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Comfort or Style — Which is More Important?

Would you rather be comfortable in what you wear or you’d rather be stylish? What is more important to you — comfort or style?

You probably just responded to yourself now. But whatever option you chose between the two, the fact that both are very much important cannot be denied.

To some, it is fashion over comfort. To others, it is most definitely comfort over anything. But if you asked me, I’d ask in return, is it possible for someone who isn’t comfortable with what they are wearing to look stylish?

I strongly doubt.

Even if they looked stylish, the fact that they don’t find comfort in what they are wearing gives people a wrong impression.

Comfort in fashion is a very important factor. And that is why fashion designers try to create pieces that not only suit your style but also keep you comfortable at all times. But here’s the other side of the story — this doesn’t always happen.

Students who spend a lot of time shopping instead of studying and as a consequence have to pay for essay because they don’t have time to do their homework are very often worried about their style.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a beautiful pair of shoes you love with all your heart. And when you wear them, it’s either they are just too tight or the heels aren’t balanced enough to give you a good stance.

Or perhaps, you’ve seen a lady wear a short tight-fitting dress and when she keeps dragging the dress down to cover herself, you wonder why she decided to put in on if she wasn’t comfortable.

I’ll tell you why:

It’s because she loves the stylish look the dress gives her that she forgot to marry her style with comfort.

 Many times we’ve loved a fashion item and would rather damn comfort than not wear it. The solution isn’t to sacrifice one at the expense of the other but to marry both to create a more stylish version of you.

Asking people not to wear what they aren’t comfortable in is like asking a goat not to eat grass. There are many people out there who wear what they see simply because it looked good on someone else. These guys hardly know the value of comfort in fashion.

They forget that when it is obvious you are uncomfortable in an outfit, you lose your stylishness. Therefore, if you can’t pull an outfit without being self-conscious, then don’t wear it at all. But since this rule is not something everyone would adhere to, why don’t we look at some suggestions on how to marry comfort with style?

How to Look Stylish and Comfortable Always

To marry comfort with style, you need to do or have these:

1. Self-confidence

What gives those who wear what is regarded as absurd an edge over those who’d rather play safe in fashion is self-confidence.

Even if they aren’t ostensibly comfortable, they look comfortable because they are confident!

If you want to pair sneakers with suit to a gathering and you fear what people may say or how they may look at you, then you lack the self-confidence to wear such.

If you can’t garner enough self-confidence, stick to basic shoes with suits.

In addition, if you want to wear something backless and you keep taking a sneak peek at reflective windows on the road to see how too revealing your back is, you lack the self-confidence to wear such. You would Instead be regarded as lacking style.

Therefore, you need to garner enough self-confidence to marry comfort with style. This way, even if you are mindful on the inside of how people see you, it won’t be written on your face.

2. Practice

Practise wearing that 6-inches stilleto before wearing it to that party. Practise. Practise. Practise so it becomes a part of you and you have no choice but to look comfortable in it.

If you really love the heels, strut in it in your bedroom. Sounds funny but what better way to get used to a thing than to have it around you always?

If you love that dress but it’s too skimpy for you and you don’t want to dump it in your wardrobe, get used to having its skimpy feel on your body. So when you’re out in it, you wouldn’t be adjusting it left and right to cover up.

If it’s beautiful but its skimpiness isn’t your style, then don’t wear it, sis. Fashion loves people who give it completion. Walking like you’re about to fall in a pair of heels doesn’t make fashion feel complete at all.

3. If It Isn’t Your Style, Don’t Wear It

If you’ve noticed, I’ve repeated the phrase “don’t wear it” countless times in almost all the paragraphs that make up this article. That is because it is a very safe advice to prevent you from committing a fashion blunder.

If you cannot garner enough self-confidence to pull off an outfit and you cannot practise being comfortable in a dress, then don’t wear it.

You want to mix prints but keep worrying if you’d ace it like Jennifer Oseh, don’t bother trying it.

Many fashion influencers first worked on their confidence level and practised being comfortable — even if it’s in their minds’ eyes — before pulling off a wowing look. The celebrities who wear ostentatious and eccentric fashion to red carpet events do not forget to go with their self-confidence. You shouldn’t be an exception. But if you want to be an exception, then don’t bother wearing it.

Comfort and style are intertwined. One cannot do without the other in order to birth a complete fashionable look. When it seems obvious that someone sacrificed their comfort to look stylish, check well as that person still has a long way to go when it comes to style.


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