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How Wizkid’s Style of Dressing Gets Him More Fans

If there’s one thing I love about Wizkid’s fans, it’s the way they adore the three major things that make him. They are none other than Wizkid’s style of dressing, his personality, and most importantly, his music.

His music—the one major thing that endeared Star Boy to all of us. From the days of Holla At Your Boy to the days of Made in Lagos Deluxe, Wizkid hasn’t for once rested on his laurels. Instead, he’s been serving us growth and Improvement with every sound he lets into the world.

But this piece isn’t to eulogize his music. We’ll leave that to entertainment blogs and music awards.

Machala's style

This piece is an appreciation of Wizkid’s style of dressing. Because as we all know, behind the thrilling sounds and raving albums is a music star with an endearing dress sense.

Let’s dive in already.

A Peek into Wizkid’s Style of Dressing

Wizkid stepping out in a streetwear style

Wizkid’s sense of style is obvious in all he wears whether he’s taking a walk down the street, dressing up for the gram, or shooting another music video. In 2016, Vogue crowned him the best-dressed Nigerian pop star. And even though that’s half a decade ago, it proves that the world isn’t blind to Wizkid’s fashion sense.

Unlike Burna Boy, Wizkid’s dress sense isn’t eccentric. It’s more laid-back and conventional yet makes a fashion statement too. 

Star Boy

Even though his stylist contributes to his wardrobe choices, we recognize the fact that Wizkid knows how to add that touch of personality to all he wears; whether it’s streetwear or Afrocentric.

Wizkid, Colours, and Accessories 

Machala dripping in an all-white outfit

When it comes to matching colors, it seems Big Wiz has a thing for monochromatic and analogous color matching. Perhaps, it’s the reason he goes for coordinated pieces with similar or different shades of the same color and gives them the star vibe.

Wizkid's outfit in Ginger video

Take this look he pulled off in the music video for his song Ginger.

Wizkid pulled off an all-white ensemble with this off-the-shoulder cable knit jump over a bodycon shirt and pants. And that photo graced almost every timeline on social media when he released the Made in Lagos album.

Wizkid wearing all-black outfit

In addition, men’s accessories make up a major part of Wizkid’s dressing. And to prove this, he never forgets to add a pair of sunglasses to his look. 

Wizkid's style of dressing

For instance, almost all his pictures seem to say that sunglasses are his signature piece. For the Essence crooner, it goes beyond loving the fashion item to rocking it in ways that fetch him more fans.

Wizkid posing in casual green outfit

And that’s not all, he never forgets the blings, wristwatches, jewelry, and lively sneakers that make his pictures stand out.

What’s to Take Home from Wizkid’s Style of Dressing?

Even though he’s a lover of minimalism, Wizkid still goes ahead to add more colors and bold accessories to his outfits. It shows that our Machala understands the importance of making fashion statements and doesn’t hesitate to invest in them even if he has to leave his comfort zone.

Biz Wiz hanging with his daughter

And that’s not all.

Wizkid taking a walk with his daughter

Star Boy has shown that comfort is key in all he wears. And while he turns up in suave outfits, he never sacrifices his comfort for his style. Instead, he marries them both to create a version of Wizkid’s fashion that’s admirable and worthy of emulation.

Star Boy
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