6 Easy Solutions for Stinky Shoes

Ever been in a room then someone walks in only to take off her/his shoes and an unpleasant smell suddenly fills the air? You felt irritated, most definitely.  Or have you ever felt like taking off your shoes in a public vehicle but resisted the urge because you know your shoes stink? If yes, then don’t stop reading for in this article are six easy solutions for stinky shoes.

Stinky shoes can be very embarrassing. In a scenario where your shoes are so tight and your feet need a break but you can’t give them a break because if you do, the atmosphere would change, you can only sit and bear the pain in silence. It’s pretty much uncool when everywhere in the house smells so good only for an odoriferous aura to come up when you return and everyone is forced to lift up their faces in disgust. It’s about time your stinky shoes problem was solved. These solutions for stinky shoes can help you.


6 Easy Solutions for Stinky Shoes - shoes drying in the sun
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Leave your shoes in the sun to dry. When your shoes are damp, they are going to smell. Leaving stinky shoes in the sun helps in drying them out and prevents bacterial growth.

Tea Bags

Solutions for Stinky Shoes - tea bags
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If your shoes stink after a workout, put some tea bags in them as soon as you take them off. Teabags help your shoes smell fresh by absorbing the odour.

Orange Peels

6 Easy Solutions for Stinky Shoes - orange peels
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Keeping orange peels or lemon peels in your shoes for about 24hours helps in absorbing odour and leaves a citric smell afterwards.

Keep Them in Your Freezer

6 Easy Solutions for Stinky Shoes - freezer
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Freezers cure stinky shoes. Put the shoes in a bag first then leave them in the freezer overnight. The cold temperature in the freezer kills the odour-causing bacteria and helps your shoes smell good.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

6 Easy Solutions for Stinky Shoes - rubbing alcohol
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Rubbing alcohol is a denatured alcohol, typically perfumed and used as an antiseptic or during massage. Spraying the insides of your shoes with rubbing alcohol helps dry out odour.

A Bar of Soap

Solutions for Stinky Shoes - a bar of soap
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Another easy solution for stinky shoes is to place a bar of soap in the insides of the shoes. Usually soaps are porous and they absorb odour thereby leaving a fresh scent behind.

Now you can easily remove odour from your shoes.  Make use of these easy solutions for stinky shoes and have your shoes smelling fresh and clean always.


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