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Stay-Home Fashion To-do List

With the recent stay-home order going on in the world, many people are becoming bored to death as to what to do while at home. Mind you, stay-home is no death sentence at all; it’s just another best practice to stay-safe as regards the COVID-19 pandemic. While we remain in lockdown, here are a good number of stay-home fashion to-do list you can get your hands on to improve your fashion sense at home. If you’re a guy reading this,  don’t freak out because you can as well try some of these things and improve yourself.

Stay-home Fashion To-Do List

1. Perfecting your makeup

Number one on our stay-home fashion to-do list is perfecting your makeup. I know this may sound lame but it’s actually reasonable to take more time out and practise how to make yourself look more beautiful. At least, going back to school or work looking all “peng” with no external help won’t be a bad idea. This is no spoiler for makeup artists and all but c’mon girl, stay home, practise more on your face and learn new makeup hacks so you can serve them hot once the lockdown is over.

2. Practise All The DIY You’ve Been Watching Online

Second, on our list of stay-home fashion to-do list is to practise some of those DIY videos you’ve been seeing online! Yeh, you heard me. It’s time to get up and put what you’ve learnt into practice. Y’all good at watching cool DIY and applying none in real-life. Ok, how about the video you saw on how to make Ankara earrings or the one on hair bonnets? Did you just watch and forget about it? Thinking of going back to experiment how your favourite YouTube vlogger rebranded her old sneakers or how she maintains her natural hair? Good! But as you watch, you also should practise otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything. This stay-home, after all, shouldn’t be wasted, start ticking.

3. Knitting

Next on this stay-home fashion to-do list is knitting. Brilliant right? Some of y’all may have learnt this beautiful fashion skill when you were younger but stopped for one reason or the other while some may just be clueless about it. Whichever way, you aren’t late to the party just yet! Go online, ask questions, check your grandma’s old box or something. You might find those knitting pins and wools exciting again. And for the record, you really don’t have to strain yourself doing this, just add it to your stay-home list of things to do, you don’t know, an opportunity for it may pop up anytime soon.

4. Check on Your Shoes, Baby

I know some people may find this hilarious but then, when last did you check on your shoes? Aren’t they part of your fashion statement? Of course they are, the more reason you must care for them, especially this stay-home period you won’t be using them frequently. So people, while ticking things to do while you stay at home, include taking out all your shoes so you can clean, wash, spray or even change their position. That way, you don’t get rusty, worn out and stinky shoes when stay-home is all over. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get busy with your shoes, dear!

5. Give Your Finger and Toe Nails A Treat

Staying home means your favourite manicure and pedicure specialist won’t be available right now so, you may want to try learning to do all that yourself. Your nails don’t have to look shabby because of the stay-home order. Take the time and get your finger and toenails looking all fashionable while staying home. And for those who in the past hardly had time for their manicure and pedicure sessions, excuse your excuses and go check that list now.

6. Stay Informed and Updated

This is a very important item on our stay-home fashion to-do list. Just as you stay informed with news of the pandemic and how to stay safe, you should also stay updated with latest fashion and style tips. I know some of you are dying to eat me up now because you think that should be the least of your worries at these trying times but please, away from the fears, anxiety and negativity, let your colleagues know you stayed woke during this stay-home and never lost a single fashion sense.

7. Get You A Favourite Fashion Stylist or Influencer

While you remain home, you should consider learning something about your favourite fashion stylists and influencers. If you don’t have one, now is the right time to add that to your stay-home fashion to-do list and get yourself one. Trust me, it’ll do you more good than boredom! Looking up their different styles on Instagram will improve your fashion sense in a very good way. You don’t have to be fashionista to do this as stylish people are very much endearing to even those who aren’t fashion enthusiasts.

Your stay-home fashion to-do list should be full of fun stuff especially what would add value to you in the long run. I know you’re all up with many other things to do while you stay home to improve your style. Do well to add yours in the comment section so we can know how you’re getting yourself busy this period.

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