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30 Matching Outfits for Family Photos and Special Events

It’s a sad truth. We all are gonna die one day. You, me, our parents, friends, kids, and everyone that has ever made us laugh or frown. But that truth shouldn’t make you sad. It should instead motivate you to create more memories with your loved ones; memories like rocking some matching outfits for family and taking lovely pictures.

If this sounds like a plan, how about you start working towards it now?

black family wearing matching green and black dinner outfits

You can do that by checking up the coordinating outfits for family pictures. They’re all in this post. Stay tuned and have a good read.

But before we dive right in, let’s see…

Why Families Wear Matching Outfits

Happy South African family wearing white matching outfits

Not every family does this. But the few who do know the value of wearing matching outfits for families. The best reasons include:

To Create a Sense of Identity

white family wearing similar clothing

Families wear the same outfits when they’re outdoors and want to let everyone else know that they’re one. Of course, this can elicit admiration, and that itself is the goal.

If you’re planning a vacation with your family members, you can all wear matching outfits. It’ll help to identify one another and boost your unity when in new places.

To Grace Special Occasions

Mercy Johnson and her family picture

Some families also wear the same outfits to attend occasions. This helps to identify themselves as stated above. It could be an extended family get-together or any social occasion.

To Take Photos

Black family wearing matching checkered clothes

Wearing the matching outfits for family photos also gives you better family portraits during special moments. And when the camera clicks, the love and unity in your hearts becomes more obvious for the world to see.

How to Pull off the Matching Outfits for Family Photos

large black American family wearing army green outfits

Is your family planning a vacation or a simple photoshoot to preserve memories? Make sure you all wear the matching outfits for family pictures. These coordinating outfits for family photos come in handy regardless of the season.

For instance, you can wear them during festive seasons such as Easter, Christmas, New Year’s day, etc. Or even for more special periods like wedding anniversaries.

But how do you pull them off? Use these suggestions below:

1. As Native wear

Yoruba family wearing matching blue native wear

Simply buying some yards of ankara fabric or any other African textile is enough to make matching clothes for your family members. 

Nigerian family wearing matching ankara and white shirt outfit

It doesn’t have to be the same style since the fabric is already uniform. You can pick your individual styles so you give every other person an opportunity to be themselves. This way, your family embraces diversity in a uniform way.

Ghanaian family wearing matching kente outfits

2. Go Casual

Spanish family rocking t-shirt and jeans

You can as well dress up in jeans and tees; or maybe some joggers, denim jacket, sweatshirts, and any other streetwear outfit. It doesn’t always have to be traditional or formal, you know.

Modern Asian family wearing matching denim jackets and jeans

Moreso, if you don’t want the t-shirts, you can also pair your jeans with shirts. Seeing mom, dad, and kids gussied up in jeans and a collared shirt is a beautiful sight to behold.

family wearing street style outfit

3. Something for the Beach

family wearing matching beach wear

Wanna go chill out at the beach? How about you and your family members wear the same outfits for the beach?

Hawaiian family wearing matching print clothes

It doesn’t have to be too much. The same Hawaii prints may be the coordinating outfits for family photos you need.

Happy family wearing matching swimsuits at the beach

4. Go Professional

French family wearing corporate outfits

Do you love the bossy look? Then opt for suits and formal office wear kinda clothes. It’ll give your pictures this working class vibe.

American family wearing workwear clothes

There you have it— the matching outfits for family pictures and other fun moments. Now, go ahead and create memories with your loved ones knowing full well that you’re doing it in a standout way.

European family wearing matching brown outfits


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