts

It could be a skirt, trousers, or shorts. It can even be a dungaree so you pair with a shirt underneath.

The result will be a super stylish baby worthy of gracing magazine covers.

5. Tops

a boy posing in ankara shirt with glasses

The same applies here. A simple shirt made with your ankara fabric can enliven your kid’s look.

2 white girls wearing ankara tops and leggings

It can be a button-up shirt, collared shirt, round neck shirt, off-shoulder top, or a top with any neckline of your choice.

6. Afro-urban Fashion

a kid wearing ankara jacket

A bomber jacket, hoodie, or jean shorts, made with ankara fabric is a classic way to give your child an afro-urban look. 

kids wearing Afro-urban outfits with ankara pants

You can also take patches of your African fabric and blend it with your baby’s tees to create another afro-urban fashion outfit.

7. Jumpsuits/Rompers

happy girl wearing ankara jumpsuit

This one will announce to the world that your daughter will be a style influencer in the future.

a girl dancing in ankara romper

Just make sure you pick the right ankara jumpsuit for her. Also, if possible, place the zipper in front so she’ll find it easy to pee if she’s no longer using diapers.

a girl wearing ankara mixed prints by the Christmas Tree

So there you have it — the gorgeous ankara styles for kids. You can also mix different ankara prints to achieve these styles. And to further spice things up, create hair accessories for them with the same fabric too.

a little girl wearing glasses and ankara jumpsuit

That aside, which of these ankara styles for children is your favorite? If you aren’t satisfied with the ones you’ve seen so far, that’s not a problem.

Just scroll down to feast your eyes on the others we’ve curated for you and your child.

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