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All You Need to Know Before You Buy Matching Outfits

The day you noticed two or more people wearing matching outfits, what was your reaction? Don’t try to deny it. I know you gave them two or more glances. And that’s because when two people wear the same clothes, they stand out from the rest of the crowd who are wearing different attires.

Perhaps it was a couple you saw in a Korean movie or dancers about to mount the stage or family members attending a ceremony. Matching outfits don’t only stand you and your loved ones out; they also help to show solidarity in public.

And if you have plans to rock some matching outfits with your lover, friends, or family, read this piece to the end. You’ll learn more about matching outfits, the role it plays in society, and the right information to guide your purchase.

Interested? Let’s dive right in.

What are Matching Outfits?

large black American family wearing army green outfits

Matching outfits are coordinating pieces two or more people wear for different purposes. They may be two-piece or simply a shirt and a pair of trousers with the same accessories. The idea is that the fabric, color and prints are the same as that’s what makes it match.

For instance, in schools, students wear matching outfits (their uniforms) to show uniformity and for easy identification. In some countries, couples wear the same outfits even when they take random strolls down the street. They do this to showcase their established relationship to the public.

How Matching Outfits Became Popular

African family wearing matching native outfits and suit and gown

Different nations have their accounts of the trend of matching outfits. Some came about through families, others, through lovers. Let’s take a trip to these nations and have a quick review.

Matching Outfits in Africa

ladies wearing matching aso ebi dresses

In West Africa, the Yoruba people of Nigeria brought about the concept of asoebi.

Going by its literal meaning in Yoruba, aso means cloth while ebi means family. Hence, asoebi are matching outfits Nigerian family members, relatives, and associates wear during ceremonies to show solidarity and support to the hosts. The popular fabrics for these asoebi styles are ankara, George, and lace.

mother and two daughters rocking matching ankara dresses

Although it began as being exclusive to the Yoruba culture, asoebi has evolved to become tribe-inclusive. Now, almost every tribe of Nigeria wears different asoebi outfits, whether ankara asoebi or lace asoebi styles, as matching outfits to weddings, funerals, or any social event. And when this happens, they add color, flaunt wealth, status, and style during ceremonies.

Couples Matching Outfits in Korea

Korean couple rocking matching outfits for Val

In South Korea, millennial couples wear matching outfits to show the world that they are in love. Their go-to wears for dates, vacations, or honeymoon are usually sweatshirts, tees, denim jackets, and other streetwear outfits. According to Quartz, they call this style 커플룩 (kou-peul look) or, for the more demure pairing, 시밀러룩 (si-mi-leo look).

To these Koreans, love is a beautiful thing to be proud of. And to show the world their lover, they wear matching outfits. Thus, it becomes a visual representation of their belief in youthful love and relationship stability.

Korean lovers wearing matching outfits

In addition, this habit is rampant among Korean millennials who want to pay attention to their looks and meet up with the competition prevalent on social media. It becomes a matter of “let who has the best lover flaunt it” because to them, finding a stable relationship is never an easy task.

This trend has now become popular among other Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Coordinating Outfits in Europe

European lovers wearing matching clothes

In France, couturière Jeanne Lanvin launched the trend of matching outfits for mom and daughter. This happened in 1897 after Lanvin gave birth to her only child, Marguerite. And in 1908, she debuted a children’s wear line which was a mini version of her womenswear designs. 

European mother and daughter rocking matching jumpsuits

Lanvin’s daughter became her main model and together, both would walk down the streets of Paris in coordinating couture outfits. Also, an image of both of them taken in 1907 became the logo of Lanvin’s fashion label.

original photo of Jeanne Lavin and daughter wearing matching outfits

Since Lanvin’s designs were too expensive, they didn’t go mainstream. However, during the 1930s, coordinating outfits for mother and daughter began to trend. Both Hollywood stars and ordinary citizens adopted it as mothers and daughters wore the same clothes in photos and outings.

B and W

And that was how twinning outfits became a thing in Europe, America, and across other shores. While some mothers dressed only their kids in the same outfits, other mothers wore the same clothes as their kids and even extended the look to their hair, shoes, and accessories.

What to Know Before Buying any Matching Outfit

Black family wearing matching checkered clothes

Before you head to the store to buy matching garments for you and your loved ones, consider the following:

The Type of Outfit and its Function

You should decide on the type of outfits you want to rock with your loved one.

It may be formal wear, beachwear, casual wear, activewear, athleisure, streetwear,  or native wear. These outfits have various functions and occasions that suit them. And you can’t decide to wear just any if it doesn’t align with the occasion you have in mind.

For instance, if it’s a vacation, then you know you have to go casual. If it’s a wedding, you can either wear native wear for men and women or stick to formal outfits.

The purpose of your outfit will ensure you make the right choice when shopping for your matching outfits.

Your Budget

French family wearing corporate outfits

How much do you have in mind to spend? Even if you’re richer than Bezos or Musk, you should always have a budget for all your expenses. It shows financial discipline and ensures you don’t splurge unnecessarily.

That aside, your budget will also come into play when it’s time to consider the next factor. 


Nigerian family wearing matching ankara and white shirt outfit

How do you intend to get your matching outfits? Do you want it as ready-made clothes from a clothing store or do you want something custom-made from a good tailor?

Your budget and the type of outfit you have in mind will guide your decision here. 

Types of Matching Outfits

kids wearing Afro-urban outfits with ankara pants

The types of matching garments are dependent on those who wear them. They include:

1. Matching Outfits for Couples

couple wearing matching tennis outfits to play tennis

Lovers and married couples alike wear twinning outfits for different reasons. It could be to showcase their relationship, make a special announcement, or attend special events. It’s always a beautiful sight to behold.

Asian couples rocking matching beachwears

2. Coordinating Outfits for Mom and Child

mother and daughter wearing matching ankara dresses

Mothers have this special bond with their kids and they never hesitate to show it. That’s why you can always find a mom twinning with her daughter or son. 

mother and daughter wearing matching dresses in front of the Christmas tree

For instance, when a mother wears matching outfits with her daughter, it strengthens their mother-child bond, flaunts the love in their hearts, and makes their photos more interesting.

3. Matching Outfits for Family

Yoruba family wearing matching blue native wear

Similarly, family members wear the same outfits when outdoors to create a sense of identity. They also wear these garments to show solidarity during social events or to take photos.

Hawaiian family wearing matching print clothes

Whatever the reasons are, every family should wear the same outfits and take some nice photos. It’ll always be beautiful even after many years roll by.

4. Matching Outfits for Friends

best friends rocking matching outfits

Apart from lovers and families, friends match their outfits too. They may decide to wear the same color and style of clothes to an event or create a custom piece to celebrate their friendship. 

best friends rocking matching tops and jean shorts

For instance in Nigeria, friends of a bride and her groom wear the same outfits to grace their wedding, and it’s usually the couple that chooses this for them.

friends wearing matching outfits for event in Nigeria

And that’s a wrap. Now that you know all about matching outfits, go ahead and coordinate your clothes with that dear one. And be sure to take nice photos too. You never can tell, you just may break the Internet with your pictures

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